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Innovative Style Leads to Success for New Young Irish Artist




Innovative Style Leads to Success for New Young Irish Artist

Success for New Young Irish Artist

Emmet Glascott is a music producer and song-writer from Waterford, Ireland. 

He has achieved success with his compositions that have audiences streaming in the thousands all over the world. 

Speaking to ‘thehearup’, Emmet had told us the recipe for his success is to create a distinctive, consistent melodic style in a contemporary fashion so that when the listener’s ear gets accustomed to one sound they’ll almost automatically like subsequent releases. 

His debut single ‘Take Me to Paradise’ has almost amassed fifty thousand streams on all platforms. Beating the likes of superstar James Arthur, dance music giant Marshmello, Felix Jaehn and singer Avril Lavigne to claim Spanish radios number one song, while streamed on all major platforms his music also has spins on traditional radio stations both in Ireland and abroad. 

According to his website, he sources inspiration from Kygo, Calvin Harris and Avicii who all also have a distinctive sound. Glascott first started listening to music through the acoustic sounds of Ed Sheeran, who Emmet describes as the reason why he has picked up guitar and has used many acoustic elements on his tracks.

While mostly making original music, he has also over fifty thousand streams on his remix of Tiesto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora’s song ‘Ritual’. With also a new song ‘Sorry’ on the way, holding some guitar riffs and an explosive dance sound, surely this is a recipe for success?

The future looks very bright for the young Irish producer. ‘Sorry’ has been signed to ‘DaCosta Records’ owned by DJ Louise DaCosta. Louise has opened for the likes of Calvin Harris, Don Diablo, Benni Benassi and Pete Tong.

DaCosta has previously been the A&R at Full Tilt Recordings before founding her own label. Louise DaCosta is Ireland number one female DJ & award winning international artist. LDC has been entertaining crowds in Ireland and the United Kingdom for almost a decade as well as touring various countries around Europe, middle-east and Asia. Emmet’s song ‘Red Light’ featuring Italian vocalist Khaino and American rapper Micki Ronnae has also been signed to The Netherlands record company ‘Wolfrage Recordings’.

He has received appraisal from international superstar DJ John Gibbons, who has added Emmet to his playlist a numerous amount of times. Gibbons’ co-producer Franklin has called Emmet’s sound ‘’unique & fresh’’ comparing Emmet’s sound to that of Dutch DJ and record producer Martin Garrix, who Franklin gathers as one of his biggest inspirations. Ex Hometown boyband member Dayl Cronin has said Emmet’s music ‘’is really really cool’’ and Irish DJ Welshy has called Emmet’s track ‘Red Light’ ‘’a cool track and very unique’’. With over eleven million YouTube views on his remix of Karen Harding’s song ‘Say Something’, Zac Samuel describes Emmet as having ‘‘some great talent’’. Radio presenters have compared Emmet’s sound to that of Avicii.

Glascott has worked with vocalist OMZ who has amassed twenty-eight million+ Spotify streams, has worked under the likes of dance group Swedish House Mafia and has tracks signed to Universal, Warner and Sony. 

With contacts like megastar Tiesto, Martin Garrix, the One Direction boys, Julia Michaels, Irish DJ Mark McCabe, ‘Moon Song’ hit-maker Isaac Butler, Kygo’s ‘Stargazing’ singer, Justin Jesso, rapper Sean Paul, Pitbull and MC Pat Flynn, it sounds like there is a superstar in the making.

According to recent social media posts there is much more music to come in 2020. So one no doubt even more record labels will be carefully watching! 


Rap Fiesta Is Underground Hip Hop’s Best Kept Secret




Rap Fiesta

Who Is Rap Fiesta?

Rap Fiesta is a New York City-based Hip-Hop blog that focuses on finding high-quality underground Hip-Hop and sharing it with the world in a digestible fashion. They are absolutely fanatical about finding rap music’s best-kept secrets. In the same breath, they also prioritize advancing these artist’s careers. Rap Fiesta’s team is big in the belief of collaborative growth.

Rap Fiesta was created by artists, for artists.

Many blogs are founded by music lovers, but not many are built upon the foundation from the artist’s perspective. Rap Fiesta is the best of both worlds, providing you with great music, and tools to help that music grow. With that being said, they provide all the knowledge freely for artistry to benefit from. Rap Fiesta is frequented often by labels who are trying to find their next viral star.

