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The Acrylic Jewelry Trend Is on the Rise – Here’s How to Style It



The Acrylic Jewelry Trend Is on the Rise - Here’s How to Style It

Let’s rewind back to the time when we were all stuck at home, doom scrolling on the latest news on COVID Lockdown. Then the hobbies and weirdly captivating TikTok dances start. That’s where acrylic art took the jewelry industry by storm.

As many of us were hooked on satisfying resin and acrylic art pours, the usual tabletop art pieces were transformed into wearable ones. Artists soon started using acrylic to create jewelry from scratch and the people loved it because it was unique, handmade, and customizable.

Soon enough, acrylic jewelry rose through the trends of fashion. Although this distinctive design can be a bit of a challenge to style for people who are used to conventional jewelry, it shouldn’t stop you from trying out a new genre of accessories. But don’t worry, we bring all the tips and tricks on styling acrylic jewelry!

1. Embrace The Colors

We are all used to the ease of styling metal jewelry thanks to the neutrality of the material. But since acrylic jewelry is much more versatile, you’re likely to encounter bright colors and bold patterns/designs that can be daunting to wear.

The first instinct for anyone is to reach for the acrylic jewelry that isn’t too forward in the design. Acrylic pieces that are in the shades of black, white, and brown can go almost with any outfit. While that can be the most economical way to make the most out of your jewelry, if you really want to maximize on style, then you have to embrace the colors.

So reach out to those striking blue earrings! Get that pastel necklace that no one seems to touch —with the right styling; colors can be naturally integrated into your ‘fit.

2. Go Big or Go Home

The beauty of this jewelry is in its unique patterns from the skillful pour of acrylic. While the jewelry can have the same concept, no two pieces are the same.

So show off the beauty and uniqueness of acrylic jewelry by using larger pieces. Think chunky hoops, sizeable chains, and bangles that perfectly encapsulate the art of acrylics. Bigger acrylic jewelry pieces are also easier to wear and style. Think of it as adding another layer to a plain shirt.

Larger acrylic jewelry also frames your profile elegantly, highlighting your features and structure. So not only you’re maximizing the style of your jewelry, but you’re also naturally enhancing your look.

3. Match the Hues of Your Outfit with The Jewelry

Now that you have an idea of what styles of acrylic jewelry you should pick, let’s talk about wearing it with your chosen outfits.

The easiest way to wear colored jewelry is to coordinate it with the existing colors and hues of your outfit. Seems simple enough right?

But the trick in styling acrylic jewelry is to choose the color rights. If you’re wearing a black dress, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you pick the darkest shade of acrylic jewelry you have. The best way to avoid unwanted monotony in your outfit is to choose a minority color in your outfit. So if your black dress has silver embellishments to it, then choose a piece of jewelry with the same effect. Acrylic jewelry in shades of silver, white, and even transparent will match your outfit.

You can also reverse this process. If you purchased beautiful blue and white patterned acrylic jewelry, then the easiest way to wear it is with denim-washed outfits. You can wear it with a denim jacket over a simple shirt or a nice top with casual denim jeans.

The formula is simple and it’s up to you to interpret it in any way you want!

4. Use the Acrylic Jewelry Colors to Your Advantage

The other way of styling acrylic jewelry is to use its colors to break the monotony of your outfit. In this case, we’re letting your jewelry take the front stage when it comes to your style and looks.

This works best with acrylic jewelry pieces that are oversized like chunky dangling earrings, large pendant necklaces, and more. To style it, you basically have to contrast the color of your jewelry with the color of your outfit.

For example, an LBD works great with acrylic pieces that are brightly colored. Think jewelry pieces that are in the shades of yellow, green, blue, and red. These colors will easily pop against the dark shade of your dress, even more so when the acrylic jewelry is patterned.

If wearing white, muted or pastel colors will do great without making the whole look heavy. It also gives a nice elegant and feminine touch to your style despite wearing larger statement pieces.

5. Mix Acrylic Jewelry with the Traditionally Made Jewelry Pieces

Just because you’re wearing acrylic jewelry doesn’t mean that you can wear other types of jewelry. In fact, your usual gold or silver jewelry is a great accompaniment to acrylic jewelry.

