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Safiya Baravia Is Ready For Tokyo 2021 Qualifying Games




Safiya Baravia Is Ready For Tokyo 2021 Qualifying Games

Safiya Baravia

Safiya Baravia the rhythmic gymnastics champion that is based in Dubai is resuming her training programs after all gyms are reopened where the pandemic lockdown was recently eased in the city.

She started her professional training in Dubai, coached by former world champions of Artistic Gymnastics such as Natalia Bugai, for 3 years, then starting taking higher-level classes at the Horizon Gymnasium Dubai.

Coaches agreed to implement an intense training program for the young champion and keep her ready for the qualifying games of Tokyo 2021 as soon as the OC announces the new dates of these tournaments.

The young champion was getting prepared to travel to Italy earlier this year to participate in the European games there, after being to Russia and Lebanon, wining first places and getting ready for the Olympic Games, however that plan was stopped by the pause of all activities around the world due to the recent global pandemic.

Safiya is training at her family’s backyard as well as the public gym that was recently allowed to be reopened where the young champion is working on getting back into the competitive mentality after losing some momentum due to the postponing of the Olympic Games that was scheduled this summer.

The future gold medallist celebrates the end of the academic year, as her training and sports programs never took her away from excelling in her studies and being a straight-A student in addition to being a champion at her favorite sports rhythmic gymnastics.

Safiya is using pole fitness as well, to sharpen her skills, enhance her body and grip strength and be ready to dazzle the world once sports activates are relaunched later this year

“she is so determined to be at the podium of every competition she participates in, and always focused to do her best, and she knows how we are all very proud of her, and that we are all confident of her success” were the words of Gulnora Mukhedinova, Safiya’s mother and mentor

The young champion was getting ready to appear on TV, where coaches preferred to delay this step to avoid any distractions and keep the future gold medallist concentrating on her main goals.

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Emmanuel Whajah – How he became official Graphic designer of Keke Palmer

Bobby Jansson



Emmanuel Whajah- How he became official Graphic designer of Keke Palmer

Emmanuel Whajah is the person today we are talking about. He is a highly inspiring and motivating personality, especially for teenagers and youngsters of today’s age. He has already come a long way in his successful life. This is not an easy task, but it is the result of the ultimate hard work and dedication of consecutive years. Haven’t known much yet?

I got you! Let us help you explore more about him and that how he got the chance to work with so many inspirational and big names of industry:

About Whajah:

Well, Emmanuel Whajah was born on August 18th, 1993 in Hanover. He is a German – Ghanaian photographer, videographer, and creative director. He is undoubtedly a multi-talented person. He is equipped with the true essence of self-determination and effortless hard work. It was at his very young age when he discovered what his passion for life was. He was barely 5 when he used to be enthusiastic about music stuff. Mentioning the name of Michael Jackson here will be fair enough as Emmanuel discovered his true passion because of his immense and legendary artwork.

Collaborating with Keke palmer:

He worked with many big artists. They are Rita Ora, Eric Bellinger, Keke Palmer, Tyga Ella Mai, Les Twins, Lauryn Hills. Not only that but also he has collaborated with Burna Boy, Jorja Smith, and Migos. He works in the field of photography and video making on the national and international levels. Isn’t that amazing already? He owns professional experience of working with many big names as well. One of the most prominent names here is Keke Palmer.

Emmanuel Whajah- How he became official Graphic designer of Keke Palmer:

How Keke Palmer met him:

It was about 2017 when Keke palmer met Emmanuel Whajah during a music tour with Eric Bellinger. At that time, Keke palmer was in Berlin for a film role For Netflix. She was working for “Berlin Station” at that time and was looking for a perfect photographer in Germany for her work. Unluckily she couldn’t find anyone as per her standard. Luckily her Good friend Eric Bellinger suggested she collaborate with his videographer/ photographer Emmanuel Whajah who was from Hannover, Germany.

A dream coming true:

Eric Bellinger in the next day contacted Emmanuel Whajah that he would like him to contact Keke Palmer which Emmanuel did not realize much and did not take seriously. It was about the next day when he faced the group chat that said: “Emzy!! Wanted to link you guys! Emzy had the eye of the tiger and undoubtedly Keke is the walking art! Hope you guys make some magic! To this, Keke palmer replied: “Aye!!! Yes!! I’m so excited. “

Emmanuel Whajah woke up to this conversation at 07:00 am and could not believe what was going on. He was excited beyond limits to have a chance to work with a megastar like Keke palmer. Soon he met with Keke for her shoot in Berlin.

