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SMUGDOGE – Sending money to your friends and family on the cheap using Harmony ONE



SMUGDOGE - Sending money to your friends and family on the cheap using Harmony ONE

It’s 2021. Everyone’s more or less aware of the roaring success that digital currencies the likes of Dogebonk, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have had in terms of return on investment. While interesting from an investing point of view, the general public seems to be increasingly weary of these tokens, and wonders whether they have a real use case for them. And they’re right – few of these tokens are actually easy and cost effective in being able to send money from one person to another, without incurring high transaction fees.

SHIBA INU is a coin based on the ERC-20 standard, which means it uses the mainnet Ethereum blockchain and its correspondingly high gas fees (which are dynamic and can cost more than a hundred dollars, depending on the time of day), so it is not suitable for sending money to friends and family. Dogecoin, which runs its own blockchain, while being a cheaper and more widely accepted alternative, is highly inflationary by design, which is not good for the overall value of the coin, and therefore the coin itself, from an investment point of view, is not a store of value.

The global digital remittance market size is expected to reach USD 42.46 billion by 2028 and is anticipated to expand at a rate of 14% per year. This is a huge market with untapped potential, mostly dominated by industry giants such as Western Union, Ria Money, Flutterwave, Stella, which offer competitive rates, but are still subject to the same problems – they’re too slow and ultimately do not protect the money from inflation. Especially in times of distress and inflation, as have been the past 2 years, store of value is imperative.

Enter Harmony ONE. Harmony, a blockchain technology startup and platform that is not often mentioned in mainstream media and one that has a different value proposition than the likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. All transactions are cleared within 2 seconds of being initiated – this is an astounding number and is beneficial to the end user, as the user knows that their money can be sent to any compatible mobile or desktop wallet.

Harmony boasts an average of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) but can reach a maximum of 24,000 TPS. Ethereum allows for 15-20 TPS, Binance Smart Chain can handle an average of 55 to 60 TPS, Polkadot can process up to 1000 TPS, while THORChain can handle up to 10,000 TPS.

What makes this chain particularly interesting, however, is the presence of Smugdoge, a new but seemingly ordinary, run of the mill dog coin, without much separating it from the myriad of clones present in the cryptoverse.

So, what does actually make SMUGDOGE special, compared to the aforementioned dogcoins?

  • It’s the fastest coin of all – two second transaction finality means that there are virtually no waiting time.
  • There’s no registration needed. Anyone can download a web3 compatible wallet such as MetaMask or Harmony ONE wallet, if they’re using a laptop/desktop environment, or 1wallet if they’re on mobile.
  • It’s secure – all transactions on Harmony ONE are. As is the nature of the blockchain, verified and protected by a hashing algorithm that is unbreakable, even with the power of many supercomputers, it is resistant to attacks thanks to the many node validators on the Harmony ONE blockchain.
  • When you’re not using your money, it generates passive income for you! SMUG Rewards holders. Each time someone transacts (pooling, sending, selling, buying) with SMUG, you get a part of the 5% reflection, based on how much SMUG you are holding. This is crucial, as many people sending remittances online do not use up all their money in one swift go.
  • It’s the cheapest way to transact! Harmony ONE transactions cost a fraction of a cent. At the time of writing this article, 1 unit of ONE, the blockchain’s native token, costs about 30 cents. With 30 cents, you can perform more than a thousand transactions involving SMUGDOGE and any other token on the chain, such as DefiKingdoms or Viper. This is a big deal, as ERC-20 token transfers such as SHIBA INU can cost over 50 dollars to send!
  • It’s actually backed by something! The protocol itself has community-owned liquidity, which means that you will always be able to transact SMUG into ONE (Harmony blockchain’s native currency) and vice-versa! The smart contracts governing SMUGDOGE, which handle the reflectionary mechanisms, also make sure of an ever-increasing price floor of SMUG.  Here’s a great technical explanation on how it works behind the scenes.
  • It’s highly deflationary by design, something that Dogecoin is not. With 30% of the total supply burned at its inception, the circulating supply is reduced as more people transact on the network with it, which makes the price go up.
  • It can only get cheaper as more people start to use it, and can be used as a store of value By having community-owned liquidity that is crowd-sourced from its users, the value of SMUG goes up, which makes the holders of SMUG that of it as an investment.
  • Harmony ONE is accepted on major crypto exchanges such as Binance, and can even be exchanged locally in many exchanges across the world!
  • This is especially lucrative for those looking to get into a new dog coin for speculative purposes (even though it is a great tool for sending money abroad!), as it barely has a million dollar market cap!

