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Recognize your sources and keep track of them and acknowledge it to avoid plagiarism




Recognize your sources and keep track of them and acknowledge it to avoid plagiarism

After realizing what you want to do read and research the related material apprehend the entire concept and write the new ideas in your own words, Do not ever “copy-paste” if something is very relevant to your idea or thinking always quote it mentions the author, Quoting your source is necessary as it expresses that you acknowledge the author of whom you are writing from being it from an article or a webpage.

It comforts your audience or targeted readers to make them what is your source and from where you get your information, and when they want more material they can easily go to the source you have quoted from and get more information.

When you research read from more than one source it will help you not only advancing your ideas (as you get to read different points of view and researches) but also help you to avoid plagiarism.

Make sure that you read from appropriate and accurate resources whenever quoting or paraphrasing those source always cite them and track them, this will help you distinguish between your own work and others work, don’t leave it for later or for end work because you might forget or mix or you may not remember from where the quote begins and where it ends it will lead to incorrect or wrong citation and you will be guilty of unintentional plagiarism.

Learn Quoting, paraphrasing and Citing      

 Learn how and when to quote and paraphrase and prevent your work from jumbling or patchwork. When you have found the material which is perfect for your article do not ever copy-paste it understand the whole concept of your relevant material then write it in your own words you can use synonyms, change the adjectives, use proper punctuations, convert the digits into numbers vice versa, use brackets, this all will give your work a unique touch and whenever needed or necessary use quotation and always cite them immediately whenever you cite it.


For citing adopt the document formatting guidelines (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) or the one suggested by your organization whom you are writing for. If citing is note done accurately it will lead to plagiarism.

Use Referencing

To prevent your work from plagiarism referencing is one of the efficient ways. Include a reference page at the end where all your source work is cited and again follow the standard document formatting guidelines or of the organization that has requested your research.

Usually, references include very specific information about the author(s), date of publication, title, and source. Properly and accurately write references as directed in reference to writing format.

Utilize anti-plagiarism and grammar checkers

 You can use different plagiarism detection software such as cross-check to realize how many grammar mistakes are there and how much your paper is plagiarized and then you can remove them by the above-mentioned tips.


In this article, plagiarism is described and tips are discussed on how to write a plagiarism-free article which is mentioned above.


 Plagiarism Checker Resources:

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Top 5 Master Data Management Frameworks

Pierre Zarokian



Top 5 Master Data Management Frameworks

Master Data Management or MDM is not a new object. However, just like other traditional IT practices, even MDM is severely tested –or rendered more strategic – by rising and digitalization of the data volumes. Master Data Management provides the framework for the IT managers and businesses to come and work together and ensure accuracy, accountability, and uniformity for their organization’s important data assets, like customer, financial and sales records. Microsoft master data services will bring together a wide range of the technologies to create as well as maintain the single “record” of such data.

When you have the framework, you may aggregate your data, and standardize this and match the values. You may link and synchronize the records for aligning user and app data with the master set. The data quality tools will support the MDM frameworks just by normalizing and cleansing data or removing any duplicate values and errors.

With every passing day, this becomes really tough for the organizations to keep their customers totally engaged with a brand for long term or empower business procedures. Data is an efficient and reliable way of staying updated about the customers changing needs and gaps in the internal workflows. The advanced MDM tools not just manage the structured and unstructured, operational or analytical business data, however, allow the organizations with actionable insights, which help to make the best business decisions.

With the MDM platform, companies will store and manage the employee data, customer data, reference data, location data, vendor data, supplier data, and more. This blog post can help you to choose the highly suitable MDM framework for the organization just by analyzing features or benefits that are offered by various Microsoft master data services.

  1. Pimcore MDM

Pimcore is the most advanced digital platform as well as has got robust MDM capabilities. This allows the organizations to manage customer, data, product data, asset data, employee data, vendor and supplier data, location data, partner data, reference data, and related information. Pimcore MDM is one open-source platform as well as available without any licensing fee. Pimcore allows businesses to store all the analytical and operational data in one single place. The skilled Pimcore developers will help you manage the organizational data in one place and allow business with a holistic view of the structured and unstructured data.

  1. Orchestra Networks EBX

This MDM framework offers a wide range of solutions that will help the organizations to manage the data assets by the EBX platform. EBX platform covers the multi-domain MDM, data governance, reference data management, taxonomy management, and hierarchy management. Orchestra’s MDM service emphasizes flexibility, as well as includes some features of the NoSQL & graph databases. This runs on multiple platforms as well as is appropriate for large enterprises.

