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Rock & Roll Touch to Fashion Industry: The John Strand Effect



Rock & Roll Touch to Fashion Industry: The John Strand Effect

John Strand, a model whose name echoes as a ‘trend-setter’ in today’s fashion industry, has embarked upon the journey of redefining the essence of fashion. You might be thinking that’s a very bold statement—but then again, that’s precisely the idea. You might find yourself challenging some of your own assumptions after seeing the shadows cast by the work of John Strand.  Here are some glimpses of his unorthodox contributions to the fashion world.

A Multi-skilled Champ

            John Strand is an Italian-American model currently based in Los Angeles – the home to Hollywood. He is broadly skilled and accomplished in numerous streams of the performing arts, including works as a commercial and theatrical actor, fashion and fitness model, a musician, and a creative director for film and other content creation. Before starting his acting and model career, he performed as a lead vocalist and keyboard player in an independent (indie) rock band named ‘Celeste’. The magic of his voice and fingers held the audience spellbound. He is so naturally linked with rock and roll that he has also attempted to bring the same magic into the fashion industry.

A Cross-continental Fashion Figure

            Although John Strand initiated his modeling career from the North American continent, his impact is not limited to this area of the world alone. His work has a reach across nearly every continent. He has been featured in some globally reputed magazines like Forbes and Safari, along with many others throughout the Americas and Europe. Moreover, he has a distinct chapter in working overseas in Asia, touring as a model for two years before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Represented by Established Industry Agencies

            The quality of an artist can often be gauged from the reputation of their industry colleagues and agencies. In this regard, John Strand has a compelling record. He was signed to Wilhelmina Models NYC – one of the world’s leading modeling and talent agencies since 1967, along with other agencies in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New Delhi. Elite photographers such as Tony Duran, Christian Rios, and Rick Day have enjoyed the John Strand effect throughout various campaigns and fashion editorials.

A Veteran of Fashion Week

            Anyone with a taste for fashion will tell you there’s nothing as exciting and trendsetting as the major market Fashion Week runway show series, setting the course for style over the next season. At 6’1” with hazel eyes and a trademark brunette pompadour, John Strand brings an unmistakable presence of added charm and intensity to the shows. He has performed as a leading runway model for many shows in New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and Fashion Week El Paseo, among many others.

Modeling for leading international brands

            There are certain fashion brands whose customers are spread across all continents. John Strand has done work for legendary designers such as Giorgio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Michael Costello, Anthony Franco, and Mr. Turk, with countless campaigns, catalogs, advertisements, and more.

            It’s clear that this “rock & roll” journey through the performing arts and across the globe as a dynamic model, actor, and musician has developed a significant potential to influence the trends of fashion, media, and entertainment fields. The only question is, where will John Strand show up next?

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