Where to buy SMUG?

At the time of writing this article, SMUG is not available on any mainstream centralized exchange. However, SMUG can be purchased on the DefiKingdoms website. In order to buy Mithril on Pancake Swap, buyers will need an existing crypto wallet like Metamask. It should be noted that investors will need to deposit Harmony (ONE) into their wallets before they can trade SMUG on the Pancake Swap platform. By accessing the DefiKingdoms DEX, which hosts SMUG, they can trade SMUG and follow its price.

In case of any doubts, the Telegram community is extremely active and has helpful support bots, which will help even the least experienced of investors.



6 Must-Follow Tips To Choose The Best Kratom Vendors



6 Must-Follow Tips To Choose The Best Kratom Vendors

Are you excited to try the wonder product Kratom for the first time? Or are you an experienced user and lover of Mitrayna Speciosa who is searching for a trustworthy vendor? These tips will help you in your search.

1: Choose a vendor with AKA certificate

American Kratom Association (AKA) is an agency that is dedicated to advocating Mitragyna use. It dismisses any disinformation campaign by the government or private organizations and promotes its real efficacy among the populace. Hence, AKA is very much adept at identifying the right vendors and their products. It issues certificates of authenticity to the right vendors and makes it easy for you to identify them. Make sure to choose a vendor with AKA certification, and you will not go wrong with your choice. The AKA takes all the related selling information about the vendor. The most important information they would take also includes the delivery options and distributors the vendors use.

2: Inquire about the Procurement and Testing Methods

Basically, Kratom is a naturally occurring herb used for medical purposes in several Asian cultures for centuries. That’s why you must inquire with the vendor about their sources of the ingredients and their testing methods. This inquiry will ensure how safe it is to take their products.

Some vendors work very well in this department, and they know where the herbal product is coming from. Some of these kratom vendors are so involved in the procurement procedure that they make sure the process is as organic as possible. This dedication of vendors also helps them with the processing. For example, they would make sure that: 

● There are no heavy metals in the substance or any additives, as these elements could change the properties of the substance. In addition, they make sure there are no heavy metals as these metals can cause a distorted result of this product. So, keeping kratom safe from these metals is important.

● The complete processing has no extra chemicals involved. When a company has this quality, they have natural mitragyna products.

● People who provide them with this product have the expertise of what they are doing. These people do it the right way with the organic process of harvesting and nurturing the plant. The use of organic methods would include the least use of fertilizers and pesticides.

● They know if the product is from the countries with the best environment for its harvesting, as some countries have soil and climate factors that help produce Kratom better than others.

3: Read Customer Reviews

Make sure to go through the customer reviews regarding vendors before buying Kratom from them. While some vendors generate fake reviews to attract clients, several platforms offer only genuine user reviews that do not allow the user to be misguided. Search for those platforms and study the reviews with rapt attention.  

To ensure that the reviews are not fake, you must read the wordings and check different platforms for the same company and product.

 The users with experience using your target product will be excellent guides to solidify or discard your choice.

4: Choose vendors with a money-back guarantee:

Vendors that are completely confident in the authenticity of their products often offer a full refund policy for unsatisfied customers because they know no customer will remain unhappy.

Some of the best vendors with money-back guarantees are top overall, like Golden monk and Kats botanicals.

That’s why you should choose a vendor that offers a money-back guarantee for your purchased Mitragyna speciosa products if you find them unsatisfying.