  1. Informatica MDM

Being the primary vendors of the master data management framework, Informatica counts the world’s biggest companies among the customers. They offer end-to-end service that will be deployed on the premise or cloud, and this incorporates the advanced AI capabilities in their products. Also, it provides accurate, trusted and complete data for the digital transformation. This data helps the organizations in the omnichannel retailing, supply chain optimization, customer experience programs, compliance initiatives, sales & marketing operations, and much more.

  1. Related

Reltio is the cloud-based and multi-domain Master Data Management solution. This supports both the structured and the unstructured data as well as provides the most scalable solution, which will meet the requirements of the smaller organizations or enterprises. Relto’s data management platform includes machine learning abilities for the custom and queries, and data-driven apps. They provide reference data management, workflow management as well as the ability to create the data-driven apps, and MDM capabilities with Microsoft master data services.

  1. Ataccama

Ataccama has a collaborative data formation platform that includes the solutions in data profiling or catalog, data quality, and governance and MDM. the MDM solution supports various domains, hierarchy management, reference data management, and much more. It is the data curation platform as well as provides the right solutions for data quality or governance, MDM, and data catalog and profiling.


Well, there’re a lot of MDM frameworks available in this market. Thus, making the best choice will be tough for you. If you search for more options, it will be more confusion. Each Master data management solution has got different functionality and features to manage multi-domain data.

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Pierre Zarokian




There are many reasons why you can give private lessons at home. First of all, a private teacher generally has the real desire to transmit his knowledge and to participate in the academic, professional or personal success of his pupil. Tutoring is also a great way to make ends meet and use your pedagogy to supplement your income.

Some also choose to give lessons to discover the teaching profession and know if they have the methodology necessary to make their students’ progress in the long term. You are an educator, passionate about your specialty (philosophy, mathematics or even the guitar) and you want to give lessons at home. So you have to think about choosing under what status you will teach. You could very well consider giving black lessons: no charges, no taxes, and this can indeed make your dream.

According to the Cons globe site, 80% of home tutoring courses are dispensed in this way. However, the risks involved quickly disillusioned: up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros. And don’t forget that in the event of a dispute, accident or damage, you have no recourse! Since you want to work calmly, you are wondering how you will be declared.

You have thought of the status of a particular teacher in self-employment, but you do not know if it is possible, or how to become one. Be a freelance teacher Are you tempted to? From the advantages of this self-employed status to the steps to get started, Super prof tells you everything! Self-employed: the ideal status for private lessons? The self-employed status was created in 2008. And that made many people want to start entrepreneurship! To date, more than a million French people have opted for this tax system according to the Legal start website.

Affiliated to the micro-enterprise, a natural person who decides to become a self-entrepreneur creates a sole proprietorship. He then benefits from a simplified social, tax and accounting system. The advantages of choosing a good tuition agency are numerous. Choosing to become a home teacher has many personal benefits. It is indeed very gratifying to participate in the upgrading of a student, to be for him a real educational adviser and to observe his improvement thanks to your lessons. Being a freelance teacher (or self-employed) has many other benefits: You are your own boss and can choose your students and the frequency of your lessons yourself. You set the price for your lesson hours yourself.

Your status can represent a significant advantage for parents because some works councils subsidize home lessons if they are given by an approved structure. You can complete your home teacher activity by giving lessons to students in small groups in an educational center and bill your services. You pay your contributions according to your turnover, if you don’t touch anything, you don’t pay anything.

You benefit from your pension rights and social protection via the SSI you can opt for the withholding tax from income tax. Also, be aware that it is quite possible for you to combine this status with a salaried activity if your schedule allows. However, if you are a professor of National Education, you must first apply to your academy before you can become an individual entrepreneur. You are then automatically affiliated with Bursar, SSI, and CIPAV (the pension fund for a liberal activity). To find students even more easily, we advise you to apply for accreditation. This will allow them to benefit from a tax reduction of up to 50%.

The students then have to place the amount paid to the teacher in the box “employee at home” of the tax return. Students must also keep the invoices in order to justify the recruitment of a home teacher. This is a significant argument for your students and their parents. Declare your income as a private tutor

When declaring your start of business, you must choose to declare your income every month or every quarter. There is no difference in choosing one formula over the other; it only depends on your organization and your preferences. Every month, or every quarter, you will, therefore, have to declare what you have earned through your private lessons at home.

