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Snatching Back Your Confidence and Self-Worth: Overcoming Trials and Trauma with Faith



Pamela D. Smith- Snatching Back Your Confidence and Self-Worth Overcoming Trials and Trauma with Faith

Pamela D. Smith is an Award-Winning Author, Evangelist, and Corporate Professional building a personal brand that is a blend of being a corporate professional and a faith-based creative. Pamela is on a mission to help others increase their confidence and self-worth so they can experience success in every area of life.

Increasing confidence and self-worth should not just be desired on a surface level. There are vanity measures of confidence and self-worth such as feeling confident because you got your hair styled, or having on a new, expensive outfit so your self-worth is on ten. I am talking about measuring it on an internal scale. How is your confidence and self-worth when your hair is not done, or you do not have a new outfit? How do you feel about yourself, your life, and your ability to live and lead the faith-fueled life that God created you for?

A few years ago, I started setting feeling goals. Goals that were not tangible, but soulful. Goals such as ‘I want to always feel connected to my husband, children, and family, and not feel as if my life’s purpose is causing a disconnect,” or “I want to wake up energized and have that energized feeling all throughout the day as I am operating in my purpose.” We can achieve tangible goals and not feel so good inside. This is because confidence and self-worth can be superficial if we are not measuring it internally.

Here is the truth, although it sounds cliché. The material and the tangible things that make us appear confident and as if we know our worth, can be staged. It can be scripted. Our goal should be to have incorruptible confidence and self-worth. The kind that keeps us from falling when we stumble. Or the kind that, if we do stumble, we get back up without shame or guilt. That’s incorruptible.

I want to share with you one thing that can strip your confidence and self-worth and explain why it’s important for you to snatch it back.

Why do I say “snatch” it back? Why with force? Matthew 11:12 says, “and from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

Everything that has come up against you, your destiny, or your purpose, came with force. Everything that has tried to stop, hinder, or block you, tried it by force so you cannot play around about your confidence and self-worth if you really want to live and lead a faith-fueled life. Doing so hinges on your confidence in who God is, who He created you to be, and in His purpose for you. You must also know that you are worthy. Nothing that you have gone through, did, or did not do deems you as unworthy of what God has willed for you, even before the foundation of the earth.

Trials and Trauma is one thing that can strip you of your confidence and self-worth. We all experience things that may be no fault of our own, but somehow we may believe that we deserved them. We may start to think that there must be something that we did to cause the trial or trauma. Life is a mixture of self-inflicted consequences and trials that are just life. Internalizing hat is happening, rather than learning and growing from it, will strip us of our confidence and self-worth, but take comfort from the man born blind in John 9. He was born blind from birth and the disciples asked Jesus, “who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered and said, “neither him nor his parents sinned, but this was done so that my glory can be revealed.”

Your confidence can be stripped when people look at what you go through and think that it is because you have done something wrong. Sometimes God is using you to go through so someone else can get through. You become a testimony. You are the vessel of glory and honor. Don’t allow trials and trauma to take your confidence and self-worth. Decree: Whatever I go through, I get through. Whatever I go through, I get through. Whatever I go through, I get through.

You will find yourself overcoming, full of confidence, and knowing your worth.

Grace and Peace,

Pamela D. Smith

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