5: Choose vendors that offer free shipping:

Mitragyna products are affordable for many people. However, if you have no local vendor, the shipping charges may make you think twice before purchasing your desired products. That’s why you should check out your chosen vendor that offers free shipping to your address before making your purchase. So, if you wish to save some money to buy some extra pieces of this miraculous herbal product, there is always an option of getting the best solution. 

6: Top vendors to consider:

Some vendors are famous for their authenticity, like:

● Golden Monk–It is one of the topmost vendors for Kratom in the market. They have their authenticity and high-quality products with high priority shipping and cheaper bulk purchases.

● Coastline Kratom–This company offers you to grow Kratom at your own home if you are not satisfied with any market products or vendors. Buy the high-quality strain of your choice with a money-back guarantee and free US shipping.

● Mitragyna–This is one of the oldest vendors of authentic mitragyna products in the market. From capsules to tea extracts, it offers a wide range of options.

Supernatural Botanical – They are one of the top vendors with free shipment and 30 days full refund guarantee. Another thing that some others may not have is lab-tested products with more than 2000 reviews that show how reliable they are for buyers.

Shop Ketum Superior is another reliable store that offers the best quality products and has premium level kratom from the best farms. In addition, they have the reputation of providing an all-natural product variety with no filter chemicals. Another thing they have is that they test every product independently.


Even now, after years of introduction, mitragyna remains relatively unknown to a significant part of the population in the US.

Since there is a lack of regulation, this makes it harder to make a decision. However, as long as you follow the tips given above, your vendor choice will help you provide the best Kratom products for purchase.

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Boost your Business/Brand with the Best social media marketing services by Social Bros Official



Boost your Business/Brand with the Best social media marketing services by Social Bros Official

For the last two decades, social media has become the most powerful and famous tool for reaching out or exploring anything or anyone remotely. A similar thing has happened when it comes to smart platforms for the marketing of business structures and firms. Social media has been proven to be no joke lately. Undeniably, Virtual presence has become even more important for every business as well as for a common man in this digital era. Since it is all about the contribution of social media to the global boost of business, we see that social media strategies boost user engagement across the channels that engage customers and clients, social interaction between business & clients is now a forever growing trend that also increases the sales and improves the brand loyalty. You also must be wondering if you can reach out to any of such channels that can contribute to the growth of your business. Luckily, there is.

Social bros official:

We are talking about the channel that is already the talk of the town. Social bros Official is a Telegram Social media channel that provides Social media services for actually boosting and promoting your brand across the trending social platforms. You can grow your brand’s awareness, customers engagement, and net traffic on it.

Spread brand awareness on top social media platforms:

Widespread and increasing use of the internet has made it common to post about brands on top websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other such trending channels. All of these tools have become undoubtedly the biggest resource of marketing with all the active users. So why can’t you benefit from it? Yes, you can.

Benefit from our top exclusive services:

While keeping in view, the exponentially growing need for digital marketing in today’s age, we have enlisted the most active options of social media marketing for our customers. These exclusive services include:

  • Social media optimization services
  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Subscribers
  • Custom comments
  • Active Group members

Customize or buy your favorite product:

You can avail the best opportunity by visiting our exclusive store online where you can have us customize any product for you. Not just that, you can also buy from the products we have in our store. Also fearlessly send us any questions or confusions.

Hire an experienced and professional team:

Social Bros consists of highly experienced and dedicated team members with more than 7 years of exclusive experience in the service of social media markets.  We are available 24/7 for your highly cared-for services.

Enjoy our best personal support:

Any kind of business can avail our services without worrying much. We have the trust of our uncountable customers worldwide who have contributed to where we are today. You can be one of them. We support in GERMAN, and ENGLISH language. So,  connect to us today by joining our Telegram channel and let us boost your business or brand across the top social media platforms and double your earnings right away.

