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The 5 Most Famous Types of Chinese Dresses



The 5 Most Famous Types of Chinese Dresses

Chinese dresses, also known as “qipao” or “cheongsam,” have a long and storied history in Chinese culture. These elegant garments have become iconic symbols of Chinese fashion, known for their sleek silhouette, intricate designs, and cultural significance. Here are the top five most famous types of Chinese dress that you must know.

1. Robe Chinoise Traditionnelle

Robe chinoise traditionnelle is also know traditional Chinese robe. The garment is well known for having great cultural significance in the history of China. It is a long shaped with wide sleeves. The best thing about the dress is the person who is wearing it remains in luxury as it is made up of luxurious silk fabric. It reflects Chinese fashion heritage’s grace, refinement, and timeless beauty.

2. Traditional Qipao

The traditional qipao is perhaps the most well-known Chinese dress. It originated during the Qing Dynasty and underwent various transformations over the years. This dress is characterized by its high collar, form-fitting shape, and side slits, which allow for ease of movement. Traditional qipaos are typically made of silk and feature elaborate embroidery or delicate patterns. They are often worn during formal occasions, cultural events, and weddings, showcasing elegance and grace.

3. Mandarin Collar Dress

The Mandarin collar dress, also known as the “Zhongshan suit” or “Sun Yat-sen suit,” is a unisex dress style influenced by Western fashion and adapted to Chinese sensibilities. It gained popularity during the early 20th century and was often worn by political figures and intellectuals. The dress features a high, stand-up collar, straight lines, and a buttoned front.

4. Miao Embroidered Dress

The Miao embroidered dress, or “Miao minority dress,” originates from the Miao ethnic group in China. These dresses are renowned for their vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and unique silver accessories. Each dress is a work of art, with embroidery patterns representing elements of Miao culture, including animals, plants, and symbolic motifs.

5. Modern Qipao

The modern qipao represents a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. While it retains the essential features of the traditional qipao, such as the high collar and form-fitting silhouette, it incorporates modern design elements, fabrics, and patterns. Modern qipaos may feature bolder colors, unique cuts, and innovative materials, appealing to a wider range of fashion preferences.



Chinese dresses are not only beautiful garments but also repositories of history, tradition, and cultural identity. From the classic elegance of the traditional qipao to the fusion of modern aesthetics in contemporary designs, these dresses continue to inspire and captivate people worldwide.



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