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Programs to download free music: the definitive guide



Programs to download free music: the definitive guide

In this article, I want to show you what are the main programs to download free mp3juice music from the internet in a short time. Are you always looking for programs to download music from the web but can’t find the right one? To give you a hand, after seeing the best sites for downloading music, I decided to create this list of software to download all the songs you love to listen to. Finally, you too can create a playlist that suits your needs and find the songs you love to listen to in your free time or the most important moments. VERY IMPORTANT: Use the following method to download music online is allowed only to download music not covered by copyright, of musicians who agree to release the works free of charge for personal listening. Illegally downloading copyrighted music (even for personal listening) is punishable by law with heavy fines. This article is for informational purposes only and I do not take responsibility for the use of the information that I will show you and whoever intends to violate the law assumes full responsibility. free online music.

Nowadays finding good software to download music to your PC is not easy and many times you come across applications full of viruses that do anything but download music. In this list I want to show you some free programs, without malware, that will help you search for your favorite songs or anyway songs without copyright that you can listen to on your mp3 player or your smartphone! Let’s go then to see together what the web makes available to us and which one is best suited to your needs! Let’s go!

Media Drug

This is one of the best programs to download free music that you can find on the web. What I like is the possibility to browse through new albums and download them with ease. Yes, unlike other applications, downloading complete albums is very easy, and this is a fundamental aspect of Media Drug. You can also check the songs by accessing the integrated player. I must say that the whole download experience was done without problems. The player works perfectly, and this makes the application very useful for those who want to experience music to the utmost comfort.

How to use: When opening the application you need to enter the name of the band you are looking for in the search panel. You can press the Download button next to each search result, to be able to automatically download the song and insert it into your playlist.

Pros: very easy to use interface and incredibly fast downloads. It also allows access to a very large music database.

Cons: you need to change the application settings before downloading anything, otherwise the files will not be added to the playlist immediately and the destination folder is hard to find

Mp3FreeZe Downloader

It is an open-source program and is a good software to listen to and download music from online links.

How you can use it: All you have to do is open the song you want to download and start the MP3 below the search bar. Once the song is fully loaded, you can download it.

Pros: fast download and a simple interface.

Cons: Sometimes it can crash. It is only used to download.

MP3 Jam

Mp3 Jam lets you download music legally and avoid the annoying and lengthy searches for a song. It has a database of over 20 million songs and provides a legal download. You can also perform full album downloads and intelligent searches.

How to use: Just like the other applications, Mp3 Jam requires the search for the song you want to download, the album or the artist, after which you will have to make a simple click on the track. Once the download is finished, you can listen to the downloaded song.

Pros: The interface is very elegant.

Cons: The management of download files is not very intuitive.

Music Chow

Music Chow is a very good software and works very well. When you search for a particular song, this program to download music performs a real internet search to find what you are looking for. Then you can download the audio file without problems on your computer in just a few seconds.

How to use: After starting the ‘ app you will see a big search bar You will need to enter the title of the song you want to download and double- click one of the results. Wait for the download to complete and you’re done.

Pros: Quick downloads, very easy to use interface.

Cons: A little lazy.


Blubster is very easy to use the program but not widely used. All you have to do is search for the song you want, download it and listen to it, and you can do all this within the same interface. The installation file weighs approximately 20 MegaBytes, so you can download it in a few minutes (or seconds). You can organize music by date, making the whole management process much easier.

How to use: Enter the search term in the main window and wait for the download to complete. If you want, you can preview the song.

Pros: Allows access to a very large database and to evaluate songs.

Cons: Even if it’s faster than a torrent, file management isn’t the best.

MP3 Rocket

Mp3 Rocket is a program to download free music that lets you both watch music videos of your favorite songs and download the Mp3 track. Thanks to this program, you can easily download audio files from the web and manage them easily because it has a simple and reliable interface. Also, you’ll have access to 4 million songs under a creative commons license.

How to use it: as with most of the software that we have already mentioned above, here you will simply have to enter the name of the song you want to download in the search bar and once found, simply double click to download.

