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Reasons Why You Should Seek Gynecology Care



Reasons Why You Should Seek Gynecology Care

To maintain good feminine health, every woman should seek obstetric and gynecology care often. It’s no secret that numerous potential risks affect your reproductive health without your knowledge. Furthermore, it’s a daunting task to tell what’s normal without the help of a medical professional. However, the best way to shield your health is through gynecology Lake Mary services that guarantee your well-being in the long run. 

Through regular gynecological exams, your gynecologist will be able to analyze your reproductive health and provide treatments and advice when necessary. While it can be challenging to overcome the fears and anxiety of seeing an OB/GYN, you cannot overlook the benefits that come along with it. Let’s examine the top eight reasons why you should seek gynecology care often. 

Your overall gynecological health 

Every woman’s yearly calendar should be dates scheduled to visit a gynecologist, even if they feel healthy. Frequent gynecological check ups can get a baseline for your general reproductive health. Typically, during these sessions, your gynecologist will be able to detect issues of concern which eventually lead to successful treatment. 

Irregular menstrual cycles 

It would be best if you didn’t ignore irregular menstrual cycles as they can signify a larger health issue. Therefore, if your periods are irregular, you should visit your gynecologist for checkups. During the session, explain when your cycles changed and whether you’re bleeding heavily. This will assist the gynecologist in offering treatment that will relieve you. 

Unusual vaginal discharge 

Any changes in your vaginal discharge can be a sign of infection. Also, it can indicate a severe condition that needs urgent medical evaluation. Therefore, you shouldn’t snub the problem since this can compound your condition. Your gynecologist will use an internal exam to detect the issue and offer relevant medical care. 

Low libido 

Although low libido is a common condition ailing many women, most tend to neglect the importance of discussing it with a gynecologist. Libido can be a sign of an underlying condition or a side effect of an already existing condition. Nevertheless, the gynecologist can determine what treatments and lifestyle changes you should incorporate to alleviate your situation. 

Pelvic exams

Frequent pelvic exams are instrumental in that they help detect unusual growths or changes, along with STI testing for every woman. It would help if you got checked annually for a health history of menstrual disorders, perimenopause, or abnormal discharge.

Urinary or fecal leakages 

It can be very stressful to experience urinary incontinence, as it can affect your quality of life. These conditions mainly affect women after childbirth; these symptoms worsen during menopause. However, your gynecologist can manage your situation with medical or surgical options depending on the severity of your condition. 

Painful intercourse 

Pain during sex signifies that something could be amiss. The source of the pain can be either psychological or physical. However, your gynecologist can help you discover the cause and offer a solution to ensure you enjoy your intimate relations. 

Maternal Healthcare 

Gynecology care plays a crucial role for pregnant women. You should therefore make an appointment with the gynecologist as soon as you notice you’re pregnant. They help monitor your pregnancy journey to be sure you and the baby are safe. 

Have you been wondering when the proper time to seek gynecological care is? Every woman should prioritize frequent visits to an OB/GYN specialist for checkups and treatments. Many reproductive health issues don’t show symptoms, which can worsen your health if you don’t catch the problems early enough.