To make it not look awkward, follow the rule of opposites. If you’re wearing large statement acrylic earrings, then keep your necklace simple. The ball and chain herringbone, and snake chain necklaces are great neutral designs that will let your acrylic pieces shine.

The same goes for other wholesale fashion jewelry styles. If you’re wearing an oversized acrylic pendant necklace, then you might want to step back when it comes to your earrings. Keep your earring designs minimal yet striking. A pair of crystal stud earrings works like a charm. You can also wear solid ear huggers or similar ear cuffs.

For bracelets, layering acrylic pieces with traditional jewelry is always welcome. Mixed metals and materials will also work. For example, if you have an acrylic bangle, consider adding bracelets of the same or lesser size.

If the acrylic bangle is on the thinner side, then layering it with minimalist bracelets and metal bangles of the same width will work for whatever design your acrylic jewelry is. But for larger acrylic bangles, consider stacking the same-sized bangles as smaller bracelets will not be noticeable.

No matter how you style your acrylic jewelry, the best thing to do is always have fun trying out new things. Everyone has their own unique take on wearing jewelry and this might be the time to find yours! If you are searching for some acrylic jewelry to catch on the latest fashion, you can visit some major and reputable online jewelry stores such as JewelryBund, Faire, or Etsy.


What is The Least Damaging Hairstyle Nowadays?



What is The Least Damaging Hairstyle Nowadays?

There is a saying that revolves around that everything that is now old can become new again soon. So, all the old hairstyles are also new in the modern world, especially when it comes to least damaging hair styles. So, here are a few of the hairstyles that you can make and get your perfect look while saving your hair from excessive heat and other damages. So, without further ado let’s get started with our amazing least damaging hair styles in the list.

1. Low Bun

A low bun is a basic yet stylish and low-maintenance hairdo that you should attempt. Also, braid the ponytail before making the bun to add body. This is one the least damaging and amazing hairstyles that you can get fast and easily without much effort. Want to know my hack of making a messy low bun? I use the JuvaBun messy bun hairpiece, make a plain low bun and then attach my messy bun hair piece. It looks like I took hours making my hair, but it actually just takes seconds! 

2. High Messed-Up Bun

This hairstyle is ideal for individuals with long hair, is simple to produce, and is appropriate for both at-home and informal outings with friends. Simply pull your hair up on your head and bind it loosely with a scrunchie or bobby pins to get this look. This hairstyle is easy to make and your hair will not get damaged unless you pull your hair really tight which might add tension and make you experience hair loss.

3. Dual Low Buns/Dual High Buns

Dual low buns are a flexible hairstyle that works well with straight, wavy, or curly hair. Not to add, this adorable design will keep your ends protected for a day or two in between washes. Part your hair into two equal parts and tie two buns on the nape of your neck to get the look. If you want to try something different with your double buns, you can wear them on top of your head as high buns or “space buns.”  This hairstyle is easy to wear and you can save your hair from damage. If you remember Princess Leia from Star Wars then you guess what this hairstyle will look like.

4. A Half Bun

The beautiful thing about half bun styles is that they are simple to produce and look amazing on all hair kinds and lengths! The bun may be worn at the top of your head, at the crown of your head, or towards the nape of your neck; each position results in a distinct appearance! To get this style, divide your hair into two sections at your temples and tie the top portion into a bun. You may also drastically change the style by slightly altering your part. Then you can use a volume enhancer and setting spray to set your bun completely.

5. A Low Ponytail

A high and tight ponytail tugs on your hair strands and follicles, causing undue stress on your roots and scalp. As a result, a low, loose ponytail is a preferable option for relieving the stress on your hair.  It’s also one of those styles that will never go out of fashion! Tie a ribbon bow around the scrunchie to spice up your low ponytail.

6. Half-Loose Braid

As previously said, relaxed styles are ideal for preventing stress and damage to your hair. Aside from a low ponytail, a half braid is another casual style that works nicely (a braid that stops at the midsection of your hair). This design may be worn as a plain braid or as a French braid and is one of the easiest and simplest designs. This design does not damage your hair and keeps it tension free so you can wear it without any issues.

7. Pigtails Braided

Pigtails are a variant on conventional braids that may be made by sectioning your hair into two equal pieces and braiding twin braids on opposing sides of your head. This hairstyle is helpful for preserving hair when resting as well as being a non-damaging haircut. These are great and one of the most in demand hairstyles that will definitely make you look cute throughout the day.

