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Radhaa Publishing House announces Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future, Vol. 3



Radhaa Publishing House announces Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future, Vol. 3

A great Guru once said, “The Future is brighter than you Could Ever Imagine.” As we find ourselves living in one of the darkest times in Humanity, it is also a time where the most light is coming in. A time of change is upon us, and it is up to each one of us to decide how our Future goes. It is the time for visionaries and innovators to step up and share Visions and Dreams for the Future. This book has stories, revelations from healers, innovators and visionaries, and people who share their dreams into the Future. Calling all dreamers, visionaries, healers, innovators and holistic creators to share your message and voice with the world! If you are interested in being a contributing author for any of these books,  Please email us at [email protected] 

What Our Authors are Saying:

“I was already published before, but with Radhaa Publishing House, I became a ‘seen’ author, which is different from being published. You can be published but still with no one seeing you. Radhaa Publishing House brought me out of the dark into the light. They shined a light on my life and what I am doing and who I am. That is a priceless experience. I am so honored. It has honestly changed everything for me, and it still is. I know this is only the beginning.” 

“The impact of connecting with Radhaa Publishing House hits very close to home. I admire the group members because they have taken the stories into a mainstream setting for people to become more aware of what Starseeds are. The whole team has also helped me improve my story and allowed me to share the raw experiences I have gained throughout the years.” 

“The best part of the whole thing, I loved it all. From the moment we began working together, I felt a team feeling, a family. I felt included in a project bigger than me, but that included me. I loved the healing sessions, and the feedback, the comradery in the group of writers, and Radhaa is amazingly supportive and guides this whole process with heart. As does Mike and Maya. A true one-of-a-kind experience. As an author for many years, I have never experienced anything like this, it is coaching plus publishing. They believe in you, and they want to see you speak your deepest, most profound truth.”

“I submitted my chapter, and it was such a good feeling of accomplishment! I also built a friendship with Radhaa and the team, who have helped so much and been so supportive every step of the way. They’ve explained so much to me, and it has been quite a learning experience to help me grow not only as an author but as my true self. This is my Star family, and they’ve found me, there is a sense of belonging that I’ve not felt in the past. Radhaa Publishing House is not just a publishing company;  Radhaa truly cares for us and wants to see us excel and spread our truths to the collective for the healing of the planet and movement towards the new Earth.” 

Watch Author Interviews HERE: 

Radhaa Publishing House books can now be bought through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, & Target. You can also order your signed Author copies through Radhaa Publishing House.

Awakening Starseeds: Stories Beyond The Stargate, Volume 2:

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Powell Books:

Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 2. Like Vol 1, Shattering Illusions. Here’s the back cover description: “Wisdom keepers spoke of prophecies of how life on our planet would be unrecognizable in the future. That time is now. We realized that the clarion call has come for us to journey into this historical time. The portals and Stargates are opening, and light codes are flooding in. Starseeds are here to capture those light codes towards transformation into new Earth. Join nineteen Starseeds as they share their experiences, awakenings and transformation. The Awakening Starseeds book series is the first of its kind in the world. It is a mystical book that embodies Activations, storytelling, and healing.”

Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions, Volume 1  was also a Best Seller and is available. Be a part of our collaborative book series 2021-2022: 

Awakening Starseeds, Dreaming Into the Future, Vol. 3:

Energy Healing & Soul Medicine:

Stories of the Goddess:  

RSVP your Chapter, email [email protected] 

Radhaa Publishing House is focused on heart-centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling, and transformative stories by authors across the world. Our focal point is on our collaborative book series that showcases our author’s voices. We celebrate one-of-a-kind memoirs and self-empowering books. We thrive on supporting our gifted author’s literary work. As a company, we embrace and empower the sacred journey of our writer’s storytelling. 

Our objective is to assist our clients in embodying messages of hope, healing, and transformation. In sharing our author’s work, we at Radhaa Publishing House awaken, transform and elevate our readers globally. Radhaa Publishing House looks forward to working with you. 

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Amin Homaei The Iranian Composer Pianist and Musician



Amin Homaei The Iranian Composer Pianist and Musician

Amin Homaei is a modern Iranian musician, composer, and pianist born on July 13, 1984. Amin Homaei did not attend any university after graduating from Farabi High School. He followed in the footsteps of his family members and worked in the railways. When he was 18 years old, he started playing music. His first instrument was the piano. Two piano teachers taught him music basics. He tried improvising but got tired earlier on in his classes.

Until 2017 he worked mainly in his father’s factories. It was then that he left everything and ventured into music composition. By 2019, he was only making songs for himself on his computer without sharing them with others. At her wife’s suggestion, he recorded and released his first album Spring Blossoms on January 3, 2019, from that he developed and delivered his sound through the lens of middle eastern tonalities, He released his second album, Dance on the Moon, with the same orchestra on May 1, 2019. He collaborated with traditional Iranian musician Vahid in the souvenir piece, his first serious musical effort. The composition was released in April 2022. He has yet to release his collaboration album with Vahid Taj.

Amin Homaei is a Music Producer who’s been producing music since 2020. Amin Homaei is constantly expanding its repertoire, working with talented bands and musicians from a variety of different genres in finding the right sound and style.

His 2022 release is a 9-song LP, aptly titled String Quartet, with enjoyable and soulful performances ranging from Viennese Classics, and Impressionism, to more mainstream-influenced 19th-century pieces. The compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Shubert, and French guitarist Napoleon Coste create a wonderful soundscape that sheds light on the great classical compositions.        

Amin Homaei Pop music in the modern generation has a negative effect. There is a lot of violence, drugs, sex, and other unhealthy behaviors glamorized by pop stars in the industry. There is a lot of violence, drugs, sex, and other unhealthy behaviors glamorized by pop stars in the industry. A study done by Michigan State University found that listening to pop music can negatively affect adolescents’ mental health.

