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Rap Artist “Geo Galileo” Is Paving His Own Lane…



Rap Artist "Geo Galileo" Is Paving His Own Lane...

Geo Galileo is a hardworking musician from New York eager to make his name known. Geo began music in 2016 and has been dedicated to his craft ever since. Geo has worked with artists in the game such as Rich The Kid, Jay Critch, Famous Dex, Lyrical Lemonade and more. Recently, Geo has been creating constantly and very consistently. Geo’s latest album, titled “DRIPPEROSIS 3”, is out now on all platforms. This album is a certified classic from Geo.

This year is all about growth and creating for upcoming artist Geo. Geo wants to stay consistent and network with like-minded individuals to expand his network. This young trendsetter has a style unlike any other as his music delivers a smooth melodic and r&b vibe that cater to all listeners. Geo does not play when it comes to getting his music to the masses. Geo is already channeling that aura of mainstream artists. Geo Galileo is a name that all will know very soon.

Geo Galileo has a clear and distinct vision for his audience; he wants them to hear and feel that he takes his craft very seriously. He wants his audience to understand that music isn’t just about making money for him; he’s trying to connect with his fans and have them know that music is a crucial factor in living a successful life. A day in his life consists of waking up early and getting right to work, constantly looking to improve his artistry. He considers himself a student of life and loves to spend time learning how to improve himself and his career.

Geo’s goals are to become the best artist he can possibly be. Geo is just beginning to prove his success as an independent artist in the music industry. He is chasing his dreams and fighting to be successful by any means necessary. Geo definitely has what it takes to become one of the most successful artists out. Be sure to follow Geo on Instagram:

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