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The Dos and Don’ts of Product Video Production: Tips for Beginner Filmmakers



The Dos and Don'ts of Product Video Production

Are you diving into the world of product video production? Hold on tight, it’s going to be a thrilling ride.

As a beginner, you might find the process a bit overwhelming but don’t fret. This guide will arm you with the essential dos and don’ts to navigate your journey toward creating compelling product videos.

Ready to get started? Let’s roll!

The Dos

First off, let’s dive into the “Dos” of corporate video production. These are the positive actions, the must-follow practices that will set your product videos apart. Here are some of them:

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Before you even pick up the camera, make sure to have a solid plan in place. This includes identifying your target audience, understanding the product’s selling points, and crafting a compelling story.

Invest in Good Equipment

Investing in quality equipment will take your production to the next level. So consider purchasing a high-quality camera, tripod, and lighting equipment. You should also buy audio recording devices for the best results.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Attention spans are shorter than ever, so keep your product video short and sweet. Aiming for a video between 60-90 seconds is ideal, as it’s long enough to showcase the product but short enough to hold the viewer’s attention.

Show, Don’t Tell

Product videos are all about showcasing the features and benefits of a product visually. Avoid relying solely on voiceovers or text overlays. Instead, use visuals such as close-up shots, demonstrations, and product comparisons to tell the story.

Consult With Professionals

If you’re feeling unsure about certain aspects of commercial videography production, don’t hesitate to consult professional video producers. From scriptwriting to editing, there are experts like the people in who can offer valuable insights and advice.

The Don’ts

Now that we’ve covered the “Dos”, let’s pivot to some things to avoid. The “Don’ts” are the common pitfalls that can derail your video’s effectiveness. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Neglect Pre-Production Tasks

Pre-production is just as important as production and post-production when it comes to video production. Make sure to plan your shots, create a shot list, and scout locations before filming.

Have Poor Lighting

Lighting can make or break a product video, so make sure to pay close attention to it. Avoid harsh shadows or overly dark scenes by using natural light or investing in proper lighting equipment.

Skimp on Audio Quality

Audio is just as crucial as visuals in a product video. Invest in a good-quality microphone and ensure that the audio levels are consistent throughout the video.

Rush Through Editing

Editing is where all the pieces of your product video come together, so take your time with it. Pay attention to details like color correction, sound editing, and transitions to create a polished final product.

Avoid Using Too Much Text

Remember, your audience is watching a video, not reading an article. Avoid using too much text in your product video and let the visuals do the talking instead.

Product Video Production Is a Multifaceted Process

Product video production is steeped in both creativity and technical know-how. As a beginner, embracing the dos and avoiding the don’ts can enhance the quality and effectiveness of your video productions.

Remember, the essence of corporate video production lies in telling a compelling story about your product. So, get out there, stay curious, and create videos that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand’s message. You’ve got this!

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