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Should I Hire a Lawyer to Handle My Divorce?



Should I Hire a Lawyer to Handle My Divorce?

Did you know that uncontested divorces can take up to a year to get finalized in the United States?

If you’re dealing with a divorce and things are starting to get messy and emotional, you may want to hire a lawyer.

Several factors could influence your need to hire an attorney and get what you deserve.

Keep reading to discover common reasons to hire a lawyer during a divorce so you have the support you need!

Emotions Are High

One of the most common reasons people hire a lawyer during a divorce is because of intense emotions.

Whether you’re dealing with anger, loneliness, or relief, your emotions will reflect in court. The best way to prove your case and get compensation or relief from heartbreak is to manage your feelings. If you can’t speak without saying something rash, a lawyer can act as a mediator and help resolve issues.

If you and your soon-to-be ex have a history of fighting and unproductive conversations, lawyers can intervene. Be patient and forgiving with yourself as you grieve your marriage and future with someone you loved. If you need help keeping emotions under control, a therapist or divorce counselor can help.

Children Are Involved

If you and your partner had children together, things can quickly get messy when it comes to custody.

Depending on the cause of your divorce, you may have to fight for your right to see your children. Divorce lawyers have experience with legal issues involving children and will do their best to support them.

Divorce is often more difficult when children are involved, especially in their childhood. Children may struggle with being separated from a parent, but the courts and lawyers will do what’s best for them.

A good lawyer can help build a case to prove the child is best under your care. If you’ve mutually decided to split the time with children, a lawyer can prevent issues with the arrangements.

Fighting Over the Family Pet

It’s uncommon for people to share custody over pets, which is why you want to get a lawyer from the start.

If you and your partner can’t decide who will take the dog or cat, a lawyer can help you fight your case. Pets often go to the person who lives somewhere with a yard and the ability to accept animals. Most states view pets as marital property, so you will have the final agreements listed in the divorce papers.

The court will make a decision based on your income, home ownership, and time to take care of pets. Try to be realistic and ensure that you want the pet if you start fighting for it.

Money Issues Are Present

There’s nothing worse than getting married, having your partner accrue debt, and then leaving.

If you don’t want to be responsible for their reckless spending, a lawyer can plead your case to the judge. Receipts, written conversations, and financial info can help decide who should pay the bills or if they’ll be split evenly.

Some couples have messy divorces because one person makes a lot of money while the other makes little to nothing. Many courts will have the person pay alimony payments or increase child support. Having a professional look over the details before finalizing the divorce will help you get the money you deserve.

History of Physical or Mental Abuse

When there’s a history of physical and/or mental abuse, it’s often recommended that lawyers handle the divorce process.

Limiting communication is critical if you don’t feel safe around your significant other. You can hire a lawyer to act on your behalf and handle the conversations. Having this buffer can help you heal during a time of hurt and shock.

Reporting abuse and consulting with your lawyer will impact the results of your divorce arrangements. People that have been subject to abuse often recieve medical and financial compensation.

Your Partner Left

If your partner abandoned the household and left to be alone or with another person, a lawyer can help you get compensation.

Typically, when this happens and couples sell their homes, the person that stayed gets more money. Finding the best lawyer can ensure you don’t get the short end of the stick. A lawyer can also look into abandonment laws in your state that will reflect on the final arrangements.

If you’re filing for uncontested divorce and your partner is leaving but doesn’t want anything, things get simplified.

False Accusations Have Been Made

When anger and sadness build up, some people tend to go after the other person in court with false accusations.

If your spouse is placing the blame on you and not taking accountability for their actions, you’ll want someone that understands the law. Legal help from the best lawyer can help you prove your innocence.

Your lawyer will need to know as much info as possible to prepare for court sessions. If you have texts or photos that could get brought up in court, don’t forget to mention them to build a defense.

Is It Time to Hire a Lawyer?

When it comes to getting a divorce, you won’t regret the decision to hire a lawyer.

No matter how well you think you get along, divorce can get emotional and tense when arrangements can’t get agreed upon. A lawyer can prevent you from losing your home, kids, or family pet. Don’t wait to get help since your divorce agreement will become your future.

Save as much evidence as possible to prove your case and display why you deserve compensation. Make sure you check out our page for more info about legal issues and navigating the divorce process!


Sexual Harassment At Workplace —How Can You Heal As A Victim?



Sexual Harassment At Workplace —How Can You Heal As A Victim?

Moving on can be extremely difficult after getting sexually assaulted at your workplace. Situations like these can make you feel helpless and stuck. But you should be able to come to terms with your situation, move past it, and heal with a little effort, work, and some outside counseling. This article will discuss some steps you can take to recover from your trauma.

A victim of sexual harassment may feel shame, guilt, and self-blame in addition to depression and anxiety. There are multiple things you can do to move on from sexual harassment at work if it has happened to you. However, it will take some effort and time. Visit Jeffrey Goldberg Law if you want to connect with a lawyer.

Steps you can take to heal from trauma

  • Accept what happened.

Accepting what happened is allowing yourself to validate your experience. You should not downplay what happened or make excuses for the culprit. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions about the situation is also crucial. Please do not hold the hurt and anger you feel inside, and find ways to let them out healthily. Some activities you can try to release stress include yoga, prayer, meditation, and other stress-releasing practices.

  • Talk to someone about the harassment.

Talking with someone you consider safe can significantly help the situation. Having your feelings and perspective about the situation validated and respected can make a great difference. Steer clear of anyone who you think will invalidate your feelings and shut you down by passing remarks like “you are overreacting or being overly emotional.” Always remember your feelings are valid. If you do not have a safe person to go to, consider looking for support groups locally or online.

  • Journal about your experience.

Journaling about your experience is an excellent gateway to exploring your emotions about your situation. Describe the exact emotions you felt or are feeling due to the sexual harassment and describe how it affected you. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in your feelings and jot them down little by little.

Another helpful tip is to direct a letter to your abuser. Write the things you wish you could have said to that person but could not. Getting all that negative gunk out of your system can help you so much. Therapists recommend journaling because it is one way to express your feelings freely without the fear of judgment. You are able to make sense of what happened to you through journaling. Journaling can be incredibly powerful in that sense.

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