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Roses and Chocolates TV series – A Moving Historical Romance Set in WWII



Roses and Chocolates TV series – A Moving Historical Romance Set in WWII
Roses And Chocolates recount in Maria Johnsen’s historical romance.
A moving story of love, fearlessness, and redemption that will keep the audience holding their breath with suspense until the final moving scenes!
It is based on Maria Johnsen’s novel “Roses and Chocolates” which sold 50000 hard copies in Europe and North America.
Golden Way Media Films is in the pre-production process.
“Roses and Chocolates is based on a true love story of my great grandparents and the brave heart people of Berlin, London, Trondheim, Oslo, and Warsaw during world war II.
I focused on love, family values and hope instead of hate and the crime which some individuals committed during the war.” says Johnsen, the author, director, and executive producer.
Roses and Chocolates will be produced in six seasons and every season will contain 10 episodes depending on the TV network‘s programming schedule.
The cast and crew are from the UK, USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, and Poland.
Golden Way Media films are in process of bringing on board executive producers, co-producers in Europe and North America to help with financing and production.
Locations are in the UK, Canada, US, Norway, and Poland. If the budget doesn’t allow then the company will shoot in Toronto, London, and Warsaw.
Maria Johnsen pointed out that the popularity of films made during World War 2 is still quite popular around the world.
World War 2 movies carry an impact that is still being felt today. As those who fought during the war are well into their 90s, the relevance of that time maintains its presence in today’s world made after its end.
She says with so much being at stake, the lessons imparted by the films of this era contain the truths that all us can still relate to right now
The movies did record business during the war, selling tens of millions of tickets every week which far outshines today’s movie audiences.
The movies that were made during that time both provided a respite from the war and offered more relatable stories that reflected the changing times in which they were living.
With most of the men off to war, women made up the majority of movie audiences.
Today, the audience has changed considerably in terms of gender, racial and cultural diversity, and in expectations. With modern films made about events during World War 2, such as “Dunkirk” for example, the expectation is to provide a visceral experience of what it was like during the battle.
According to Maria Johnsen, The World War 2 movies made at the time differed, providing more of a social and cultural impact that is being felt even today. “Casablanca”, one of the greatest movies ever made is rooted in the culture of World War 2, yet the romance, emotions, and obligations still ring true today.
Those who watch “Casablanca” can relate to what is happening even if they were born decades after the movie came out.
There is also the thrill, emotion, and visceral experience of war movies themselves. The combination of action, romance, patriotism, and humor still come through strongly.
As entertainment, World War 2 movies offer a kind of hope, tragedy, elation, and many other emotions that are relatable. So many films of the era offer the entertainment that so many films of today simply lack. Another factor is the impact that World War 2 had on the country and the world at large is still being felt.
It is history that is still living, which is why the lessons learned from the heroes of that time still resonate strongly with audiences now. Providing hope in a time when it seems lost.
Offering enlightenment when so many modern films come across as vapid or lacking in depth. The movies of the time work so well today because for the most part they were catered to entertain audiences in a deeper way.
“World War 2 movies offer a source of motivation, of hope, of great challenges, and remarkable victories both on the front and at home.
From the films made as the war was beginning, such as “Casablanca”, to those made after its end, such as “The Best Years of Our Lives”, the impact and change that World War 2 brought offer audiences of today an indelible meaning.
With so much being at stake, the lessons imparted by the films of this era contain the truths that all of us can still relate to right now.” Maria Johnsen says
Golden Way Media Films is specialized in short and feature films, web series production, and commercial videos. The company was founded by Maria Johnsen in London, UK.
Contact:+44 07379924116



4 Best Disney Subscription Boxes



4 Best Disney Subscription Boxes

Whether it’s a theme park, fascinating stories, or adorable characters, everyone loves Disney for all good reasons.

If you too want to add magic into your life, getting the Disney subscription box is the easiest way possible.

These boxes contain a pack of delightful goodies like jewelry, toys, mugs, and magnets.

Sounds great, right?

However, with a plethora of options available, choosing the best Disney subscription is a tough choice to make.

To help you out, we have shared a list of the most popular Disney subscription boxes that can add charm to someone’s life who is in love with Mickey and friends.

1.   Walt Life

The first spot on the list goes to Disney subscription boxes from Walt life.

Walt Life offers a variety of boxes like Magic Plus Box, Kingdom box, Classic box, and more for all die-hard fans of Disney. You can even customize the box as per your choice and taste.

Walt Life

The best part about these boxes is that they have unexpected surprises. You can’t even guess what you might receive every month.

The boxes may include jewelry, action figures, household stuff, collector pins, and other goodies from the most magical place on earth that are delivered right next to your door.

The cost depends on the box you choose and its size.

2.   Mickey Monthly

Mickey Monthly offers a range of subscription boxes like Original Series, Pin Edition, Snack Edition, etc. for Disney enthusiasts of any age.

The boxes contain an assortment of licensed Disney goodies like toys, decor, pins, apparel, kitchenware, etc. that can fit anyone’s budget.

You can also customize boxes as per your choice. Getting different items every month, isn’t that exciting?

3.   Magic At Your Door

The next on the list is Magic At Your Door that offers top-loved Disney subscription boxes that basically have items from the Disney parks.

All the products can be customized as per your liking and age and each box has something magical and interesting for you.

From unique collectibles to plush toys, recently released apparel, and a lot of accessories, each box carries a variety of Disney products that can bring a big smile on your face.

