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Safiya Baravia Is Ready For Tokyo 2021 Qualifying Games



Safiya Baravia Is Ready For Tokyo 2021 Qualifying Games

Safiya Baravia

Safiya Baravia the rhythmic gymnastics champion that is based in Dubai is resuming her training programs after all gyms are reopened where the pandemic lockdown was recently eased in the city.

She started her professional training in Dubai, coached by former world champions of Artistic Gymnastics such as Natalia Bugai, for 3 years, then starting taking higher-level classes at the Horizon Gymnasium Dubai.

Coaches agreed to implement an intense training program for the young champion and keep her ready for the qualifying games of Tokyo 2021 as soon as the OC announces the new dates of these tournaments.

The young champion was getting prepared to travel to Italy earlier this year to participate in the European games there, after being to Russia and Lebanon, wining first places and getting ready for the Olympic Games, however that plan was stopped by the pause of all activities around the world due to the recent global pandemic.

Safiya is training at her family’s backyard as well as the public gym that was recently allowed to be reopened where the young champion is working on getting back into the competitive mentality after losing some momentum due to the postponing of the Olympic Games that was scheduled this summer.

The future gold medallist celebrates the end of the academic year, as her training and sports programs never took her away from excelling in her studies and being a straight-A student in addition to being a champion at her favorite sports rhythmic gymnastics.

Safiya is using pole fitness as well, to sharpen her skills, enhance her body and grip strength and be ready to dazzle the world once sports activates are relaunched later this year

“she is so determined to be at the podium of every competition she participates in, and always focused to do her best, and she knows how we are all very proud of her, and that we are all confident of her success” were the words of Gulnora Mukhedinova, Safiya’s mother and mentor

The young champion was getting ready to appear on TV, where coaches preferred to delay this step to avoid any distractions and keep the future gold medallist concentrating on her main goals.

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