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Stag do in Krakow – what kind of entertainment should you prepare?



Stag do in Krakow - what kind of entertainment should you prepare?

A stag  party is a unique event, especially for one person – the future groom. It is worth organizing it in such a way that each participant will remember it for many years with a smile on his face. Organizing a unique stag do, even in Krakow, is a challenge. We should not rely only on visiting bars and clubs, let’s organize something that will be remembered for a long time. The shooting range is an excellent choice for a stag do in Krakow. A large dose of adrenaline, great fun, competition and a lot of useful knowledge and skills.

How to organize an unforgettable stag party in Krakow?

Krakow is a city with a lot of opportunities, which is why it is willingly chosen to organize a bachelor party, also by guests from abroad. There is an airport near the city, so traveling by plane will not be a problem. Also, access by train and bus will not be problematic. An overnight stay during a stag party in Krakow is also easy to organize, as there are many hotels, hostels and apartments in this city. That is why the organization of a stag do in Krakow sounds like a perfect plan. It is also worth knowing that this is a city with many opportunities! Balloon flight, visiting a Salt Mine, a boat trip, a trip to one of the mounds and a visit to one of the shooting ranges. Why do we think that a visit to the shooting range is a great idea for one of the attractions during a stag party in Krakow?

A visit to the shooting range during a stag do in Krakow

There are several shooting ranges in Krakow, but one of them deserves a special mention. Cracow Shooting Academy is a shooting range that is eagerly visited by guests from Poland and abroad who always come out happy. This is evidenced by, among others, reviews on Google – there are over 1600 of them, and their average is 4.9. Such good opinions are due to the experienced and professional staff who will bring the world of weapons to everyone, as well as take us on a unique journey and make us feel like the heroes of our favorite games and movies. In addition, the team has experience in servicing organized groups, e.g. during a stag do. This is an extremely important skill because no one can feel left out or bored while having fun.

Bachelor party at the Cracow Shooting Academy in Kraków

Cracow Shooting Academy is located at Jana Surzyckiego 16 Street, which can be reached from the center by public transport or special buses organized by the shooting range. From this place, we will quickly get to the atmospheric district – Kazimierz, which offers plenty of bars, restaurants and entertainment until dawn. Why is it worth choosing Cracow Shooting Academy for a stag do in Krakow? There is a trained and friendly team waiting for us, as well as a huge selection of weapons. Thanks to this, each participant of the bachelor party can shoot with his dream weapon. There are 7 packages available on the website, but if we want, we can compose ours. This is a great opportunity to surprise the groom with weapons from his favorite game or movie. Or maybe he is interested in history? He will also find such a weapon in the Krakow shooting range. In addition, you can take photos and record videos during the entire game, which is a great opportunity to create a souvenir. Crazy costumes welcome! But remember not to restrict your movements. It is also worth remembering that you should be sober when visiting the shooting range, which is why it is an excellent choice to start a crazy stag night in Krakow.

H2: Other stag activities in Krakow

A visit to the shooting range is undoubtedly the best stag activities in Krakow which will provide adrenaline, competition and lots of fun. Starting a bachelor party in Krakow at the shooting range will put you in a good mood and make you ready for the rest of the evening. With Cracow Shooting Academy you will quickly get to the Krakow Market Square or Kazimierz, where you will find many bars, restaurants and clubs. It is a city that is teeming with life even at night, which is why it is a great choice for a stag do. If you intend to spend the weekend here, it is worth seeing the landmarks of Krakow – the Cloth Hall, Wawel, one of the museums. It is also worth listening to the bugle call from the tower of St. Mary’s Basilica. One thing is for sure, you will not be bored during your stag do in Krakow.