Although they believe in allowing independent artistry to flourish, they help assist artists in putting themselves into a position to create their own opportunities. Whether you are an artist who is worth getting found or a fan who loves to discover hits before they are viral, Rap Fiesta has got you covered.

How Does Rap Fiesta Help Artists?

In more ways than one they curate avenues for artists to connect intimately with fans. Each week they allow artists to share their music with a live audience who give feedback in real-time on their show called Rap Fiesta Radio. The show is hosted on their Instagram Live every Thursday at 8:30 PM EST.

They also host artist interviews, cover releases on underground artists, and provide tools for these artists to grow. They are prideful on not only being a cultural hub of great indie hip hop but also on their teaching methods on artist growth.

They provide free ‘Industry Knowledge Guides‘ from big players in the music industry to allow independent artists in navigating more freely. Entertainment lawyers, publicists, artist representatives are only a few of the tools available at every artist’s disposal. They truly want independent artistry to blossom and are powerful in aiding that goal.

Another key reason you should get in touch with Rap Fiesta is their free networking opportunities. They have an abundance of artists, producers, photographers, videographers, managers, etc. who are looking for talented artists to work with. Rap Fiesta connects a wide variety of creatives together for the sole purpose of creating flourishing art. If you need an original beat for your project, if you are looking for a publicist to increase your popularity, or are simply trying to get your music on streaming services – Rap Fiesta has you covered.

What makes Rap Fiesta different from other blogs?

Rap Fiesta is unique in its approach towards artists proudly brandishing an Artist-First mentality. Their blog was created by artists, for artists. While most blogs will normally charge money to simply listen to a submission, Rap Fiesta will not. While most blogs don’t follow their artist’s growth, Rap Fiesta continuously ensures the artists they work with are getting feedback from them constantly.

On more occasions than not, their writers develop personal relationships with artists and organize events and opportunities to expedite their growth. Rap Fiesta doesn’t simply cover an artist and offer condolences, they orient them into their family of artists. Another aspect is in the way they offer feedback. They respond to every submission (which is an achievement in and of itself), but in doing so they offer advice on how to grow weak areas of the song. Whether its songwriting, mixing, mastering, or branding- Rap Fiesta focuses on providing value to everybody.

Rap Fiesta

How Can I Follow Rap Fiesta?

If you want to be apart of the Rap Fiesta movement and find undiscovered Hip-Hop gems before your friends do, you can follow Rap Fiesta on their Instagram @rapfiesta or go to their website at


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Dive into the divinity of Lil Wicked’s music that will make every soul smile




Lil Wicked

Lil Wicked’s music that will make every soul smile

A Mexican descendant from Santa Ana, California, Lil Wicked is an American rapper who makes amazing music. After receiving huge street success on his debut album “Enter at Your Own Risk”, Lil Wicked is about to release another album “The Lost Tapes”. He will be also be releasing his album “LEGEND” this summer, which features artists such as Tayf3rd, $tupid Young, and a couple of West Coast Legends.

How Lil Wicked is an independent artist

Lil Wicked is an independent artist who has built his career all by himself. This feeling of independence gives him control over his career so that his focus on art and social awareness doesn’t get watered down by the need to maximize profit. He is completely focussed and committed towards his love and passion for music, which can be felt in the songs that he makes.

The first thing ever to inspired Lil Wicked to make music was listening to Tupac and other legendary artists from the West coast. Shortly after being inspired by these artists, he started writing his music to express himself about the things going on with his family, and the environment that surrounded him in general. He used to have a feeling that he couldn’t express all that is going on, to his family, friends, or his teachers at my school. Music acted as a medium for him, through which he spoke his heart out to his loved ones a million other people, without the fear of being judged.

Lil Wicked style of Music

Lil Wicked likes to describe his style of music as “Universal” because everyone in every part of the world can relate to it and love it. Listeners get inspired by his music since he always tries to tell a story, or give a message through his songs.

It is said that music has the power to take you to places, and Lil Wicked’s music is here to prove it right. His music is a reflection of his personality- positive and lively. His music is serene and soulful that is like a blessing to the ears and hearts of the listeners.

“Growing up in Santa Ana, CA it was difficult, especially when you don’t have someone in your life who can teach you right from wrong. I was fortunate enough that I found music at an early age which helped me distract myself from my surroundings and not become a product of my environment.

