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The hidden doorway of UFOs in Brazil would be Serra do Ouro Fala



The hidden doorway of UFOs in Brazil would be Serra do Ouro Fala

Lauro Miguel is an actor and filmmaker who has decided to produce a documentary on the bizarre events that have occurred in his birthplace of Claudio/MG, which is also the hometown of Athos Salomé. The paranormal is being enlisted to assist in the investigation of the weird occurrences that have occurred there. Legends of hidden wealth, UFO sightings, and resident disappearances are just a few of the facts in this narrative. When he starts filming, even more, ridiculous theories emerge, as if somebody is trying to sabotage the project.

Conspiracy theories about millennialism and the New World Order have long been linked. They appeared to provide a technique of foreseeing the arrival of the Antichrist. Millennialism has included a broad belief at the end of history, attempts to meld extra-terrestrial arrival with Christian millennialism, the incorporation of non-Western millenarian concepts, and even the assumption that millennialism is part of the conspirators’ scheme, according to the conspiracy-minded. Extra-terrestrials have been linked with more typical apocalyptic expectations by UFO authors. The century is slowly accomplished by gradualism, obviating the need for cataclysmic calamities. Bridging mechanisms are organizational systems that connect the stigmatized knowledge domain to approved political expression forms. The cultivation of crossover audiences, the establishment of alternative communications platforms, and the indivisibility of the stigmatized knowledge area are three important bridging strategies.

Cláudio is notoriously known for his legends. It’s a little land where many strange occurrences have intrigued people around the world. One of the most famous known mythologies of Cláudio is Ouro Fala. Serra do Ouro Fala’s exact location is à  R. Doná Lília, Cláudio – MG, 35530-000, Brazil.

The folklore revolves around a gold nugget that was buried in the area many years ago by slaves who saved it to pay for their emancipation. Slave spirits are claimed to guard the riches, preventing anyone from approaching the location where it is concealed.

In the last several days, a new tale has developed among all the legends of the loving city. On the Serra do Ouro, there have been reports of red blotches. It’s been suggested that they’re bloodstains. These red specks may even be spotted on Google Earth when seen from above. And the consequences were so severe that the phenomena are now being investigated by experts in the field.

And the research, which are still ongoing, show just that. Those expecting ghosts, blood, and, eventually, act imagination will be disappointed. Now is the time to wait and discover what the final outcome of these research will be.

Athos Salomé has made yet another prediction about that place. UFO’s have been a strange occurrence for the past 100s of years in the world. Be it the Roosevelt’s UFO sightings, the Bigfoot or the Skinwalker Ranch. But nobody knows where these flying saucers come from. The Brazilian paranormality expert Athos Salomé believes that the doorway for these UFO’s would be Serra do Ouro Fala. Given these past prophecies about Covid and its variant’s, and Baba Vanga’s prediction about Alien Invasion in upcoming years. This prophecy holds some significance to it.