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The Future Might Be Daunting For Some, But Not For Blockchain-based Business Says, Salman Parcy (Head of Global Business)



The Future Might Be Daunting For Some, But Not For Blockchain-based Business Says, Salman Parcy (Head of Global Business)

Imagine you need not have to trust a stranger to make a deal with them. Imagine you need not have to trust your bank to deposit your money or make transactions there. Imagine you need not have to trust your government to know it was just and fair.

What would happen?

It would change the world. Right?

This is precisely the potential of Blockchains.

Blockchain was invented to solve bold problems. Developers combined cryptography, economics, game theory, and computer science. With all these attributes, they managed to create an entirely new set of tools for building decentralized systems. Blockchain for enterprises will change much more than just how we exchange value and money.

Once a famous physicist stated, “A part of 21st-century physics that fell by chance into the 20th century.”

It does happen now. Blockchain is a 22nd-century technology that fell by chance into the early 21st century. So when we had an opportunity to discuss with Salman parcy (blockchain enthusiasts), we just threw a few questions on him.

Salman parcy

What is Blockchain, according to you?

SP: At its core, blockchain technology is a surprisingly simple data structure. It is just linked with one important augmentation. Here each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block. This will eventually create an unaltered chain of blocks of data. If everyone from your own environment replicates this linked list, it will implement a distributed database and which resistant to tampering.

What will be the impact of Blockchain in the upcoming years?

SP: Blockchain will have the same profound impact internet had when it was first introduced. From supply chain to logistics, banking to insurance, we are already starting to witness wide disruption at a large scale that the industries have never seen it before. Blockchain will rapidly blur the lines between legacy systems and new-age technologies.

Perhaps in the coming years, Blockchain will become the centerpiece of economies worldwide by transcending the domains of healthcare, e-commerce, gaming space, and public sectors.

So what services and how can your company help the business to grow?

SP: Well, as we are living in the movement of profound changes that are based mainly on revolutionary technology like Blockchain. We at Blockchain Firm provide offer comprehensive end-to-end Blockchain solutions for innovation,

re-engineering the processes, prototyping, and addressing real-time challenges.

So, In order to derive the true potential of your digital journey, our business helps you unlock business value from every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem

by enabling enterprise-wide integration. From monitoring operations to weeding out legacy process loads, we allow clients to grasp the wide innovation landscape through our end-to-end blockchain services.

Framing The Future:

Experts and Blockchain enthusiasts firmly believe that this technology has immense potential, as it is decentralized and designed to be immutable. All the enterprises from different sectors can get a huge benefit by permanently storing asset transactions of money, property, land, stocks, etc.

One thing for sure: Your business will disappear if you don’t start to consider the impacts of WEB 3.0 and the opportunities they bring to your business.