8. Basic Braid

Finally, consider a classic design that can be made for formal occasions, the office, or just lounging in the house; yes! This style is the simple side braid. Simply toss your hair to one side and apply a basic three-strand braid to get the look. Side braids are also a terrific alternative for a wet hairstyle if you have naturally wavy, curly, or frizzy hair since they keep the hair from becoming extra dry and airy as it dries.

Finally, hydrate your hair on a daily basis.  Even with a non-damaging hairstyle, your hair may be vulnerable to dryness. That is why it is essential to hydrate your hair on a regular basis. You may do this by co-washing (skipping shampoo and simply using conditioner) or by utilizing regular deep conditioning treatments and a leave-in conditioner. Hydration can help you out with everyday hair issues. So, I guess now you know which hairstyles will suit you the most if you want less damage to your hair.

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5 Manifestation Bracelets for Women To Attract What  They Seek



Bracelets for Women

You might have seen movies where dreams and reality are separate, like in the case of The Matrix franchise. But you could make your dreams a reality. You are in control of whatever your inner energy projects. Got a dream job? Manifest it. 

Karma and Luck assure you that you are not alone on your manifestation journey. They have the best accessories you could find on the planet. With their five exclusive manifestation bracelets for women, you will attract what you seek.

This article features some of the most beautiful gemstone bracelets available, which you should consider adding to your jewelry collection, so if this sounds interesting, continue reading!

Explore The Karma & Luck Collection for Women’s Bracelets 

Stones worn as jewelry (for example, bracelets) will aid you in attracting what you seek more easily. Love, friendship, a new job, and a beautiful home are examples of positive manifestations many people seek in their lives. Check out these minimalistic statement pieces that are functional and channel spiritual values too! 

Spiritual Energy- Rose Gold Plated Sutra Bracelet

The life of inner peace, which is harmonious and free of tension, is the most straightforward existence. A reminder bracelet like the “Spiritual Energy – Rose Gold Plated Sutra Bracelet” is an excellent method to keep track of the things you want to accomplish. This one-of-a-kind bracelet was created by hand in Bali, Indonesia. The use of 18K enhances its rose gold plated brass, which lends a sophisticated and attractive appearance to the product. 

Among the many unique features of this glamorous bracelet are the 4x7mm mantra barrel charms, which are incredibly beneficial in sharpening concentration and protecting one’s intellect and spiritual energy. It also has a 6.5″ stretch, making it comfortable for the average person to wear. 

Positive Light – Enamel Hamsa Evil Eye Cuff

Get your hands on Karma and Luck’s powerful “Positive Light – Enamel Hamsa Evil Eye Cuff” to bring clarity to your thoughts and fend against negative karma. There is no more effective protective symbol than the Hamsa Hand and the Evil Eye ring symbol used in conjunction. Pure white light emanating from a diamond reminds you of your soul’s objectives while attracting the manifestation of riches.

It consists of 8x15mm evil eye charm, which effectively deflects negativity. It also features an 8x15mm Hamsa Hand charm for protection. The Hamsa sign is an “anti-evil eye” type that attracts positive energy while protecting the person from harmful points. Depending on how you wear the amulet, it might bring you good fortune or ward off evil. If the owner directs the hand symbol downward, they invite tremendous wealth and abundance from the universe into their lives. 

What adds to the beauty of this bracelet is that it is made of white and navy enamel and 1.25mm diamond to promote clarity, strength, imagination, and courage. This 925 sterling silver- 18K gold plated bangle bracelet has been handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, and makes for the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Harmonious Feelings – Matte Onyx Mantra Barrel Chakra Bracelet

UsE our “Harmonious Feelings – Matte Onyx Mantra Barrel Chakra Bracelet” to investigate the characteristics of our soul, you will be able to comprehend and appreciate the significance of today. 

This chic bracelet comprises 4mm matte onyx stones that help stay calm, protect, and relieve stress. Black Onyx is a master of good fortune frequently worn as an amulet to ward off negative energy. Onyx is a stone brimming with powerful vibrations that can instill feelings of strength and willpower in those who wear it. 

This Karma and Luck bracelet also consist of 4mm chakra gemstones (Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Jade, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst), which help regulate creativity, wisdom, and strength. For an added protection impact, it also consists of 4mm mantra barrels and has been handcrafted in Bali. 

