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Social Media Marketing to the Extreme with Close Connects



Social Media Marketing to the Extreme with Close Connects

It’s about to be 2021 and standing out on social media has never been more important. From curating content to being relevant, there’s many way to keep up with all of the other big pages around you. Most big pages on social media have managers, people who take all the time off said person’s hands, and makes their life easier. That’s generally how social media works and nobody is one bit of surprised to learn this.

“It’s about strategy bro, without strategy what the hell are you doing? Just hoping to randomly go famous? That’s not really how it works on social media, sure some things look like they randomly went viral but I would say only 50% of content goes randomly viral. With that being said strategy is still 100% important holding the other 50%” said Coachsamuelg, real name Samuel E. Guzman. The CEO of Close Connects.

What is Close Connects? They are a social media marketing company with high credibility. Helping other people become more successful on social media is a top priority to them.

“It’s not just about followers It’s about credibility. Why stop at Instagram? There’s other big platforms where you can utilize your connections and that’s something I never realized I kind of just hopelessly winged it before I ran into Close Connects. They care about me I can tell, and that’s the difference.” Said Tyler Pondo who uses them for Instagram growth and content curation.

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