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SMUGDOGE – Sending money to your friends and family on the cheap using Harmony ONE



SMUGDOGE - Sending money to your friends and family on the cheap using Harmony ONE

It’s 2021. Everyone’s more or less aware of the roaring success that digital currencies the likes of Dogebonk, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have had in terms of return on investment. While interesting from an investing point of view, the general public seems to be increasingly weary of these tokens, and wonders whether they have a real use case for them. And they’re right – few of these tokens are actually easy and cost effective in being able to send money from one person to another, without incurring high transaction fees.

SHIBA INU is a coin based on the ERC-20 standard, which means it uses the mainnet Ethereum blockchain and its correspondingly high gas fees (which are dynamic and can cost more than a hundred dollars, depending on the time of day), so it is not suitable for sending money to friends and family. Dogecoin, which runs its own blockchain, while being a cheaper and more widely accepted alternative, is highly inflationary by design, which is not good for the overall value of the coin, and therefore the coin itself, from an investment point of view, is not a store of value.

The global digital remittance market size is expected to reach USD 42.46 billion by 2028 and is anticipated to expand at a rate of 14% per year. This is a huge market with untapped potential, mostly dominated by industry giants such as Western Union, Ria Money, Flutterwave, Stella, which offer competitive rates, but are still subject to the same problems – they’re too slow and ultimately do not protect the money from inflation. Especially in times of distress and inflation, as have been the past 2 years, store of value is imperative.

Enter Harmony ONE. Harmony, a blockchain technology startup and platform that is not often mentioned in mainstream media and one that has a different value proposition than the likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. All transactions are cleared within 2 seconds of being initiated – this is an astounding number and is beneficial to the end user, as the user knows that their money can be sent to any compatible mobile or desktop wallet.

Harmony boasts an average of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) but can reach a maximum of 24,000 TPS. Ethereum allows for 15-20 TPS, Binance Smart Chain can handle an average of 55 to 60 TPS, Polkadot can process up to 1000 TPS, while THORChain can handle up to 10,000 TPS.

What makes this chain particularly interesting, however, is the presence of Smugdoge, a new but seemingly ordinary, run of the mill dog coin, without much separating it from the myriad of clones present in the cryptoverse.

So, what does actually make SMUGDOGE special, compared to the aforementioned dogcoins?

  • It’s the fastest coin of all – two second transaction finality means that there are virtually no waiting time.
  • There’s no registration needed. Anyone can download a web3 compatible wallet such as MetaMask or Harmony ONE wallet, if they’re using a laptop/desktop environment, or 1wallet if they’re on mobile.
  • It’s secure – all transactions on Harmony ONE are. As is the nature of the blockchain, verified and protected by a hashing algorithm that is unbreakable, even with the power of many supercomputers, it is resistant to attacks thanks to the many node validators on the Harmony ONE blockchain.
  • When you’re not using your money, it generates passive income for you! SMUG Rewards holders. Each time someone transacts (pooling, sending, selling, buying) with SMUG, you get a part of the 5% reflection, based on how much SMUG you are holding. This is crucial, as many people sending remittances online do not use up all their money in one swift go.
  • It’s the cheapest way to transact! Harmony ONE transactions cost a fraction of a cent. At the time of writing this article, 1 unit of ONE, the blockchain’s native token, costs about 30 cents. With 30 cents, you can perform more than a thousand transactions involving SMUGDOGE and any other token on the chain, such as DefiKingdoms or Viper. This is a big deal, as ERC-20 token transfers such as SHIBA INU can cost over 50 dollars to send!
  • It’s actually backed by something! The protocol itself has community-owned liquidity, which means that you will always be able to transact SMUG into ONE (Harmony blockchain’s native currency) and vice-versa! The smart contracts governing SMUGDOGE, which handle the reflectionary mechanisms, also make sure of an ever-increasing price floor of SMUG.  Here’s a great technical explanation on how it works behind the scenes.
  • It’s highly deflationary by design, something that Dogecoin is not. With 30% of the total supply burned at its inception, the circulating supply is reduced as more people transact on the network with it, which makes the price go up.
  • It can only get cheaper as more people start to use it, and can be used as a store of value By having community-owned liquidity that is crowd-sourced from its users, the value of SMUG goes up, which makes the holders of SMUG that of it as an investment.
  • Harmony ONE is accepted on major crypto exchanges such as Binance, and can even be exchanged locally in many exchanges across the world!
  • This is especially lucrative for those looking to get into a new dog coin for speculative purposes (even though it is a great tool for sending money abroad!), as it barely has a million dollar market cap!

