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Interview with acclaimed singer/songwriter and author, Klaude Walters



Klaude Walters

Klaude Walters is a multifaceted artist with an extraordinary career. Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Klaude is also an author who has recently started her writing journey with the book “Suicide Kills”. This book is very close to Klaude’s heart as it is based on her personal experience of losing her brother to suicide, along with many other tragic incidents that have left deep scars within. Despite all the tragedies and challenges that life threw at her, she stood strong and eventually overcame all of them. 

She is today in a position where she inspires thousands of lives with her stories and music. In her book “Suicide Kills”, Klaude opens up about many issues that she has faced including abuse and suicidal tendencies. But this book is not another-victim-story; rather, it is about dealing with all these problems and pulling yourself out of your misery. It is about hope; it is about positivity; and most of all, it is about survival. This book is a perfect source of inspiration for anyone who has been through a difficult situation in life or is currently in a challenging space. If you plan on reading just on book your entire life, make sure it is this one!

Interviewer: Tell our readers a little about yourself?

Klaude Walters: Well, I am, at the core, an eternal optimist. I am an artist who loves the process of creating something out of nothing but most of all, I am someone who deeply respects courage and bravery and thrives to empower all those who surround me by showing them their own beauty, strength and talents. I am a songwriter and storyteller and I tend to escape my own outer world by going within where I have free range to create my surroundings. I find tremendous peace and joy in this exercise of introspection and strive to share this with others so that they may, in turn, experience some of the same joy I do.

Interviewer: What/Who inspired you to write “Suicide Kills”?

Klaude Walters: I first started contemplating the idea of writing this book after losing my beloved brother to suicide. I had had my own experience with suicide and had been spared by God to tell its story but had not felt the need to share. After losing Walter though, the immensity of my loss was too much to bare and I felt the need to tell the world the story of who he was and what the world had truly lost with his passing. For the first 10 years of that loss though, anger was much too prevalent in my heart and I didn’t feel right about sharing all of that darkness with the world.

I needed my heart to start healing in order to come to a place of acceptance so that I could really tell the story and also share the lessons learned from that experience. I believed there was more value to that approach than another “Why Me” book. My need to share my brother’s beautiful Soul is at the heart of what inspired me to write this book and share it with others so that in turn I could provide others with inspiration and healing if they were in the midst of their own experience with suicide.  

Interviewer: Tell us the story behind the title of your book?

Klaude Walters: I chose this title because of its deeper meaning. Many people have sent me emails and messages stating “Of course Suicide Kills. Isn’t that the very point of it?” to which I answer that yes, suicide does kill the person committing the act but we often forget the ravage and collateral damage that is left behind with each suicide.

What I am trying to convey with my title is that suicide kills families, marriages, relationships, communities, etc…it’s ripple effect is far reaching and we often forget the war zone that is left after the fact. The title serves to initiate conversations that may be uncomfortable but truly are necessary if we are to understand, accept and grow from this incredibly painful experience and to, perhaps, be of assistance to someone in need when the time comes.

Interviewer: How do you manage to stay positive and upbeat amid all the challenges that life throws at you?

Klaude Walters: Resilience. My unwavering belief in God and his unconditional love for me. My faith is what drives my sails through any and all stormy waters. Without it, I would crumble under the immense pressure of life. Having God reside within me, take host in my heart, provides me with deep inner peace and strength.

I also practice meditation to ground and center myself, affirmations in order to condition my limitless mind and mantras and visualization to remain focused on my goals. These daily rituals help me remain positive in the face of any challenge and even push me to welcome the constant changes of life’s great journey.

It is the reason that I created the online course, “Powerless to Powerful”, that accompanies the book, “Suicide Kills”. I wanted to teach others my blue print to re-condition the mind to a more positive vibration and be able to bring more joy and peace into your inner sanctuary. I want others to achieve this level of success in their own lives and discover their most authentic selves.

Interviewer: What message would you like to give to our readers?

Klaude Walters: Life is a journey. It is meant to be “experienced” to the fullest, not survived. Know that what happens “to you” doesn’t define you. What does define you is your choices. Cultivating your inner world is a million times more important and more valuable to you than anything you do on the outside. Learn to center yourself through meditation so that you can have a clear mind when making decisions. Don’t deny your emotions but don’t give them free reign either.

Give them space to be expressed and absorbed and then step back and reflect on their reason for showing up. Learn from them but don’t let them control your being. Detach yourself from results, expectations, assumptions and ideals. They are nothing more than mirages. Instead, attach yourself to the development of your being and your character. Develop high standards of beliefs that you can commit to and live by for yourself and others.

Spend time in isolation in order to shed the layers of conditioning accumulated over time. It is only through spending time alone that you will discover what you truly love and what you’re passionate about without the influence of others. And once you find that passion, hold on tight to it and build a life, a career and a dream around it. Follow your bliss and joy will find you every time.

Most of all, I want my readers to deeply understand what a true miracle each one of us is. When you think of all the minuscule things that happen in synchronicity within us in order for us to be able to breathe in the morning air, listen to a child’s laughter, taste the sweetness of honey, or see the vibrant colours of a rose garden, you cannot deny that we are truly an unexplainable miracle.