Amin’s album Before Autumn After Autumn with Omid Nemati was released in November 2020 and was declared a bestseller in December. Other recorded albums were Koja Rafteri with Salar Aghili (January 2021), and Ey Sanam’s album with Mohammad Reza Niazi on his poems was recorded in January 2021. He has been a participant in the Fajr Music Festival.

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Hottest hip-hop artist from Florida to Arizona.



Hottest hip-hop artist from Florida to Arizona.

Christopher Williamson as known as Fa’shotime is spreading his talent across the United States. While being one of the top-tier lyricists on the east side in Brevard country Florida, he’s now getting his name buzzing on the west side around Phoenix Arizona. As people are admiring his passionate delivery, unmatched flows, and monumental rhyme schemes Fa’shotime is definitely making a name for himself and leaving an exceptional mark as a hip-hop artist. His latest release “Beast Mode Bounce” is on all platforms.

With over 18,000 followers on Instagram and over almost 10k YouTube subscribers Fa’shotime is definitely drawing in a lot of his fans with not only his content but the way he delivers his unmatched flows and standing out using his platform to spread sickle cell. Throughout his journey, Fa’shotime is getting a lot of attention with the speed in some of his songs. One of his popular songs “Even Faster” shows a glimpse of how fast he can deliver his syllables in such a short time. With the plan of going to different cities and states In the United States, he plans on expanding to different countries to showcase his talent and spread sickle cell awareness. It is absolutely no doubt he will most likely be a household name In the future very soon.

For more about Fa’shotime check out his Instagram page @itsfashotime, YouTube (Fa’shotime), and Tik Tok @Fashotime

 Spotify Instagram: @itsfashotime

Tik tok Fashotime

 Gmail: [email protected]

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“ScrilltownMO” Let’s take a closer look at the Music Entrepreneur and CEO who represents “music, fashion, & hustle”



"ScrilltownMO" Let's take a closer look at the Music Entrepreneur and CEO who represents "music, fashion, & hustle"

In a world full of music, money, and mayhem, comes a MAN with a history of music, money, and mayhem. ScrilltownMO or better known as Feddie Scrillz (in his music days), is on a mission to bring new music from coast to coast, along with having a “hustler’s ambition and entrepreneur spirit”.

ScrilltownMO in the studio, where the creativity begins.Quote:ScrilltownMO in the studio, where the creativity begins.

After a 15 year hiatus from music, ScrilltownMO is now climbing the ladder back to the top “one single at a time”. In 2020, he co-authored an Amazon #1 Best-Seller titled, “Yes I Can”, started his own signature clothing line and shoe company called Scrilltown Clothing Co & Apparel, and released over 7 different musical projects.He also managed to secure distribution deals with The Orchard (a division of Sony Music), Ingrooves (UMG), and Symphonic Distribution. In 2021, ScrilltownMO teamed up with Dogface Music and Amada Records for the “Red Devil” compilation project ( succeeded to hit #25 on the Top 25 Billboard Charts). In the last two and half years ScrilltownMO has a total of over 1 Million digital streams worldwide.  Since signing a label distribution deal (ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic), He has surpassed 500,000 digital streams (with the re-release EP of “Street Music & Meditation”,  and 11 other musical projects) and has also contributed to 6 music videos with over 200K views worldwide. ScrilltownMO has a successful videocast called “Welcome to Scrilltown Talk”, and also owns and operates a licensed internet radio station called “Scrilltown Radio” (on LIVE365). ScrilltownMO is the true definition of “grind, hustle, money motivation, and staying TRUE”. 

So if you were to ask “what’s new for ScrilltownMO ” this season, he would tell you; “making my brand- ScrilltownMO LLC into a one stop shop”. With ScrilltownMO Management & Consulting, ScrilltownMO Music/Publishing, Scrilltown Clothing Co & Apparel, Scrilltown Radio, and Welcome to Scrilltown Talk, “staying busy” is most definitely an understatement. Just since Christmas alone ScrilltownMO Music has released musical projects: “Grind Hard or Go Home” (the mixtape), “M-Strange” (self-titled), “City Boy Country Girl” (Griff Galexxzee), “You Do The Math” (Square Rootz), “Chivalry’s Back” (Pennhouse), “You Might Get Shot” (Music Video by Square Rootz), and “Hypnotized” (Becky Raisman)”, just to start off the winter season. 

When he’s not dealing with the next new music project, designing the latest shoe, creating one of the 8 new mixshows on his radio station, or interviewing a celebrity or entertainer as a guest on his videocast, he’s managing some of the hottest up and coming musicians from all across the globe.

The multi-talented model, dancer, singer-songwriter extraordinaire “Daffie Doc” is by way of Paris, France and she is taking the world by storm with her energetic dance moves, beautiful voice, and trendy social media videos.

Sacramento’s own producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and engineer “Exurt Beatz” is not only the man behind several hits from ScrilltownMO Music, but he’s also one-half of the lyrically driven hiphop group “Square Rootz”.

Lastly, there’s the New Orleans born, St. Charles Parish raised trapper “Cee Glizzy BigSteppa”, who has his debut project on the way that features an all-star cast of Multi-Platinum and Award Winning beat makers and producers, along with some of the most popular, trending, and viral influential artists from across the worldwide web.

While given no reason to slow down now, ScrilltownMO is continuing to keep the momentum going with “music, fashion, and hustle.” Check out all of ScrilltownMO related brands, music, and entertainment on all media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, where @scrilltownmobiz will have you laughing out loud with his weekly shorts and reels. 


Company Name: ScrilltownMO Management & Consulting
Name:ScrilltownMO LLC
Email: Send Email
Country: United States

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