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Realtor Turkey will continue on its way as ‘Realtor Global’



Realtor Turkey will continue on its way as 'Realtor Global'

Established in 2014, Realtor Turkey made a move towards globalization and decided to remove the borders under the name of Realtor Global and continue its career journey with this name.

Established in Turkey with 100 percent domestic and national capital, Realtor Turkey stands out as a developing real estate company by growing rapidly with the numerous innovations it has brought to the sector. It has started its activities by combining the spirit of entrepreneurship with professionalism and has become a leading institution in a short time with its expert teams and sector experience.

Realtor plays an active role in the global market with its advanced connections between countries, franchise offices and collaborations with more than 40 countries. The company, which has achieved rapid development under the umbrella of Realtor Turkey, has decided to continue this long journey by updating its brand name.

The company, which aims for a faster growth by removing the borders under the name of Realtor Global, thinks that its share in the global market will contribute greatly to the offices it will open in different markets and countries. Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Realtor Global Real Estate Brand, said in a statement, “We are happy to crown the journey of Realtor, which we established with a hundred percent domestic and national capital, with our globalization move. We will continue on our way with our new brand name ‘Realtor Global’. ” said.

Övençoğlu also emphasized that they changed the name of their brands in export markets with our country and that they aim to be the leader in the sector with their services that provide a unique real estate experience.



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