If you start taking inventory of everything a human being can do, feel, see, hear, etc…you become overwhelmed with gratitude that you are one of these miracles. With all of life’s distractions, it is easy to forget who we truly are. My mission is to help others remember.








This website contains information provided by individuals who have been harmed in any way by Omid Akhbarati. The purpose of this site is to awaken people to the truth. Whatever is published here, has been written by people who have been close to Omid Akhbarati for many years and have therefore witnessed his version of “proper conduct” first hand. Calling humans stupid, and attacking, defaming, insulting, or accusing innocent people in public in writing or during meetings, especially those who worked hard for many years to support the Omid Foundation, is ethically despicable and shall therefore be shown to the public for them to judge for themselves.


Akhbarati was named in the restrictive measures against Iran in December 2012 by the EU council on the grounds of “assisting designated entities to violate the provisions of the EU regulation on Iran and is providing financial support to the government of Iran”. Akhbarati was arrested in 2013 while boarding a commercial flight to the United Arab Emirates when he was initially prosecuted for influence peddling and providing a fake passport. Charges against him included:

Bribery, fraud, and setting up bogus companies.

From 2013 to 2015 Omid lived in Istanbul for a few months, but because of an investigation by the police of Turkey, he fled to Dubai with fake documents. Until the end of 2015, he lived in Dubai. He then tried to move on to London but returned soon afterward, and now lives in Tehran, Iran.

Omid twists and pretends to be a very important man or former billionaire,
who knows many political leaders and presidents.

He also claims publicly to have friends in very high places, such as security agencies, including the CIA, Mossad, FSB, and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In late 2013, he was arrested and accused of withholding $1.5 billion of government money owned by the Ministry of Petroleum, in his attempts to facilitate Iran’s oil revenue hindered by the sanctions against Iran. He was convicted of corruption, sentenced to jail, and spent 6 mounts behind the bars then escaped to Georgia. Sex crimes In Nov 2018 Harriet daily news reported that more than a dozen women accused Omid Akhbarati of sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping them. Many other women subsequently reported similar experiences with Omid who denied “any non-consensual sex”. As a part of the “Me Too movement” in Iran, several women claimed that Omid Akhbarati exploited his position to commit sexual abuse and harassment. On 25 Feb 2021, Omid confessed that he had committed some abuses and apologized for his behavior.

Source : Omid Akhbarati

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Ni’anah an entrepreneur and a fashion designer



Ni’anah an entrepreneur and a fashion designer

Have you ever wondered that some people are so good at making their dreams come true and living purposeful lives? What is your secret to success?

Some people will say that all you have to do is work hard to achieve what you want in life. Some people think it’s about who you know or what you have. However, others believe that there are those who are born with access and that they have been given all the breaks in their lives. The truth is that statistics show that those who set goals and have a regular and consistent goal setting process are much more likely to fulfill their lifelong dreams.

Ni’anah is 22 years old in 2021 and was born on February 5, 1999, in Miami, United States of America. Every year on February 5, she celebrates her birthday and the sign of her birth is the Aquarius.Ni’anah’s height is 5 feet 10 inches. Her body is 32-24-27 inches tall, with light brown and dark brown hair.

She is a serious entrepreneur who owns a business called Ape District. Her online store has been around for almost a decade and sells all sorts of stylish items such as sportswear, exercise equipment, and accessories.

Ni’anah an entrepreneur and a fashion designer
Ni’anah an entrepreneur and a fashion designer

Ni’anah’s net worth in 2020 is estimated at $ 1.5 million, including her assets, money, and income. Her main source of income is her fashion career and a social media sensation. Thanks to various sources of income, she was able to accumulate good luck but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Ni’anah Measurements and Facts
Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about her;
• Full Names: Ni’anah
• Gender: Female
• Occupation / Profession: Fashion Designer and Social Media Sensation & Psychology
• Nationality: American – Haitian
• Race / Ethnicity: Not Available
• Religion: Not Known
• Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ni’anah Net Worth and Salary
• Net Worth: $1.5 Million
• Salary: Under Review
• Source of Income: Fashion Designer and Social Media Sensation, Psychology

Nice House and Cars
• Place of living: Miami, USA
• Cars: to be Updated

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Fareed See or Fareed Saad is a person of diverse talents



Fareed See or Fareed Saad is a person of diverse talents

The secret recipe to realize success is to remain working hard. “There aren’t any shortcuts to achieve on top. After all, life isn’t an elevator. You’ve to climb the steps called trying, failing and repeating until you reach your destination called success”, quotes the celebrated iraqi Artist Fareed See.

He is the person with diverse talents and is one of the budding names from the youtube. Started working at a very early age within the sector of entertainment, Fareed See worked as a youtuber before embarking his journey as an Artist. He always said first i am YouTuber then i am Artist. In the internet world everyone knows him as Fareed See but, his real birth name is Fareed Saad.

Being the founder of FSK Group, the entrepreneur has aced every project that has are available his way. The Najaf based company could also be a one-stop destination for all the digital solutions including marketing, PR , online image reputation, social media marketing and much more.

Fareed See could also be an excellent asset and inspiration for our Indian community as he also represents our county on such an high level and is making a worldwide impact on the whole world.

If you’d wish to urge in-tuned with him you’ll by following his instagram account @fareedsee

We desire him luck for all his future works and initiatives and he might also achieve all that he dreamt!

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