Where to buy SMUG?

At the time of writing this article, SMUG is not available on any mainstream centralized exchange. However, SMUG can be purchased on the DefiKingdoms website. In order to buy Mithril on Pancake Swap, buyers will need an existing crypto wallet like Metamask. It should be noted that investors will need to deposit Harmony (ONE) into their wallets before they can trade SMUG on the Pancake Swap platform. By accessing the DefiKingdoms DEX, which hosts SMUG, they can trade SMUG and follow its price.

In case of any doubts, the Telegram community is extremely active and has helpful support bots, which will help even the least experienced of investors.



5 HR Process Improvement Ideas That Work



5 HR Process Improvement Ideas That Work

Did you know that the hosted HR software market is estimated to be worth $13.8 billion?

Implementing HR processes can be difficult, and it’s hard to know which ones will work.

Every HR department is different, so it can be tough to find the right processes for your team. Not only do you have to worry about finding the right processes, but you also have to worry about implementation and execution.

But don’t worry. Keep reading because we’ve done the hard work for you. In this article, we’ll share five HR process improvement ideas that have worked well for other teams.

Plus, we’ll provide tips on how to implement them in your department.

1. Automate Where Possible

When it comes to HR, automating processes can save a lot of time and effort. Consider using an online system for tracking employee leave, storing employee records, and managing payroll.

Not only will this make things easier for HR, but it will also be appreciated by employees who will have easy access to their information.

By automating these processes, you can free up time that can be spent on more important tasks, such as recruitment and training.

In addition, online systems tend to be more accurate and efficient than manual processes, so you can be sure that your data is up-to-date and reliable.

2. Review and Streamline Current Processes

As any HR professional knows, efficient and effective processes are essential for running a successful department. Regular reviews are necessary to ensure that processes are still serving their purpose and have not become outdated.

During a review, HR should identify any steps that could be streamlined or eliminated. For example, if a process is largely manual, it may be worth investing in technology to automate it.

By streamlining processes, HR can free up time to focus on more important tasks, such as recruiting and retention. In addition, streamlining can help to improve morale by making it less bureaucratic.

Therefore, regular reviews of HR processes are essential for maintaining a well-run department. HR reviews are pretty simple: just take a close look at each process and ask yourself if there’s a better way to do things.

There is software that can help with this, but a good old-fashioned paper and pencil will work just fine. If you choose to go the software route, then it will cost you every month, and that cost will vary depending on the software.

3. Keep Communication Channels Open

Good communication is essential for successful HR management. Make sure employees know how to contact HR when they need to and that they feel comfortable doing so.

Encourage open communication by holding regular meetings or setting up an anonymous feedback system.

You can keep communication open by holding regular meetings or setting up an anonymous feedback system.

This way, people will feel like they can talk to you openly without fear of retribution. In this way, you will be better able to address any concerns that may arise.

Open communication between employees and HR will help to build trust. This is important because, without trust, employees may be less likely to follow HR policies and procedures.

4. Make Use of Technology

Online performance management systems give HR professionals the ability to track employee progress and performance over time. This data can be used to identify areas of improvement and give constructive feedback.

Additionally, online performance management systems make it easier to keep track of compliance-related information, such as training records.