I feel my musical journey has been pretty easy as the fan base I have targeted has received me with open arms which have led to millions of streams all digital platforms”, tells Lil Wicked about his musical journey so far and the importance of music in his life.

Music has been like an escape to him as it helped him get away from all the misery and troubles that he faced in his life. If there is one thing that Lil Wicked won’t ever give up in his life, it is his love and passion for music.

Lil Wicked’s latest album “No Love” is raw and unique, and he proclaims that the listeners are going to get hooked to it once you play to it and end up listening to it on loop. His newest album “Lost Tapes Volume 1” will be released this summer, which is a collection of songs that he has made over the years but did not release.

Lil Wicked

He summons his fans to thank them for always supporting him and showering him with love, and to tell them that they are a part of every song that he writes.

Listen to Lil Wicked’s songs now on

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Lianah Chang has the 4 B’s: Beauty, Brains, Body, and Bold Humor.




Lianah chang

Lianah Chang is the first Indian model

Indian models are changing and diversifying the fashion industry in the west. Lianah Chang is the first Indian model featured as a cover model for Italian Fashion Magazine, Faddy Magazine. Her story is featured at the end of the Fashion Magazine’s 2020 issue regarding the struggle Indian models constantly undergo if they choose to represent conventional Desi or Eastern ware in the fashion industry.

East Asians do not have many fashion icons and models that represent how they look. In the East, they love to portray non-Indian women in beauty and television. In the west, however, the crisis of beauty, fashion, and identity consequently has become an issue for many “brown” Americans. Millions of Indians can never identify with the featured cover models and fashion icons in the west or east. It has become an acceptable trend to abandon Indian cultural attire and to even deny being Indian to be accepted in the west.

More About Lianah Chang

She has constantly referenced IMG’s Modeling movement We love your genes “WLYG” and references in her Faddy Magazine Story the dilemma that models of color and East Asian heritage constantly encounter. Many professional models that are signed with stellar Modeling agencies cannot apply for many of the jobs if they choose to be identified as East Asian, because there is typically not a modeling category for that huge, yet ostracized group.

IMG and many other huge global agencies have changed the modeling world by accepting the LGBT community, along with plus-size, disabled, and very old models, African American models, disabled models, and celebrity models over 50 years old. Yet, while other cultural groups like the African American community are rising in modeling, their brown counterparts are not making enough movements. This is why models of Indian descent are not common in the Americas.

Lianah Chang

Infamous (Lianah is Infamous in the Indian Community)

Lianah Chang is an infamous trend-setter in the Indian community. She is a creative inspiration for people to love their genes; especially for people of color. She has been ranked as the number one East Asian Fashion Model and Influencer by Za’s Page Celebrity Magazine, as well as on ARY digital Television. Her social media modeling tag is LianahModeling because of her influence in the Fashion Industry, which has been uniquely focused on Desi-style fashion, although she is a model in the United States.

Although she is a signed fashion model that does commercial print modeling for big-name brands such as Macy’s, Ulta, Nordstrom, and Amazon; she markets and emphasizes many Indian pieces of jewelry and bridal shops in the United States to aspire Indian and other ethnic groups in the United States to embrace their cultural attire. Her reach is International and she has a mixed following from both East and West.

She is known as one of the classiest Indian model icons in fashion with no nude photography and strong inspirational and cultural messages for people with a hint of bold and raunchy humor, which has set her apart in the East Asian arena.

Although she represents traditional Indian and bridal attire, what sets her apart is that she models custom-made Bollywood bra-lehengas, to showcase some of the sexy and stylish looks Bollywood models and actresses wear. Lianah received a lot of media publicity while modeling a custom-made fashion outfit at the IIFA 2017 awards, inspired by Malaika Arora Khan’s item song, Fashion Khatam. she has become the eminent face of many Indian jewelry companies and bridal stores.  she also has made her mark in the medical arena, namely, as the main model for many healthcare, and private medical clinics, including the billboard model for MMI Health Care for accidents and injuries.

Lianah has been a featured model on television for Bridal Fashion and Bollywood Host Events. A polyglot who has been recognized for speaking many languages, her greatest attribute as an International model has been her ability to touch the hearts of all people and demographics. She has been a featured model speaking and advertising in over 15 different languages and countries to this day.

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