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What Does Your Retail Store Need From its Commercial Painting Job?



What Does Your Retail Store Need From its Commercial Painting Job?

Are you looking for an affordable way to bring more customers into your retail store, and encourage them to be happy spending their time there? Hiring a commercial painting company to give your store a facelift is one of your best options. A re-paint costs far less than most other types of remodeling, yet still gives your business a fresh new look that your customers will love.

Of course, doing a paint job right still requires a lot of forethought, for best results. You need to carefully select your painting company, as well as thinking about which areas will be repainted, and the color selection. These are some of the most important factors to consider.

Top Considerations When Repainting Your Retail Outlet

1 – Choosing a Contractor

A professional-grade paint job requires a professional-grade commercial painting crew. You want contracted painters with extensive experience, both in general painting, as well as working with retail outlets. Painting is a relatively easy business to get into, and a lot of upstarts fail quickly. Having a long and successful history is important!

In addition, you want to make sure they’ll be using top-quality paints. You do not want to go cheap on the paint, because retail paint jobs take a lot of abuse. Customers will be constantly bumping up against it, and chances are your racks and other decorations will also be rubbing against the paint. The better the paint you use at first, the longer the paint job will last without the need for touch-ups.

2 – Exterior, Interior, or Both?

It’s not always necessary to update both the inside and outside of your business, although it might be a good idea. Exterior painting freshens up your presentation and makes your business more attractive to passers-by. It can even make you more visible, literally, if your new paint is brighter and shinier than nearby businesses.

Interior paint is about inspiring your customers. A great retail paint job makes your interior inviting; a place that people enjoy spending time. The better your shop looks; the more people will want to be there.

3 – Choosing Colors

Color theory is real! The colors a room is painted can have subtle psychological effects on the people within it. For retail outlets, cooler colors such as blue, green, even light purple are good. These are feel-good colors that improve people’s mood. Try to avoid the ‘hot’ colors such as red and orange, as those can make people tense or cause them to tense up. If bright colors don’t fit your image, more neutral whites, greys, and beiges are also an option, if a bit plain.

Your exterior, on the other hand, should be painted for visibility and communicating your image. Brighter colors indicate your shop is fun, youthful, or exciting. More muted exterior colors convey a feeling of maturity and seriousness. Pick a color scheme that matches the mentality of the customers you want to attract.

Refresh Your Business with New Paint

When it comes to costs vs payoffs, hiring a commercial painting company may be one of the best investments you can make. New paint is affordable compared to most other renovations, while instantly creating a new image for your retail outlet. It’s even relatively quick to install – many paint jobs can be done over a weekend without disrupting weekly business.

So, if you need to refresh your business, invest in paint!