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How to Create Custom Corporate ID Cards for Your Business



How to Create Custom Corporate ID Cards for Your Business

When you need to issue your staff photo ID cards, there are many ways to do so. There are online ID card makers like Corp Connect, which offer a large variety of templates for all types of industries, including education, transportation, computer, news and media, and agriculture. There are also different types of backing and several other options. Plus, you can get them fast! In fact, you can get them on the same day!

If your employees must carry their identity badges throughout the office, you may want to use custom-printed plastic ones. These can be scanned, swiped, and tapped, so they are easy to use. If you have different departments, you can design badges with different colored backgrounds and indicate their authority. Your employees will be more accountable when they wear their ID badges. A company can also choose to print updated pictures of employees, which will ensure that every employee is recognizable and accountable.

Creating custom corporate ID cards is a great way to keep your staff connected and motivated. It’s also a great way to advertise your brand because your employees will always display their badges. And because they’re visible, customers will be able to verify each employee’s identity and will feel more comfortable doing business with them. These plastic cards can help you solve the problem of employee turnover, as well as help your company look professional.

The identification card technology is constantly evolving, but the main goal is to increase security in the workplace. The real ID act of 2005 requires special ID cards for those who visit federal facilities or travel on commercial aircraft. The next step in ID technology is to make these documents available via mobile applications. Pilot programs are already underway. The goal is to make the process as efficient and convenient as possible. Until then, ID card technology must remain innovating and advancing.

There are many benefits to ID cards, including personal identification, validity, and benefits security. However, identity theft is a serious problem with paper currency. The design of ID cards should resist both accidental and intentional misuse. Machine-readable codes and personal identifiers are just some of the technologies being used to increase the security of ID cards. While most ID cards are now secure, the most important part of ID card technology is its ability to prevent identity theft.

One example of ID card technology is the use of biometrics. A single-sided ID card can be used for online and offline personal identification. An RFID antenna embedded in the card can read and write information and photos. As a result, ID card technology is rapidly advancing. It will soon be ubiquitous. With biometrics, ID cards are a must-have for businesses, governments, and citizens. The next step is to ensure that the technology is secure and reliable for the future.

Regardless of whether you use a thermal printer or a conventional inkjet printer, custom corporate ID cards can help you manage your company’s costs. You can also find blank ID cards that have chip technology. This technology will make it easier for you to get your employees to scan the badge and enter their information. These customizable IDs can save your company money on paper, ink, and printing. If you are worried about how much you will spend, you should consider purchasing these plastic badges, as they are an excellent way to reduce turnover.

Custom Corporate ID cards can be designed to fit the needs of your company. You can create them for all your employees, or just for yourself. The possibilities are endless! For example, you can include the employee’s photo and the organization’s logo. A custom card can be a great way to make sure that each employee is properly identified. For security reasons, custom corporate ID cards should be designed with holograms.

Photo identification cards are another way to identify your employees. These cards are more common in the workplace than ever before. A photo identification card is a perfect way to make sure you’re always recognized. In today’s security-conscious economy, an organization’s ability to identify its people is critical. This means that all employees and visitors must have a photo ID, which is a great way to protect the company’s data. In addition, Photo Identification cards are an excellent investment in security.

Photo identification cards are an excellent way to identify your employees and visitors. These are the best way to keep track of your employees’ identification information. They can also provide additional security features, such as proximity door access capabilities. By having all of this information on one card, your employees will not be able to cheat. A holographic ID card can help protect sensitive company data. So, get yours today! Your customers will thank you!

Custom photo IDs can help your business in many ways. First, they add a certain level of security to your workplace. A business should consider the security of its employees, and ID cards can help them do that. They are a necessary part of security for any business. If someone doesn’t look like they belong in the building, they can easily sneak into it. So, make sure your staff has their own ID badge to keep them safe.

Apart from providing security, photo IDs can also make your business look more professional. They are the ideal choice for medical facilities, schools, and any other places where security is a top priority. They can also make the transition from one employee to another easier. If your business has employees, it will be easy to identify them, and your customers will love it. And photo IDs are a must-have for any type of business.

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