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Six Things You Need to Prepare When You Start Vlogging



Six Things You Need to Prepare When You Start Vlogging

Vlogging is very popular nowadays. It has grown in popularity because it is easy to do and you have the opportunity to express your creativity in video form. Likewise, you have probably thought about creating your own vlog. However, you need to be aware that vlogging is not as simple as it looks. The fact is that making an enjoyable and successful vlog requires a lot of preparation that no one can ignore. We have prepared this article, especially for people who are new to this activity, so they will understand what needs to be done in order to get started with their dreams.

Start Creating Your Vlogs

If you are thinking of launching your own vlog, then here are things that you must prepare:

1. Storyboard or Content Theme

The storyboard is basically a plan for your video. It includes the main parts of the video, as well as the camera shots and lighting. You can start by brainstorming ideas and writing them down on paper so you would not forget them. You can create it by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. This process will help you think of what images and videos will go in your video, how they should be spaced out, and how they should be framed so that it looks nice.

2. Editing Software

You will need editing software that can handle the video’s resolution and file size. Once you have selected the right software, make sure you download it before starting your vlog. If you don’t have good editing software, then you might want to consider buying one because it will help make your videos look professional. You should look into programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, which are great for editing video content.

3. Lighting

It’s important that you have good lighting in your room so that your videos look their best! You should also consider purchasing lighting equipment so that it can help create a better environment for your videos. You can find various types of lighting options online or in stores where they sell various types of lights like ring lights, flashlights, etc;

4. Extra Props

If you want people to be able to relate more easily with your videos, then it’s important that they are able to see things around them as they are filmed—this includes props like signs or furniture from their own home or office space (which can also be used during interviews with guests).

5. Smartphone with a Great Camera

If you don’t have a smartphone with good camera quality yet, then consider getting one before starting your vlogging business so that you can record footage for future videos without spending too much money on buying a new phone every year or two! We recommended, HONOR Magic 5 as it equips awesome cameras with large storage at the same time. It will also help since it has a wide-angle lens so that you can capture more of the scenery in your videos and also zoom in on small details that might be difficult to see.

6. Tripod A tripod is essential for any kind of video production because it helps stabilize the camera so that it doesn’t shake or move when filming. You could also use an alternative method like holding onto something stable with both hands while filming—but using a tripod is still recommended because it gives you more control over movements such as panning left/right or up/down while filming at different angles without having to worry about shaking effect.

Conclusion We hope this post inspired you to start your own vlog. It’s a wonderful activity that can help you connect better with the world and also allow you to experiment with various new skills (graphics, video editing, voice recording, and more). In the end, remember that vlogging is a fun experience, so enjoy yourself during the creation process. The result will be more enjoyable for you and all of your viewers. Good luck with your vlog!