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Case Study: The Easy Profit in 2 Months with Keto Guru!



Case Study: The Easy Profit in 2 Months with Keto Guru!

The world of advertising can be unforgiving, especially when giants like Facebook tighten their leash with increasingly stringent rules and regulations. It can feel as though the platform is more interested in holding advertisers back than in promoting their success. So, what’s the solution? It’s simple: Explore and conquer new territories!

Enter Native Ads – the unsung hero of advertising realms that promises not only better engagement but also peace of mind.

In this exclusive case study, we pull back the curtains to reveal the strategies and results of a campaign promoting Keto Guru. If you’ve felt the pressure from platforms like Facebook, take heart: There’s a world of potential elsewhere, and this case study aims to show it.

Campaign Details:

– Period: 20/06/2023 – 20/08/2023

– Offer: Keto Guru

– Affiliate Network: Adcombo

– Traffic Source: Ad Nativia

– Tracking Tool: BeMob

– GEO: Austria

The Winning Strategy

Native advertising, as leveraged through the Ad Nativia platform, offers a more organic and non-intrusive way of reaching audiences. For a product like Keto Guru, the key was to understand and cater to the target demographic: health-conscious individuals, weight loss enthusiasts, and those following or interested in the Keto diet.

1. Tailored Content:

Ads were crafted to resonate with audiences by highlighting Keto Guru’s benefits, incorporating testimonials, and using relatable narratives.

2. Audience Segmentation:

Given the diverse appeal of Keto Guru, the campaign targeted multiple segments, from fitness freaks to middle-aged individuals seeking healthier lifestyles.

3. Continual Optimization:

With Ad Nativia’s real-time analytics, campaigns were refined regularly. The high-performing creatives were scaled, while the low performers were either tweaked or discarded.

Detailed Campaign Dynamics and Outcomes:

The Keto Guru campaign’s remarkable success wasn’t an incidental event. It was meticulously orchestrated, bolstered by insightful data and robust tools like BeMob.

1. Weekly Campaign Creation with New Creatives:*

    – Every week for two months, a fresh campaign was launched. This wasn’t merely to keep content circulating; it was a strategic move. Introducing new creatives regularly achieved dual objectives: firstly, it ensured a continual flow of diverse content, resonating with a broader audience segment. Secondly, it served as a testing ground for various ad formats and messaging, enabling the identification of the most impactful creatives.

2. Continuous Monitoring with BeMob:*

    – The BeMob tool was invaluable, providing continuous insights into campaign metrics. It helped in understanding everything from the initial click-through rates to the final conversion ratios. With its granular analytics, decisions weren’t based on intuition but real-time data.

3. Strategic Bidding for Cost-effective Traffic:

    – Insights from BeMob steered the bidding strategy. Bids were subtly increased, ensuring the campaigns tapped into the maximum volume of high-quality traffic, all while maintaining a competitive cost structure. The objective was simple yet effective: harness premium traffic without breaking the bank.

4. Creative Testing for Maximum Engagement:

    – Each new campaign wasn’t just a replication of the last; it was an opportunity to innovate. Different ad formats, messaging tones, and visuals were experimented with. This not only kept the audience engaged but also provided a deeper understanding of what resonated best with them.

The combination of regularly refreshed campaigns, strategic bidding, and creative testing cultivated a fertile ground for audience engagement. With BeMob’s analytics, there was clarity on which creatives were star performers and which needed recalibration. The campaign evolved week after week, not just in content but in effectiveness and efficiency.

In sum, the success story of the Keto Guru campaign is a testament to the power of iterative advertising, the right tools, and adaptive strategies. Leveraging platforms like Ad Nativia, and tools like BeMob, the campaign maximized reach, minimized costs, and achieved a formidable ROI.


Successful campaigns are not just about great products but also about understanding where and how to promote them. The Keto Guru campaign’s success can be attributed to a combination of a compelling product, the innate benefits of native advertising, and the robust capabilities of the Ad Nativia platform.

For those still tinkering with restrictive platforms and dwindling ROIs, perhaps it’s time to consider a change. As the old adage goes, “Don’t spend time on your own mistakes, learn from others’!” Ready to embark on your journey with native advertising? Join Ad Nativia now and witness the transformation in your advertising endeavors