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Ravoshia The Next Big Thing



Ravoshia The Next Big Thing


There’s been talk of Ravoshia being the next big thing. There’s no denying that she was born to shine. Well, for starters, the recording artist’s name is very different, I haven’t seen nor heard a name quite like it before. It is pronounced as Raa-vas-Shia which sounds very french. She is sensational, powerful, and a rare talent that is charming the masses all around the world with her smash single Fashion Killa and her bold and creative project RMPS101 known as Mannequin Performance Style 101.

Both are definitely superstar and noble, worthy projects. Over the past week, Ravoshia released the official logo for RMPS101 and the response it got is extremely fancisting. It’s very outside of the box and she has set formats for the project. Her video clip is on another level, especially her sick dance moves with the white edgy mannequins. Besides her being absolutely stunning the talent outshines the singer’s physical beauty. She’s a triple threat being the total package as she does it all, dance, sing, and can write hit music.

Fashion Killa has sparked up a ton of praise in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and European territories. However, it was initially released late in 2018, but flash forward now in 2020 it’s evolved into an explosive hit. It reminds a majority of Lizzo’s Truth Hurts that became a Billboard-charting hit later on.

Ravoshia has so much natural star power that she exhibits its amazingly unmatching. Even though the rising star has been around for years, apparently she was overlooked. Nowadays, it must take the right hit record and timing for some artists to receive recognition. It is a tough industry and can be difficult for most to emerge to certain heights. The recording artist was recently given the green light and approval by Hip Hop Weekly, a leading force in the music business as being announced: “Next To Blow”.

The rising star has been seen in New York’s Respect Mag, UK’s Epistle News and Groove Magazine, rapper 50 cent’s Thisis50, and much more. With the video for Fashion Killa going viral exceeding over 161,000 views, she is releasing her next single Mastermind this fall. She hasn’t given an exact date, but the breakout star stated that she will definitely ruff up some feathers with its style and sound.