Appearing in Keke’s feed:

Emmanuel and Keke had a very successful shoot and after that even Keke posted pictures of Emmanuel on her social media platforms which went viral in no time. All the other artists liked those pictures like Queen Latifah and Christina Milan.

It was a golden chance for Emmanuel and after that, he worked on multiple projects with Keke palmer as it was until the 2020 summer that Keke contacted him to tell him that she would like him to join her media team as a graphic designer/ content creator which Emmanuel Whajah accepted without wasting a second. Since then he has been officially working with Keke palmer as a graphic designer and content creator.

Catch him on social media:

People frequently ask how they can get back to approach Emmanuel Whajah on social media. So they can discover more here. Also, he is available on these platforms Instagram, FaceBook, Youtube Twitter, & Vimeo.

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The 19 year old phenom has done it again!





Time Machine is Abryon’s hip hop ballad that weaves lyrical genius and pain into a heart baseline. This song and vide takes you n a journey that has you thinking about that special person while you sing the catchy hook… I NEED A TIME MACHINE. Abryon or Abree as his loyal fans call him. The Charlotte NC Born writer producer and vocalist is most proud of TIME MACHINE because it was written in memory of his grandmother and close cousin. He poured al of the pain he felt from the lost of those two very important people into the track.

TIME MACHINE is a song that anyone that has ever dealt with a loss of someone close or any personal issue can understand. That is the beauty of Abryon’s talent, He writes from a personal place that EVERYONE can relate to. DO yourself a favor and check out the visuals. Abryon SNAPPED on the video! Directed by the one and only DIGITAL QLIPZ and produced by ABYRON and MARK WILLIAMS, the video takes you on a visual journey that brings every worked to life The TIME MACHINE video dropped las Saturday. Stream and download the Purple Hearted Soldier EPNOW…on all streaming platforms. It includes Time Machine, and twelve other HOT originals from Abryon.

Follow: @abreefromclt

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Louch 2x : Behind The Scenes

Bobby Jansson



Louch 2x : Behind The Scenes

Thug’s album: Jeffrey which ignited a fire in him to continue pursuing his dream. He wants to leave a dent in music history and defy the norms but beable to make hit calibre records in multiple genres. He compares music to math and he feels like he has a lot of equations and formulas that haven’t been explored so in a nutshell my end goal with music is to birth a new genre. His most anticipated collab would be with Ed Sheeran because h he makes hits in any genre. A lot of artist think they are versatile because they get on a new beat a rap the same but he can wow u with two completely different styles.

Louch wants to have collaboration with Ed Sheeran, he said “On a serious note, He makes hits in any genre. A lot of artists think they’re versatile because they get on a replacement beat a rap an equivalent but he can wow u with two completely different styles”.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Liberia, West Africa but because of the constant war that was happening, we stayed moving away from where the war was. So I basically grew up all over west Africa and the surrounding countries, until my Mom moved us to the States in 2006. From then on Minneapolis was my home. 

How did you begin your musical journey?

I’ve been doing music since birth basically. I was raised by musicians and singers and was always in the church singing as a lil kid and shit. Sometimes I would lean against them big ass speakers so the kick from the speakers would feel like my heartbeat lol. Sounds corny as hell but there’s shit in life you just don’t forget. 

Who is your inspiration?

Life in general inspires me, plus I got a daughter on the way so I get all my inspiration from that right now. Artist wise I’d have to say Future and Thug. I found my sound on a 15 hour flight to the

 Philippines listening to the Jeffery album on repeat. 

What is your favorite genre?

Rap music, I love all the different variations of it. As long as we never put a box on what rap should be or sound like; the genre will keep evolving and never die. 

What is your end game with music?

I wanna leave my mark in music history and defy the norms by being able to make hit caliber records in multiple genres. I compare music to math and feel like I have a lot of equations and formulas that haven’t been explored yet, so in a nutshell my end goal with music is to birth a new genre and defy the norms. 

If you could collab with anyone who would it be and why?

Ed Sheeran because he aims for perfection and makes hits in any genre. A lot of artists think they are versatile because they can get on different beats but they rap exactly the same and it’s boring. Ed can wow you with two completely different  styles and you can’t help but sing along to all his shit.

You can find more about Louch:

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