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Rahel Beyene: Behind The Scenes



Rahel Beyene: Behind The Scenes

Rahel Beyene is an icon in the creative field; she began her career by working on various projects from virtual reality, production at a creative agency, live music showcases, and artistic development.

Through connecting the dots between concept and reality she was able to bring individual projects to life by supporting creative and managing projects cohesively. Rahel is inspired by projects that can create change and have a great impact whether it’s against norm or out of the box. She is always striving to use her talents and gifts to give back and inspire others, whether its through introducing a new product or a charity event for the less fortunate. 

She believes in taking risks and creating change, “I can guarantee that my outcome will be great if I believe in the cause, idea and dream. As people get older they assess each decision made by the risk associated with the outcome. There is great power and responsibility when taking risks but you never will know if you never try!”

Rahel Beyene has arrived as the main person to know in the industry and in the creative world building a well established reputation and household name.

Rahel has received many awards and credits such as the Pan Am Games and Gospel Brunch at Soho house. Rahel Beyene continues to expand and grow her career and portfolio by working on projects that expand the boundaries and create new waves.

She is always open to many opportunities and adventures that life throws her way, staying innovative, and continues to acknowledge and adapt new leanings that will help her stay ahead of the curve. 

You can follow Rahel on her Instagram @r__________b