Persistent Spirit – Capricorn Hematite Garnet Bracelet

Now is the time to pursue your passion; with each step forward, you will bring your ambitions closer to reality. This robust combination helps keep the mind, body, and soul balanced and grounded. When you wear the “Persistent Spirit – Capricorn Hematite Garnet Bracelet,” you will be able to maintain the reasoning, endurance, and focus necessary to actualize your desires, no matter how much effort is required. 

When you meditate, it energizes your root chakra, which helps you feel more grounded and connected in the present moment. This beautiful bracelet consists of an 8x18mm Capricorn zodiac charm embossed in 18K gold plated brass. It is also made up of 4mm hematite stones which help regulate a sense of calm, grounding, and well-centered energy.

 Other than that, Hematite is a natural stone that, when utilized with Feng Shui aim, can help balance and support the healing of your body and the recovery of your home. Hematite is a common stone that can improve your Feng Shui. Garnet is a beautiful gemstone that helps regulate blood circulation in the body. 

Divine Wisdom – Qilin Dragon Lapis Lazuli Mantra Bracelet

Your soul is filled with truth and compassion, and your wisdom will shine brightly. To properly channel your ideas and manifest them in your reality, the “Divine Wisdom – Qilin Dragon Lapis Lazuli Mantra Bracelet” can aid you in this endeavor, which is the highest form of karmic action. This bracelet comprises an 8x17mm Qilin dragon charm, which is said to promote longevity, prosperity, success, luck, and protection in the wearer’s life.

 The 4mm/6mm Lapis Lazuli stones for awareness, truth, and knowledge, as well as mantra charms for mental protection, concentration, and spiritual energy, are set in an 18K gold plated brass bracelet that has been handcrafted in Bali. The bracelet is finished with an 18K gold plated brass clasp and made for the perfect gift.

Manifest All That You Desire! 

People who wear stones can benefit from them in several ways, including emotional, divine, and physical benefits. Each stone is focused on another aspect of healing, which is why it’s so crucial to choose a stone (or a mix of rocks) that matches your specific needs. Everyone is different, so they would want a stone to suit them. We hope you find your perfect manifestation partner with our five exclusive manifestation evil eye bracelets for women.

Start Your Journey Here: 

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Atlanta has A Star In Salma Slims



Atlanta has A Star In Salma Slims

Rising female rap star Salma Slims wants all the smoke in her latest release. With her new “Oh He Wanna” music video, she is showing the world that she has what it takes to make it big as a mainstream recording artist. As she has consistently released impressive music since entering the music business, she has created a one of a kind visual that her fanbase can indulge in. Her hard work and determination led her to working with Chanel West Coast last year for a single titled “Easy” that has grossed over 1 million views collectively. She continues to pour into her music career one hit at a time. While staying authentically true to herself, you start to get the sense that she will be around for a very long time.

In the “On He Wanna” music video, Slims showcases a confident demeanor as she explains why she is the girl everybody wants to be with. In the opening minutes of this visual you will see the rising star with her gal pal sitting on the top of an old school Cadillac as it cruises down the street. Looking like a black barbie, the Atlanta based artist pours in punchline after punchline while taking her raw creativity to the next level. As she continues to be a fashion trendsetter, fans get a chance to see what it looks like and feels like to be the Salma Slims. Getting her start in the entertainment business as a model, you will see Slims bridging her love for fashion, music and art as she makes it clear she is the girl every guy would want.

One scene from her new video worth mentioning is the candid pillow fight that breaks out between Slims and a few of her girl friends. In this scene you will notice that the floors are dripped out in GUCCI, with accents of Versace everywhere . These elements of the video are a direct statement to her glamorous lifestyle. Turning the function to a full-fledged party, you get a chance to see how talented Slims is as a creative and rising star.

Some notable lyrics from this song worth mentioning appear around the 1:25 mark of this music video. You will hear Salma Slims talking about how she holds it down for her man in true runway rapper fashion. The lyrics goes as follows; “Crash out about my na ,this st gon turn a collision, pay attention to that runway st these b*s know I’m giving, it’s that rockstar st bs know I’m giving”.

Press play below to stream her new “Oh He Wanna” music video.

Twitter account to tweet out the story:

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