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‘RoboCop Actress’ Nancy Allen is planning to release a book about her memoirs



‘RoboCop Actress’ Nancy Allen is planning to release a book about her memoirs

Best known for her roles in important De Palma films such as Carrie, Blowout, Dressed to Kill and the hyper famous RoboCop film saga, retired actress Nancy Allen is still a public figure that could have a come back to the screens sooner than what we may think.

Nancy Allen is well known in the SCI FI fan groups for her recurring portrayal of officer Anne Lewis in the three consecutive films of the saga (1987, 1990 and 1992), opposed to Peter Weller and Robert John Burke in them.

Officer Anne Lewis, RoboCop’s dedicated partner, fills a spot in the iconic list of SCI FI and action heroines from the 80’s, 90’s, that brought ‘girl power’ to the screen such as Lt. Ripley, (Sigourney Weaver, Alien 1979), Sarah Connor (Terminator, 1984), and opened way in Hollywood for more female action leads in forth coming years.

So, for the RoboCop fans, we have exciting news. On April 14, 2022 Nancy agreed to be live-interviewed by writer Eva Rojano on her RoboCop fan fiction dedicated Facebook page “RoboCop Enhanced Reality” revealing that although she has a full schedule working as an executive director for the American organization WeSpark, she is not entirely dismissing the idea to return to the big or small screen, if a good script/project is presented to her.

Eva Rojano who is also known in the RoboCop fan groups for her ongoing RoboCop fanfiction series and for creating original characters for both screenwriter and producer Edward Neumeier and Nancy Allen in her bestselling novels, was in charge of bringing the news to us.

Mrs. Allen was live on Facebook on a zoom stream for almost an hour answering questions from active viewers and letting us know that she is up to adapt to modern times and TV on demand systems such as Netflix or Disney +. She also revealed she’s proud of having worked in France, filming “Les Patriots” back in 1994 and she saluted her French fans on screen.

Finally, the long-loved officer Lewis revealed to us she is working on writing her memoirs! Although there is no release date for her autobiography, she promised to keep us posted about the plans to release a book that will tell the real story of Nancy, written by herself. Perhaps a biopic can come after. Everything can happen these days.

If you want to watch the complete interview, click on the link below.