Social media can also be leveraged to connect with potential candidates and post job openings.

By using hashtags and other search tools, HR professionals can target specific groups of people who may be a good fit for the open position.

Additionally, social media can be used to build relationships with potential candidates and create a pipeline for future hiring needs.

Ultimately, by making use of available technology, HR professionals can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes.

This means that they can spend more time on important tasks, such as recruitment and retention.

5. Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

A culture of continuous improvement is essential for staying ahead of the competition. In the human resources department, this means constantly reviewing and improving processes to make them more efficient.

One way to encourage a culture of continuous improvement is to set aside time for regular process reviews. During these reviews, HR staff should look for ways to streamline processes and eliminate steps that are no longer necessary.

Another way to encourage continuous improvement is to solicit suggestions from employees. By opening up the floor for suggestions, you may be surprised at the innovative solutions that your team comes up with.

Finally, offering rewards for successful process changes can help to motivate employees to continue finding ways to improve the department’s operations.

By Foster a culture of continuous improvement within the HR department, you will help to ensure that processes are constantly being reviewed and improved.

If you’re ready to improve your Hr process, you can get more information here.

Want to Learn More About HR Process Improvement?

The HR department is responsible for so many important processes in an organization. That means it’s essential that these processes are as efficient as possible.

There are some great ideas out there for HR process improvement. You can improve your team’s work by using these ideas.

Check out our blog for more articles like this one on how to improve HR processes, where we explore the different HR processes and procedures.

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Tips To Protect Your Truck’s Interior



Tips To Protect Your Truck’s Interior

Truck owners spend plenty of time and energy trying to keep the outside of their vehicles clean and free of damage. Of course, this makes sense. Your truck’s exterior is on display for everyone to see. It’s only natural that you’d want to present yourself in the best way possible. It’s not only the outside of your vehicle that you need to consider. You cannot only spend all of your time focusing on this part. Isn’t your truck’s interior supposed to be just as lovely to look at as the outside? It’s what we believe, at least. As a result, we’re writing today to discuss a few easy steps you can take to safeguard the inside of your vehicle so that you can get easy cash for cars or trucks when you sell your vehicle.

Four Tips For Preserving The Interior Of Your Truck

Maintaining the inside of your vehicle, whether you use it for work in heavy industries or errands, is critical. Your car’s interior is vulnerable to several hazards, including weather conditions like sunshine, rain, and snowfall. Whenever time you go in your vehicle, the inside gets a little closer to deterioration because of time. Keeping your truck’s interiors clean and safe is as simple as following these simple truck cleaning and maintenance tips.

1.   Protect the inside of your vehicle from the sun’s rays.

The sun’s heat and UV radiation are two of the most harmful components to the inside of your vehicle. The consequences of continuous exposure to direct sunlight mount up over time. It may lead to warping and cracking of plastic and vinyl components and fading and deterioration of textiles, and your vehicles will end up with the tag of Junk Cars. Using a windshield protector is an option. These foldable reflecting shields deflect the sun’s harmful rays. They shield your truck’s interior from the sun’s damaging rays and keep it from being overheated. Preventing your truck’s interior by purchasing and frequently utilizing a UV blocker is adequate. Unless you have or don’t want to worry about UV protection, you may still assist decrease sun-related damages by staying in the shadows as much as feasible.

2.   Avoid mud and water damage to your floors

The dirt and muck you come into contact with outdoors might be tracked inside your work vehicle and even into your own house. Good mats are needed to keep your truck’s floor clean and dry in all weather conditions. Salt that remains on your boots during the winter may cause them to become discoloured and stained. Even in the most severe off-road conditions, you may protect your flooring from damage by using all-weather mats, making keeping those floors clean much more straightforward.

