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With COVID-19, social distancing rules, and workplace shutdowns affecting the business environment in 2020, pallets will continue to be essential to the smooth operation of supply chains. It has been proven during the numerous Coronavirus lockdown measures across Europe that pallet delivery and packaging have been a critical part of supply chains for vital goods such as food and medicines.

It is now starting to dawn on businesses that they are slowly coming out of lockdown that they are considering their impacts on the environment. The drive to operate more sustainably has affected every corner of business, including pallets. As part of a systems approach to supply chain management, SMEs must consider pallets. A recyclability of materials and an efficient use of assets are important factors in the sustainability strategies of many companies. 

A sustainable pallet management strategy helps companies meet customer expectations while reducing their environmental impact while meeting consumer expectations. Consumers are increasingly expecting brands and retailers to consider the environment in their operations. 

Are plastic pallets the right choice for businesses?

It is possible to recycle plastic pallets at the end of their lifecycle, allowing the plastic to be reused or turned into a new pallet or another product. They can last up to 15 years without requiring repair. 

It is also more likely that materials handling equipment will align with standard sizes if pallets built with sustainability in mind are more dimensionally consistent with standard sizes. The product may also be damaged if the dimensions are stable, which reduces breakage and damage. 

The use of plastic pallets is also a good choice for hygiene reasons – wooden pallets require treatment and have higher international shipping standards since untreated wood could carry pests. After the lockdown, they will be crucial to meeting health and pharmaceutical requirements as they are easier to clean and sanitize.

What is the impact of plastic pallets on innovation?

Wooden pallets are not expected to last as long as plastic pallets, as pallet delivery companies around the world are opting for plastic pallets. Pallet makers, ORBIS, claim to be able to recycle wooden pallets 10 to 20 times more than wooden pallets can. 

Sustainability initiatives are now moving from the grassroots to the foreground, with businesses taking extra steps to achieve these goals, such as eliminating waste from their transportation networks.

In order to remain competitive, the pallet industry has embraced an ever-evolving economy whenever possible, driven by innovation and environmental responsibility. It is possible to achieve economic benefits as well as respect the sustainable world by reducing waste in manufacturing, consumption, and transportation. 

National Pallets Contributes to Sustainability

Our company, one of the leading pallet delivery companies in the industry, is constantly striving for sustainable practices to benefit our customers and our industry as a whole. The innovative strategy of SMEs should include pallet delivery as they enter the post-lockdown phase.

Getting Pallets Delivered

You can choose the most suitable delivery option for your pallets by entering the details into our quick quotes tool. Fast pallet delivery is designed to be as efficient as possible for the sender.  

Several steps are taken behind the scenes to ensure your pallet is collected and delivered to its destination as efficiently and safely as possible:

  1. Your pallet will be collected from the specified address by the courier
  2. A unique barcode will be applied to each pallet at the collecting depot
  3. You’ll receive an email with a tracking number so you can track the pallet’s progress. The pallet will also be sorted with others going to similar areas.
  4. In accordance with the coverage area of the driver, the pallet will be assigned to them
  5. After delivering your pallet along the driver’s route, the pallet will be delivered to the recipient