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The Acrylic Jewelry Trend Is on the Rise – Here’s How to Style It



The Acrylic Jewelry Trend Is on the Rise - Here’s How to Style It

Let’s rewind back to the time when we were all stuck at home, doom scrolling on the latest news on COVID Lockdown. Then the hobbies and weirdly captivating TikTok dances start. That’s where acrylic art took the jewelry industry by storm.

As many of us were hooked on satisfying resin and acrylic art pours, the usual tabletop art pieces were transformed into wearable ones. Artists soon started using acrylic to create jewelry from scratch and the people loved it because it was unique, handmade, and customizable.

Soon enough, acrylic jewelry rose through the trends of fashion. Although this distinctive design can be a bit of a challenge to style for people who are used to conventional jewelry, it shouldn’t stop you from trying out a new genre of accessories. But don’t worry, we bring all the tips and tricks on styling acrylic jewelry!

1. Embrace The Colors

We are all used to the ease of styling metal jewelry thanks to the neutrality of the material. But since acrylic jewelry is much more versatile, you’re likely to encounter bright colors and bold patterns/designs that can be daunting to wear.

The first instinct for anyone is to reach for the acrylic jewelry that isn’t too forward in the design. Acrylic pieces that are in the shades of black, white, and brown can go almost with any outfit. While that can be the most economical way to make the most out of your jewelry, if you really want to maximize on style, then you have to embrace the colors.

So reach out to those striking blue earrings! Get that pastel necklace that no one seems to touch —with the right styling; colors can be naturally integrated into your ‘fit.

2. Go Big or Go Home

The beauty of this jewelry is in its unique patterns from the skillful pour of acrylic. While the jewelry can have the same concept, no two pieces are the same.

So show off the beauty and uniqueness of acrylic jewelry by using larger pieces. Think chunky hoops, sizeable chains, and bangles that perfectly encapsulate the art of acrylics. Bigger acrylic jewelry pieces are also easier to wear and style. Think of it as adding another layer to a plain shirt.

Larger acrylic jewelry also frames your profile elegantly, highlighting your features and structure. So not only you’re maximizing the style of your jewelry, but you’re also naturally enhancing your look.

3. Match the Hues of Your Outfit with The Jewelry

Now that you have an idea of what styles of acrylic jewelry you should pick, let’s talk about wearing it with your chosen outfits.

The easiest way to wear colored jewelry is to coordinate it with the existing colors and hues of your outfit. Seems simple enough right?

But the trick in styling acrylic jewelry is to choose the color rights. If you’re wearing a black dress, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you pick the darkest shade of acrylic jewelry you have. The best way to avoid unwanted monotony in your outfit is to choose a minority color in your outfit. So if your black dress has silver embellishments to it, then choose a piece of jewelry with the same effect. Acrylic jewelry in shades of silver, white, and even transparent will match your outfit.

You can also reverse this process. If you purchased beautiful blue and white patterned acrylic jewelry, then the easiest way to wear it is with denim-washed outfits. You can wear it with a denim jacket over a simple shirt or a nice top with casual denim jeans.

The formula is simple and it’s up to you to interpret it in any way you want!

4. Use the Acrylic Jewelry Colors to Your Advantage

The other way of styling acrylic jewelry is to use its colors to break the monotony of your outfit. In this case, we’re letting your jewelry take the front stage when it comes to your style and looks.

This works best with acrylic jewelry pieces that are oversized like chunky dangling earrings, large pendant necklaces, and more. To style it, you basically have to contrast the color of your jewelry with the color of your outfit.

For example, an LBD works great with acrylic pieces that are brightly colored. Think jewelry pieces that are in the shades of yellow, green, blue, and red. These colors will easily pop against the dark shade of your dress, even more so when the acrylic jewelry is patterned.

If wearing white, muted or pastel colors will do great without making the whole look heavy. It also gives a nice elegant and feminine touch to your style despite wearing larger statement pieces.

5. Mix Acrylic Jewelry with the Traditionally Made Jewelry Pieces

Just because you’re wearing acrylic jewelry doesn’t mean that you can wear other types of jewelry. In fact, your usual gold or silver jewelry is a great accompaniment to acrylic jewelry.

To make it not look awkward, follow the rule of opposites. If you’re wearing large statement acrylic earrings, then keep your necklace simple. The ball and chain herringbone, and snake chain necklaces are great neutral designs that will let your acrylic pieces shine.

The same goes for other wholesale fashion jewelry styles. If you’re wearing an oversized acrylic pendant necklace, then you might want to step back when it comes to your earrings. Keep your earring designs minimal yet striking. A pair of crystal stud earrings works like a charm. You can also wear solid ear huggers or similar ear cuffs.

For bracelets, layering acrylic pieces with traditional jewelry is always welcome. Mixed metals and materials will also work. For example, if you have an acrylic bangle, consider adding bracelets of the same or lesser size.

If the acrylic bangle is on the thinner side, then layering it with minimalist bracelets and metal bangles of the same width will work for whatever design your acrylic jewelry is. But for larger acrylic bangles, consider stacking the same-sized bangles as smaller bracelets will not be noticeable.

No matter how you style your acrylic jewelry, the best thing to do is always have fun trying out new things. Everyone has their own unique take on wearing jewelry and this might be the time to find yours! If you are searching for some acrylic jewelry to catch on the latest fashion, you can visit some major and reputable online jewelry stores such as JewelryBund, Faire, or Etsy.



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