  • Maintain a regular schedule for cleaning and polishing your vehicle’s interiors

Having a clean and well-kept inside not only makes you feel better but also helps safeguard the value of your vehicle. Tiny scratches caused by dust and debris might worsen over time. Keep the dashboard clean by wiping it down regularly. To prevent and decrease glare, use a lower gloss detailing compound. Keeping your truck’s carpet free of dirt and sharp debris is as simple as vacuuming it regularly. When it comes to ground, it possesses a surprising amount of abrasive strength.

4.   Ensure the durability of your seats    

Many elements might damage your car’s interior even if you drive alone. In addition to preserving the original material in your pickup truck cleaner, customized seat covers make it much easier to clean up messes caused by dirt and liquids. If you’re seeking to maintain your truck seat covers looking new throughout years of use and driving, regularly cleaning them is the most straightforward method.


You can find customized seat covers for trucks that are produced to meet the exact requirements of your automobile. It eliminates the risk of any air being trapped within the covering or the edges being strained. Seat liners that have been custom-made to suit your seats might potentially secure your comfort and the lifespan of your original upholstery. Regular interior cleaning can keep your truck free from pollutants and significantly increase your truck’s resale value.

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How to Choose the Best Fire Extinguisher For a Mining Site



How to Choose the Best Fire Extinguisher For a Mining Site

Fire outbreaks in mining sites are hazardous and come with life-threatening consequences. Hence, setting up a fire protection system is crucial and must be adequately done. 

To set up a fire protection system, you must contact professional fire extinguisher installation companies. A professional fire installation company will efficiently design, install, maintain, and provide technical support for your protection system.

Choose the Right Type of Fire Extinguisher

There are several types of fire extinguishers. Three types are the most common: Type A, B, and C. Type A, B, and C fire extinguishers are typical for domestic fire accidents and are usually smaller than those for industrial purposes. Avoid type A, B, and C fire extinguishers if you need a fire extinguisher for your mining site. The different types of fire extinguishers used in mining sites are:

Mining water fire extinguisher

Water fire extinguishers are the most common type suitable for minor fire accidents. They are best suited for fire outbreaks on paper, materials, and textiles. Want to have a fire extinguisher for little fires on the site? A water-based fire extinguisher will do.

Mining foam fire extinguisher 

Foam fire extinguishers, also known as AFF (Aqueous Film-forming Foam), are suitable for type A and B fires. However, foam fire extinguishers don’t work well on type F and C types of fire. Foam fire extinguishers work well, forming a film over the source of fire, shutting out oxygen from the source of the fire. We must mention that foam fire extinguishers are well suited for large areas and are good choices for mining sites. 

Mining powder fire extinguisher 

Powder fire extinguishers are commonly known as multi-purpose fire extinguishers. They are suitable for type A, B, and C fire types. Powder fire extinguishers work well on live electrical equipment. However, the powder fire extinguishers can tamper with how your electronics work if left without cleaning.

Mining Novec fire extinguisher 

Novec fire extinguishers use electrically non-conductive chemical materials to contain a fire accident. Novec fire extinguishers don’t cause damage to sensitive equipment, and they leave no residue after use. 

Mining Halogen fire extinguisher 

Halogen fire extinguishers are the old types of fire extinguishers and contain reversible soda acid. Also, they can have foam and Halong 1211, which is an effective ozone-depleting substance. 

Check the UL rating.

Every fire extinguisher has a UL rating(underwriter laboratory) that numerically states the effectiveness of various fire extinguishers. They also show the range of effectiveness of the fire extinguisher and how much water is present in the can. For instance, a fire extinguisher rating of 20:BC means it can extinguish 20 feet of electrical burns.

Consider the size

Fire extinguishers have varying sizes, and their sizes differ according to their types. Fire extinguishers used in the kitchen are smaller and easier to carry than in large warehouses. If you want a fire extinguisher for a mining site, consider one that is large enough to cover a large area at once. Although big-sized fire extinguishers are more effective than smaller sizes, this is not always the case. Yet, you must consider the size of fire extinguishers before getting one for a mining site.

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