4.   Bibbidi Boxes

Do you want to experience Disney magic without stepping out of your home?

Not a problem!

Bibbidi Boxes is the best platform to get the newest and coolest Disney goodies right next to your door.

You can choose among various subscription box options like Wizards Vault, Galaxy Boxes, Universe Box, and more. Each box is loaded with licensed Disney products like mugs, apparel, snacks, toys, collectibles, etc.

All boxes can be tailored as per your interest and age. Whether a teen or an adult, no matter the age, there is something for every Disney fan.

In the end…

Whether you want to bring a genuine Disney feel into your home without visiting Disney World or just looking for something to gift your friend, Disney subscription boxes are an ideal option.

The boxes have exclusive Disney products that can help you experience the charm of the happiest place on the planet.

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Try Out These Crucial Tips to Grow on TikTok



Try Out These Crucial Tips to Grow on TikTok

TikTok is the best mixture of music, comedy, lip sync videos, and micro-blog content and has gained the value of one of the most famous social media apps of 2021. It’s the dream of almost every TikToker to grow on this app. It helps them not only to get recognized but also assist them in making money. So if you are thinking about how you can make your growth better on TikTok, then you are at the right place. 

Keep scrolling down to know about the crucial tips that can help you in growing on Tiktok and how you can get tiktok fans!

#1. Post Frequently

Never overlook the importance of posting content frequently. If you are running an account and are not an active user, it may make a gap between you and your followers or fans. If you post frequently, your audience will remain in touch with you, and by creating good content, you can grab their attention. 

#2. Identify Your Audience That You Want to Target

Another tip that you can utilize to grow on Tiktok is by targeting the right audience. Just like many other social media platforms, TikTok uses different locations, niches, and demographics. Therefore, proper content creation and targeting the right audience are crucial. If you are thinking of establishing a TikTok influencer strategy or TikTok marketing, it is imperative to know what your targeted audience is doing on TikTok. 

#3. Follow Trends

Every day, new trends are seen on TikTok, and the people who participate in them can get more fans, followers, views, and comments. People love to watch trending videos. But be picky about the trends, don’t follow every trend, only follow the ones that suit your culture and personality. TikTok trends can help you to stand above the crowd by making unique content. 

#4. Take Assistance of a TikTok Growth Tool

Creating content, frequently posting, targeting the right audience, and many other things are time demanding. You have to put a lot of your energy, time, and effort into doing this. Why not utilize a simple method of growing on TikTok by taking assistance of TikTok growth tool? TikTok growth tools are the best option to get whatever you want, i.e., likes, comments, followers, views, and of course, fame. There are a lot of websites offering this facility, including;

  1. Gain TikTok
  2. Social Buddy
  3. Viralyft
  4. Media Mister
  5. GetViral
  6. popular
  7. Feed Pixel
  8. TickFuel
  9. Social-Viral

Some Additional Tips

  • Engage with other TikTok creators
  • Create challenges
  • Educate your followers by creating educational and entertaining content
  • Take help from hashtags
  • Cross-promote your videos


You can take assistance from all these tips and can take your TikTok account to the next level. No doubt, waiting to get famous is not a pleasant thing, and you’ll want to grow on TikTok in a short duration. If yes, then go for buying paid promotions for your TikTok. On the other hand, if you are interested to buy TikTok comments, likes, views, or followers in no time and want to get TikTok fans, you should try Gain TikTok once; that is the most reliable TikTok growth website. Good luck with your TikTok growth!

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Producer Mase sam jackson launch a new Album – Blozzay-blozzay



Producer Mase sam jackson launch a new Album – Blozzay-blozzay

Brooklyn, New York, 1st Sept 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The opener, “And Still” is bumping, yet smooth and silky, proffering a glimpse of what’s in store in the sumptuous moments of the record still to come. “You Never Know” introduces a classically styled ambient piano with trap drums in a sublime blend of bang and melody. “Why Me” brings on rattling hi-hats, murmuring basslines, and gentle waves synth ambiance.

The title track, “The Hold Up”, is almost symphonic in its introductory approach, until the repeating piano motif and percussion bring it into the 21st century urban idiom. It’s as wonderful as it sounds. “Faces” bangs even harder, but still maintains MASE SAM JACKSON’s smooth piano vibe over the top. It’s a unique style that’s fluid and biting simultaneously.

The twirling keyboard runs add an otherworldly tone to the slow-burning hip-hop beat of “Pepp Talk”, while the gorgeous piano dominates the soundscape of “St. Drop Off”. The final track, “Run Jump” flips the sonic template, with the introduction of stringed instruments, giving the piece an exotic feel. Despite containing grin-inducing grooves and shimmering production, the persistent mood on this album is laidback.

This feeling is brought out skillfully in the album’s minimal structure; mainly built on pianos, percussion and synth pads. Everything just clicks into place. MASE SAM JACKSON has crafted an understated, yet stunning musical set. Woozy introspection and melodic motifs coil around the beats in intoxicating atmospheres that feel like distant memories playing in real-time.

In “The Hold Up…”, a nexus of styles and influences are carefully assembled into highly nostalgic yet totally fresh instrumentals.

Contact Details

CEO/Executive Producer / Owner/Founder
Music Record Label Big Roach Records Since. 1990
Brooklyn, New York

The post Producer Mase sam jackson launch a new Album – Blozzay-blozzay appeared first on Zex PR Wire.

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