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The Epoch Life Podcast –Helps listeners create lifestyle change through actionable tips.



The Epoch Life Podcast –Helps listeners create lifestyle

Hosted by Jason Dowse,  The Epoch Life Podcast is an informative, action-based podcast that is helping listeners navigate change in their lives, especially during these difficult times. With most people easily being consumed by negative news around the world, it can be difficult to find the inspiration to make the changes you want to make in your life.  Creating a small change in your daily routine or habits is the first step towards improving your life and creating hope for the future you want in your life. 

This is always easier said than done.  Most people will always have an idea in their mind of what they want to do or create, but are unable to act upon their goals.  This is where The Epoch Life Podcast comes to help.  In this podcast Jason invites expert guests from different backgrounds to share their stories and help inspire listeners to create the change they desire in terms of health, wellness, and lifestyle.

Jason talks more about his podcast, and how it can help people in this exclusive interview.

Interviewer: Let’s begin by knowing a little more about you. Give us a brief of your background.

Jason:  I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada.  After attending University, and working my way through narrowing down what I wanted to do career wise, I was fortunate to find and live my dream job.  A few years later I was married, had a home and figured I was “set” and ready to start a family.  That is when everything changed.  My marriage ended as a complete shock and I was forced to totally start over.  This is what led me to altering a lot of things in my life.  I was able to discover these small micro-habits that led into creating significant changes. 

These new lifestyle changes are what led me to manage stress, sleep better, improve my nutrition and accomplish some major goals I wanted to achieve.  It was then I realized that there are plenty more people out there going through significant change like I did, but they may not know where to start.  That is when I created Epoch.  I created this brand to help provide inspiration & actionable information to help everyone out there struggling know that they can make the change they want in their life.  That they can start to live their Epoch, which can be defined as the beginning of a distinctive period of time in a person’s life.

Interviewer: What made you start this podcast?

Jason:  With Epoch most of our reach has only been performed through Instagram with some posts and promotion of new articles on our website.  With the rise in the popularity of podcasts, I figured this was a perfect outlet to be able to create conversation with expert guests that could help drop serious knowledge that our listeners could utilize.

Interviewer: Tell us about the guests you invite to your podcast?

Jason:  Thus far we have had guests such as Olympic & professional athletes, health professionals such as sleep experts, doctors of psychology & naturopathic medicine, as well as spiritual advisors and moguls of the business world.  Do you know what is really interesting?  Every one of these guest’s stories has had a similar theme.  At some point in their life they had a significant event in which they faced a challenge or obstacle.  They didn’t sit and hide from this challenge.  They found the courage to face it head on and this process led to dramatic positive change in their lives.

Interviewer: Tell us about some of the episodes you released so far?

Jason:  We have had some great episodes thus far with a variety of topics and focal points.  No matter if you’re looking to improve your sleep, manage stress, improve your nutrition, move your body a little more or set and achieve your goals, these episodes will really resonate with you.  Whatever change you are looking to create; these stories will help inspire you to act.

We had a recent episode with Catherine Arnston in which she discusses how a significant event in her life led her to create dramatic change and she even formed a new business from it creating the company ENERGY Bits.

Another recent episode was with Health Coach Veronica Parks, in which she tells her personal and vulnerable story about dramatically changing her life for the better and shares numerous actionable tips and info for helping others do the same by focusing on health and overall wellness.

Interviewer: What other episodes are you currently working on?

Jason:  We have a great episode releasing very soon with Brandon Sethre.  This is a very inspiring story about overcoming substance abuse and re-writing the story of your life.  He discusses the upcoming 5 year anniversary of his sobriety and how he got into the unbelievable sport of running ultra-marathons.  This is an episode that everyone should listen to as there are so many important take-aways.

We will continue to feature expert and interesting guests with stories that can help reach and impact our listeners.  My goal is that if there is one simple point in an episode that helps a listener improve their life in some way, then what an amazing gift that is to share with the world.  That is what this is all about.  I want to help as many people as possible around the world realize that you don’t have to let what happened to you be the end of your story.  You can create change.  You can create what you want.  You can begin to live your Epoch.

The Epoch Life Podcast is available on multiple streaming platforms through this LINK.