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Easily moderate your event chat using this smartly-design chat platform



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Have you struggled to establish a strong connection with your website visitors or event attendees when they are physically distant from you? Have you noticed that they seem distracted or disengaged? Are you missing out on important verbal and nonverbal cues that would help them fully understand and participate in your events?

If so, you might benefit from using RumbleTalk Chat, a group chat plugin designed

 specifically for online events and websites.

This high-quality live chat plugin has been carefully designed to enhance the interactivity and enjoyment of your online communications. When you fully utilize the live chat feature on your platform, you will likely find that remote audience are not as challenging as you thought. In fact, you may even come to appreciate the benefits of virtual communication.

RumbleTalk Chat as a chat platform for websites and events

RumbleTalk’s primary goal is to provide businesses with a sophisticated and visually appealing group chat platform that helps them improve communication, increase engagement, and build lasting relationships with clients from around the globe.

They offer 5 Chat Types you can choose from:

  1. Social Chat – An open group chat where everyone can join the conversation.
  2. Moderated Chat – An open group chat with an administrator that can screen message before it goes live, mute or ban users, host Q&A sessions, and more.
  3. Private Chats – A one-on-one chat with a fellow user, or chat host.
  4. Experts Chat – A one-on-one chat where only the administrator can initiate a chat with the users.
  5. Member’s Chat – A closed group chat exclusively for members only (with login SDK option).

Out of the thousands of chat rooms that have been created, these are the 5 most popular chat features that can instantly transform dull conversations into dynamic ones:


Admins can approve or reject questions during your Q&A Session

Asking questions and encouraging responses is a great way to involve people in the conversation, particularly in virtual events or hybrid meetings. By soliciting their thoughts, questions, and feedback, you can keep them engaged and interested in your presentation. It’s important to make sure that your audience feels like they are an active part of the conversation if you want to maintain their attention and participation.

Collecting real-time feedback through polls

Polls are a simple and effective way to interact with your audience in real-time. They can be used to host interactive online events, classes, or conferences, and provide you with valuable live feedback from your audience.

To make polls even more engaging, you can customize their design to match the theme of your event. For example, if you are hosting a cooking show and want to ask your audience to rate something from 1 to 5, you could use chef’s hats as the rating icons

instead of stars.

To get the most out of this feature, consider posting polls every 15 minutes or so to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Send and download multimedia files within the chat

RumbleTalk’s multimedia sharing feature allows you to share any type of file with your group chat, making it easier to collaborate and stay organized during online events. With this feature, you and your users can send and download files such as documents,

images, videos, voice recordings, links, and more.

This helps you increase productivity and keep your audience on the same page at all times.

Whether you need to share a word file, PDF, image, video, voice recording, or link, RumbleTalk has you covered.

Create multiple chat rooms

Instead of spending money on a physical booth at a convention, consider investing in an online presence.

By using RumbleTalk, you can set up multiple chat rooms for a single event, which can serve as your online exhibitor’s booth or as breakout rooms during a meeting. All you need is an internet connection, saving you the costly commitment of setting up a physical booth.

This chat platform offers a convenient and cost-effective way for companies to reach their audience and showcase their products or services.

One-on-one audio and video calls

Level up your conversations and make it more personal by doing one-on-one audio or video calls. This is perfect for online tutoring, professional consultations, or private interviews.

Have total control with the Moderated Chat

One of the standout features of RumbleTalk is the Moderated Chat, which allows you to

easily moderate your group chat by assigning an administrator. This person can manage the chat room and perform various tasks, including:

  1. Screening inbound messages before it goes live
    1. Mute the users
    1. Limit or block problematic users
    1. Export transcripts
    1. Filter profanity
    1. Create clickable keywords (InText Keywords)
    1. Slow down the chat

A powerful chat platform with powerful moderation tools

RumbleTalk has facilitated over 755,000 online conversations to date, thanks to its ability to work on multiple platforms at the same time and its fully customizable (CSS) design. This makes it a highly effective choice for a wide range of remote communication needs, including online conventions, classroom settings, job fairs, private consultations, and more.

People turn to RumbleTalk to communicate more quickly and efficiently, regardless of the specific context.

If you want to get started for free, check out their website at or send them an email at [email protected].


Am I Polish? How can I check this?



Am I Polish? How can I check this?

Would you like to know whether you have Polish roots? There are a few simple ways to check your origin and what’s important, you do not have to do it on your behalf. If you are interested in getting to know more about your family history, and based on the outcome, get Polish citizenship, you should stay with us for a moment. Today, you will find out how to prove Polish ancestry!

How to trace Polish roots?

We have encountered several situations in which an individual was not really sure about his origin. It often results from the fact of his relatives’ specific immigration history or any other reason that could contribute to the loss of citizenship. We are here to help you though!

As you are here, you probably wonder if your ancestors were Polish, don’t you? At this point, we need to say that it is crucial to confirm your roots before you decide to take any step, such as the confirmation of Polish citizenship by descent.

How can you check if you are Polish? Firstly, you should visit your family house. That’s a great starting point! Do you know why? There is a huge possibility you will find any evidence of your eligibility for citizenship in Poland (e.g. old vital records or family tree). In addition to that, it is also crucial to talk to your relatives. We are pretty sure your grandparents will let you know more about some suspicious facts and, as a result, bring you closer to becoming a part of the Polish nation.

What to do if you could not find any evidence of your origin? Do not be stressed about it! We can distinguish one more way of checking Polish roots.

Eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent

Any individual who has at least one Polish ancestor can become a citizen of Poland but, as we mentioned above, it needs to be checked first. At this point, we also need to say that the 20th of January 1920 is a crucial date when it comes to research on Polish roots. So, if you know that any of your relatives was born in Poland or its former territories and resided there after the indicated date, you probably are Polish. What’s important, you need to prove that the Polish citizenship your ancestors held was not lost on the way. If it was not, there is a big chance they passed citizenship to you by the right of blood.

Where to look for help? Here you can find more about Polish citizenship by descent. The Experts will assess your case individually and based on the information you share, take more steps to finally let you know whether you have eligibility for citizenship. They will not only ask you questions about your family history or the documentation (e.g. old vital records) you might have but also conduct research across the archives in Poland and not only.

We completely understand the process we mentioned may seem complicated but that is also a great way to get to know your origin and obtain citizenship through ancestry.

How to get citizenship by descent?

Once you prove you are Polish, there is nothing more to do but lodge a motion at the Voioveship Office. The application must contain documentation confirming your ancestry. Based on that, the Voivode gives a positive decision. The Polish Citizenship Confirmation and Polish vital records will also be issued soon.

If you are still looking for a sign to finally learn more about your origin, here it is. Believe us, many more foreigners are not sure whether their ancestors were Polish and decide to give up on the research. That’s not good! You should take the Polish Citizenship Test and do what you can to become a fully-fledged citizen of Poland.

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