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Roses and Chocolates TV series – A Moving Historical Romance Set in WWII




Roses and Chocolates TV series – A Moving Historical Romance Set in WWII
Roses And Chocolates recount in Maria Johnsen’s historical romance.
A moving story of love, fearlessness, and redemption that will keep the audience holding their breath with suspense until the final moving scenes!
It is based on Maria Johnsen’s novel “Roses and Chocolates” which sold 50000 hard copies in Europe and North America.
Golden Way Media Films is in the pre-production process.
“Roses and Chocolates is based on a true love story of my great grandparents and the brave heart people of Berlin, London, Trondheim, Oslo, and Warsaw during world war II.
I focused on love, family values and hope instead of hate and the crime which some individuals committed during the war.” says Johnsen, the author, director, and executive producer.
Roses and Chocolates will be produced in six seasons and every season will contain 10 episodes depending on the TV network‘s programming schedule.
The cast and crew are from the UK, USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, and Poland.
Golden Way Media films are in process of bringing on board executive producers, co-producers in Europe and North America to help with financing and production.
Locations are in the UK, Canada, US, Norway, and Poland. If the budget doesn’t allow then the company will shoot in Toronto, London, and Warsaw.
Maria Johnsen pointed out that the popularity of films made during World War 2 is still quite popular around the world.
World War 2 movies carry an impact that is still being felt today. As those who fought during the war are well into their 90s, the relevance of that time maintains its presence in today’s world made after its end.
She says with so much being at stake, the lessons imparted by the films of this era contain the truths that all us can still relate to right now
The movies did record business during the war, selling tens of millions of tickets every week which far outshines today’s movie audiences.
The movies that were made during that time both provided a respite from the war and offered more relatable stories that reflected the changing times in which they were living.
With most of the men off to war, women made up the majority of movie audiences.
Today, the audience has changed considerably in terms of gender, racial and cultural diversity, and in expectations. With modern films made about events during World War 2, such as “Dunkirk” for example, the expectation is to provide a visceral experience of what it was like during the battle.
According to Maria Johnsen, The World War 2 movies made at the time differed, providing more of a social and cultural impact that is being felt even today. “Casablanca”, one of the greatest movies ever made is rooted in the culture of World War 2, yet the romance, emotions, and obligations still ring true today.
Those who watch “Casablanca” can relate to what is happening even if they were born decades after the movie came out.
There is also the thrill, emotion, and visceral experience of war movies themselves. The combination of action, romance, patriotism, and humor still come through strongly.
As entertainment, World War 2 movies offer a kind of hope, tragedy, elation, and many other emotions that are relatable. So many films of the era offer the entertainment that so many films of today simply lack. Another factor is the impact that World War 2 had on the country and the world at large is still being felt.
It is history that is still living, which is why the lessons learned from the heroes of that time still resonate strongly with audiences now. Providing hope in a time when it seems lost.
Offering enlightenment when so many modern films come across as vapid or lacking in depth. The movies of the time work so well today because for the most part they were catered to entertain audiences in a deeper way.
“World War 2 movies offer a source of motivation, of hope, of great challenges, and remarkable victories both on the front and at home.
From the films made as the war was beginning, such as “Casablanca”, to those made after its end, such as “The Best Years of Our Lives”, the impact and change that World War 2 brought offer audiences of today an indelible meaning.
With so much being at stake, the lessons imparted by the films of this era contain the truths that all of us can still relate to right now.” Maria Johnsen says
Golden Way Media Films is specialized in short and feature films, web series production, and commercial videos. The company was founded by Maria Johnsen in London, UK.
Contact:+44 07379924116

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J25- Occupying the hearts of millions with her melodious voice





J25 at a very young age has succeeded to attract millions of people around the world with her tremendous skills in writing. She has developed an extensive interest in people into music with her modernized way of making and writing music. She has explicitly displayed some of the most electrical and astounding tracks of the rap genre.

About her:

Well, let us know some important things about this rising charming music inspo. J25, whose real name is “Jazelle Michet Evans.  She is a Female American rap artist and entrepreneur, making an important place in the hearts of millions of youngsters. She is also a record label founder. She is from Gary, Indiana born in 1983.  She spent her childhood in 25th Broadway, Gary, Indiana.

Unrevealing of the dashboard:

J25 surely made history in her area Indiana. Yes, that is right. Jazelle was privileged to have a billboard in her hometown as the female entrepreneur of native American descent. It was on August 24th, 2020 when a lot of citizens of Gary, Indiana witnessed the revealing of the dashboard. She has been the very first girl to have done that to herself in her town.  The ceremony was presented on her behalf as her citizens hoped to celebrate her accomplishments and welcome her home.

Not only that, but Jazelle was also the first female artist from Gary to be approached by radio hosted. she was hosted by power 92.3 own seandale.


J25 is a creative and luxuriant female rapper. she has already dropped some of the most brilliant tracks ever, just like ‘Commas’, ‘Out Da Mud’, ‘trust one’, ‘Trending’ & also ‘with me or against me’. All of them are surely worth listening to. Her music gives some serious electrical music goals to her fans and any youngsters around the globe. She has earned some extraordinary command over the contemporary rappers. This is all because of her unique style, which is known to be the “Gary Hip-Hop Culture”. She has undoubtedly created havoc amongst people with her professionalism and music-creating skills.

One of her most recognized collaborations was with Chicago Female Rap Legend Rashawnna “Shawnna” Guy (twerk it slowly). This was the collaboration from 2012 that turned out to be one of the most powerful ones and helped her take over the music world. Listen to Spotify.

Who was Jazelle’s inspiration?