The process is simplified and you can make your monthly or quarterly payment on the site of the auto-entrepreneur. After you have entered your turnover in the “declare and pay” section, the amount of your contributions is automatically calculated. You just have to pay with your credit card: that’s it! The social security contribution rate for the liberal professions in 2016 is 22.9% unless you have obtained ACCRE. The line to take into account is the following (Liberal Profession under the social regime of the self-employed).

Indeed, many people starting the activity of home teachers hesitate with the commercial profile. But, although you sell a service, a professor does not sell goods but a service. It is for this reason that the activity of the professor is registered in the liberal professions.

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Journey of an Educator? You Make or Break your day!




Journey of an Educator? You Make or Break your day!

Starting to work in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry as an Educator should make you shine as a star rather than stress you out with the workload.

But what actually involves working efficiently in this industry?

Is it setting up play activities so children get busy and show a smile and you feel accomplished?

or would it be

Intentionally planning opportunities and leaving them to explore the fun of spontaneous play.

Let’s explore what practices assist the Educators to enjoy the benefits of belonging to their learning environment.

The famous quote of Loris Malaguzzi states that “Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture.”

Extending on this, we could take simple steps in enjoying our journey as a successful Educator, in saying so I do recall once my teacher said to me if you perform at 60% your class will perform at 40%, hence it is really important to perform 200% to achieve the full energy of the students into the classroom and one shall see the students overcoming obstacles as they will have the ability to conquer their tasks and relations within their community grouping.

Let’s explore further:

For a child, it is essential that each Educator treats the child as unique and builds that nurturing relationship, along with pedagogy practices that help make decisions in the best interest of the child’s ability and interests.

But how do we do this?

Would that be by being able to belong the child into the setting?

Well, focusing on the key term “Belonging” could be greatly adopted by the Educator as this is a powerful attitude one can attain, since belonging within their community grouping will eradicate their fears, strengthen their feelings and bring out their zooming confidence.

So, plan the play in the context of the child’s learning.

Let’s take a closer look:

1.Building Identity:

What is that one activity I could start that the child is familiar with from their culture?

Perhaps the answer is straight, any festival of the child’s family or any cooking experience that the child can relate too. This will allow for the expression of personality and uniqueness in an individual child when they would easily get involved in it.

2. Bring in the Community:

Who from the family could be part of the child’s learning process? Perhaps all, or perhaps only at least one member of the family or guardian.

So, why wait for let’s send “Molly” with her book home, so Molly can travel to the child’s home and the parent can record in the book what Molly did with the child & the family. This way the children can show and share with others in their community grouping what experiences they had at home when Molly visited their home and became part of their routine and family dining. (Here Molly is a pet which belongs in her own bag and carries a book along)

This way we will be able to assists children to develop relationships and concepts.

3.What about Feelings? Well, it’s all about Wellbeing:

Thought of a welcome song in the child’s language or have we got a lullaby in the child’s language. Perhaps we could have an area for feelings and ask children how they are feeling today, so their emotions are addressed each day and they learn ways to build resilience. This way we will be able to stimulate a sense of wellbeing in them.

4.Getting involved and being an active learner:

This is simple, here we set activities that assist the children with their existing skills, new skills, and emerging skills for their age group.

But giving them an opportunity to play independently, or as in a group. Take care in giving an opportunity to play independently by setting a table for one and a choice of table for two and a group. So, if a child wants to be solo, their choice is respected. Having small size mats for play also helps with a sense of belonging.

This will enhance dispositions such as curiosity and creativity by playing in an activity setting.

5.Lastly, language verbal or non-verbal:

This is one of the most important factors in child’s day, how are they going to express? Here, we can use technology, texts, range of media to communicate and make meaning, listening to them, encouraging them to communicate their way and appreciating their learning will enable the children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning.

These 5 tips can be practiced as often and these will engage children well. Certainly, the life of an Early Childhood Educator to some extent will get more enjoyable seeing the children cruise daily into play and learning, little progress daily helps build a great learning environment for children to participate and belong in. So, let’s start this exciting journey today.

Written & Published on December 26, 2019, by Ritu Reddy – Experienced Trainer & Assessor | Founder of Inspire & Learn Pty. Ltd. RTO 45125

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