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Starting to Get My Gift List Together



Starting to Get My Gift List Together

Terrarium Candle for My Mom

My mother adores innovative, artistic items, and has always filled her home with paintings and all sorts of crafts. She is also a huge fan of candles and plants. Considering all of this, I think that she would love a terrarium candle as a holiday gift!

I didn’t know what terrarium candles were until recently, but they are mesmerizing. Skilled artisans make flowers and plants from wax so that they can be used as candles. The artist will then place the candle in a sturdy bowl. Real plants can be tough to maintain, which is why this gift is so great—wax plants never die, and they can light up a room beautifully! 

I decided to get my mother a whole set of terrarium candles. I know that she’ll love the desert cactus the most!

Steak Subscription for My Dad

As much as my dad loves to eat steak, he loves grilling it even more—what dad doesn’t? He recently bought himself a new grill, so I figured I would get him a steak subscription service! With this gift, he’ll be able to start the New Year off right with all kinds of high-quality cuts that look and taste divine. I’m also considering buying him a beer subscription. He’ll be able to try different beers with each meal and discover his favorite pairings!

My dad is easy to please when it comes to gifts, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to skimp out! I want him to truly love what I get him.

Custom Neon Sign for My Brother’s Room

My brother, Grant, has a gaming room in his house. It’s a wonderful space, but it’s so dark—the only lights seem to be from his television and computer! So, I’ve decided to buy him a custom neon sign. It won’t be too bright, but it’ll add a bit of color to his otherwise pitch-black room.

I think the sign should read “Grant’s Gaming Room.” I was considering a bright red color, but I’ll have to confirm with him before I buy—I don’t want him to dislike it! Either way, I’m sure that he will enjoy the sign’s custom quality and love the way it looks.

I also bought Grant a few gaming and movie posters to fill up the empty spaces on his walls. I just know that he’ll adore the fresh vibes of his favorite room in the house!

A Gift for Myself

As I’ve gotten older, fewer, and fewer people are willing to buy me Christmas gifts. Even my family and friends don’t know what to get me! If I want to experience a little holiday joy, I’ll have to go out and purchase something for myself. 

One thing I’ve had my eyes on for a while is a male facelift. Lately, it has become tougher to look in the mirror without feeling self-conscious about my wrinkles and lines. The procedure will shave off about a decade from my face, so I’m extremely excited to go under the knife. It’s time to take back control of my appearance!

Bluetooth Beanie for My Best Friend

Eric, my closest friend, is always talking about the latest gadgets, but I’m sure he won’t expect this innovative gift. We live in a particularly hip area where beanies are a normal fashion fixture, and he has always complained about how his earbuds block out important noises when he is walking around.

So, why not buy him a beanie that doubles as a pair of headphones? It is a stylish hat, and the speakers don’t completely cover the ears, so he’ll be able to hear everything around him. Even better, the beanie will keep his head warm during the colder months!

Dinosaur Nightlight for My Little Cousin

Zach, like most kids his age, is obsessed with dinosaurs and afraid of the dark. That’s why, when I stumbled across a neat dinosaur nightlight a few days ago, I immediately bought it.

It’s a cool, T-Rex shaped fixture that emits a calm yellow glow. It’s an adorable little thing—so adorable, in fact, that I bought one for myself!