Well, fans must be restless to know who was Jazelle inspired by? J25 was highly inspired by the family of Michael Jackson as she lived where his family had been living. This was the major factor behind her being inspired by him. Not only him but she was also highly inspired by some other big names of the music world like C-Saw, 3-6 Mafia, Twista, DMX, BoneThugsNHarmony, and Dr. Dre.


The very first project of J25:

All of the tracks of her are equipped with an exceptional swag with the touch of friendly soft funkiness.  Her first-ever project was “Queen & King” and was released in early 2004. It featured the legend Johny P. also her two mixtapes that she dropped simultaneously were “Paper Route” & Hustle Society.

J25’s music group:

J25 has been pursuing her music career for many years and keep rocking the music industry with her new and new tracks. Also in May 2020, She found her record label, it was called HGM Music GROUP. She always had some Holy grails of becoming WNBA star and she broke the stereotypes with her punch of hip-hop and music creating skills.  You can also fetch some brilliant stuff on Youtube.


 What Jazelle’s fans should do to approach her music?

Want to explore more? Just click the link and plug into most trending music streaming apps like Spotify and YouTube to listen to her brilliant music.  J25 looks forward to dropping some more astounding music singles and much more like that in the near future. So stay tuned and see what has for you guys.

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From the movie “TAKEN” to real life for the rescue of a special kidnapped Hollywood dog

Umar Nisar



Hollywood, California

In a year full of coronavirus, collapsing economies, and some say murder hornets, what else could go wrong? Well, someone could steal your dog. Drug dealers could be trafficking in stolen dogs in a way that doesn’t even make sense, and your pooch could be on the line.

Actor and producer Enzo Zelocchi, who recently had one of the most viewed trailers on Instagram during the COVID-19 lockdown (over 26 million views for “The First Secret,”) found out from a family member that his beloved dog Bengie was gone.

“A missing dog is not a high police priority,” Mr. Zelocchi says, “especially during these sensitive times, but I wasn’t going to give up.”

He says he established contact with the kidnappers in less than 24 hours by leading them to himself. (Not Recommended).

In a matter of days, his search exposed a criminal enterprise based in San Diego County. The facts coalesced around a surveillance video of the actual dog extraction from two local drug dealers at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego County, about 110 miles from the actor’s residence in Beverly Hills.

“While pretending to negotiate with Bengie ‘s captors,” Zelocchi says, “money became no object. I was actively tracking their approximate location and getting closer.”

“At some point,” he adds, “they found out that someone posted on Facebook that the dog had been stolen and that there was footage of the two taking my Bengie. They got scared and sold my dog to a local homeless drug addict woman for $20.

An informant sent the footage to a personal contact showing a homeless female drug addict taking Bengie to a San Diego grooming establishment called City Dog located at 550 Park Blvd in San Diego to self-wash him and paying $14 cash.

From the movie “TAKEN” to real life

“I went to City Dog,” Mr. Zelocchi says, “and spoke with the store owner, Gary. He looked at the surveillance recording and kindly offered to drive me around to show me the part of town where this woman was most likely to be found. After finding the woman and my Bengie in a stroller surrounded by five homeless males in an area covered with trash and syringes, I jumped out of the car with a strong demeanor and grabbed my dog. Some of these men had some funny thoughts about me, but they shortly understood that it wasn’t their lucky day.”

He felt sorry for the woman and gave her $100 to compensate for her unwitting part in the ordeal. Bengie got another bath right away and a trip to the groomer and the vet the following day. The family pet had marijuana residue on his teeth and traces of meth and heroin, but thankfully he was fine.

“Now, we are all happy again!” Mr. Zelocchi says, reflecting on his family. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who helped in some way to find Bengie.”

When asked if this true story could be the raw material for a future film, Mr. Zelocchi acknowledges that it might.

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How to target social channels to increase your audience

Umar Nisar



target social channels

All together for social media advertising to work, you need an Audience. Something else, it resembles conversing with a block divider. Shockingly, growing an Audience is additionally one of the most troublesome errands for organizations. Not exclusively are you rivaling different brands for your crowd’s consideration, but on the other hand, you’re facing content from their loved ones.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

The initial move toward building an Audience via social media is just making sense of who you need to target and what that audience comprises of for your business Because if you will not find the target audience for your Business your social media post will be revolving on Facebook, Instagram etc. to every audience either he or she is related to your business or not. For example, if you own a lady’s boutique business so you want your social media post to go in front of ladies and that kind of group, not to an irrelevant person.

How to find target social channels

It is very difficult to find target social channels on social media because soc===ial media is full of different kind of channels so it’s difficult to find social channels according to your business but there is no need of becoming depressed because there is a social media agency bali for you which can help you in finding social channels according to your business and can grow your audience.

Benefits of targeting social channels

Targeting social channels is one of the most cost-proficient computerized promoting techniques used to coordinate substance and increment your business’ permeability. Actualizing a social media procedure will enormously expand your image acknowledgment since you will be drawing in with a wide crowd of buyers.

  • Make your business a brand
  • increase your reach
  • Make your business popular
  • Remain head of psyche
  • Increase customer
  • boost your sales
  • Advertise your content

 Picking the Right Social channels to increase your audience
Before you can start assembling a strategy for social channels the executives, you should consider which is the best social media agency for your business and which can boost Your Social Media Audience.
In today’s hyper-connected world, you need to know how to communicate with your audience most productively and efficiently.
That is the reason that social media agencies are there to carry accomplishment to your business. One of the best social media agency(Algo sea biz) demonstrates the targeting of social channels to enhance the size of online audiences.







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