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Rosario town Attends 1st Democratic discussion aboard beau Cory Booker: ‘Go, Team!



Rosario town Attends 1st Democratic discussion aboard beau Cory Booker: 'Go, Team!

Tuesday marked the first Democratic debate Rosario Dawson has attended by Cory Booker’s side since she confirmed that they are dating

Sen. Cory agent has girlfriend Rosario Dawson‘s full support in his bid for the U.S. presidency. The role player, 40, was accessible at weekday night’s Democratic discussion in Columbus, Ohio, because the 50-year-old New Jersey legislator spoke for 3 hours concerning topics like women’s fruitful rights, how to guarantee Donald Trump is going to be a one-term president and that specialize in however the candidates spoke to every alternative on stage.

Dawson — UN agency recycled the greenness dress she wore to a Jay and Silent Bob boot screening in la on Mon — shared photos and videos from Tuesday’s event on her Instagram Story, documenting agent sharing his presidential plans with fellow 2020 hopefuls like subunit.

Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden.

New York Post communicator Nikki Schwab shared a photograph on Twitter of the actress’ seat at the event, which read, “RESERVED Rosario town.”

“Closing out the night. Go, team!

” town aforementioned in her final selfie-style video from the evening, panning the camera around to point out a number of the post-debate activity.

RELATED GALLERY: Hollywood Goes to Washington: Celebs UN agency affected Up Romances within the orbit. Dawson’s presence at the event on weekday marked the primary discussion she has attended by Booker’s facet since she confirmed she was chemical analysis the Democratic presidential candidate in March.

(A supply tells individuals she stayed with an agent the complete night, past the talk for the post-debate interviews.)

She antecedently joined agent on his campaign path over the summer, together with at multiple events in American state on the Fourth of Gregorian calendar month, individuals confirmed.

Among the stops was a meet-and-greet in Boulder City.

Dawson — UN agency is best known for her roles in Sin town, Death Proof, Netflix’s Luke Cage and the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Rent — has had only glowing remarks once asked concerning her relationship with the agent.

“He’s a wonderful human being.

It’s smart to pay it to slow along with once we will,” she told TMZ in March once confirming their romance.

“I am simply grateful to be with somebody that I respect and love and admire most UN agency is thus sensible, and kind, and caring and loving.”

Rumors of agent and Dawson’s relationship 1st sparked back in January once they attended a showing of Broadway’s pricey Evan Hansen along, at the side of Dawson’s immature female offspring, Lola, and Booker’s niece.

There, associate degree witness told individuals the 2 were all smiles throughout a meet-and-greet with show star Taylor Trensch.

The actress later sang “I love you, te amo” — Spanish for “I love you” — to Booker in an “impromptu, made-up-on-the-spot” performance.

Dawson has stayed mum on whether or not associate degree engagement might be within the cards, but Booker seemed game in March when Ellen DeGeneres pressed him about the possibility of a White

House wedding — declaring “January 2021” because of the excellent date.

“Would you help preside over the wedding?

” he asked DeGeneres, 61, see if the chat show host would conform to officiate their wedding ceremony.


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