Pros: Very fast in downloads and lets you watch videos of songs.

Cons: a little poor in file management.


Well, we have come to the end of the article and I’m sure you can’t complain now that you can’t find a good program to download music! This article is for informational purposes only. As mentioned before (and I underline it), downloading audio files covered by copyright is illegal and you could be prosecuted (yes, those of SIAE will chase you!) And find yourself with a fine salty fine.



Syamsaein, A Young Artist And Music Sensation In The Entertainment Industry



Syamsaein, A Young Artist And Music Sensation In The Entertainment Industry

The music streaming platforms have been experiencing a huge surge in new artists as the effect of the corona pandemic is slowly backing away. Syamsaein, a renowned social media marketing strategist has become the new icon among the newbies with his new music album, Let’s get it. The album has already created much waves among the music enthusiasts and is an audience favourite with its dope beats and a variation from the usual EDM music.

There has been a recent trend in the use of electronic music and rap incorporated videos in the industry. Syamsaein has been a keen creator in terms of beats and EDM with power induced music in the background that can make anyone dance on their feet. It has always been his motto to make people groove to his music and wanted to create bests that the listeners could take refuge in when they wanted to escape from the reality.

Most of his songs revolve around creating a fantasy space in the musical world for people to gain another level of listening pleasure. His other albums, “Internet” and “Mayoness” also focuses on the different treatment of music by incorporating human emotions into it.

“My kind of music has always been a medium of experimentation with sounds, with musical textures and combinations with forms and structures. It represents an inner peace or a feeling of comfort of people as an individual. This kind of creations tend to encourage you to be yourself, and to not be ashamed of who you are. I want to emphasise on the strength of music to change the moods and influence a person”, says Syamsaein.

This promising entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant has an album “Planet”, that is yet to release soon on Spotify. With more songs that carries the soul of Lo-Fi music, Syamsaein looks forward to creating revolutions in the music industry with his experiments.

Being a digital marketing strategist in Syamsaein, he has worked with several celebrities, brands and companies via his company Chumbucket Overdrive. In the last five years, he has also carved up a name for himself in the digital media space and helped many businesses recover from their losses over the pandemic.

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Marco Angelo : the guitarist launches a special album in Japan



Marco Angelo : the guitarist launches a special album in Japan

Guitarist Marco Angelo has just released in Japan “The Best Of Hooded Guitar”, in collaboration with “Force Energy Records”.

It’s a collection of the hooded guitarist’s best tracks, with lots of extra content and unreleased tracks.

The album is heavily featured by the presence of a Japanese narrator who will tell the story of the hooded guitarist between the flow of the tracks.

“The Best Of Hooded Guitar” is currently available for the Japanese market in a special
CD version.

Marco Angelo is an award-winning virtuoso guitarist from Italy and nicknamed the “Hooded
Guitar” for his mysterious cowled appearance. Well known for his solo instrument project
where his driving guitar riffs are the showcase of his compositions.

Marco Angelo has toured all over the world , playing with international artists such as Paul
Gilbert (MR.BIG), Jennifer Batten (MICHAEL JACKSON), Dennis Stratton (IRON MAIDEN), Geoff Tate (QUEENSRYCHE), LA GUNS (USA) and many more.

Official website
Facebook page
Instagram Page
Twitter Page
Youtube Page

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In Conversation with Dima Yavorskyy, the 22-Year-Old Multicultural Artist



In Conversation with Dima Yavorskyy, the 22-Year-Old Multicultural Artist

The young Dima Yavorskyy comes from a multicultural American-Ukrainian background. Born in Western Ukraine where musical expression is in people’s DNA, the artist was influenced by various genres. Although his lyrical delivery today is in English, there is still a distinct style that the artist performs in which is a reflection of his upbringing.

Starting his musical journey at a young age, Dima Yavorskyy grew up to be one of the most influential artists today. Attributing his success to his artistic integrity, Dima is able to continue evolving in a highly competitive industry. He says that collaboration is one of the most important factors in making music. “I value collaboration because it opens up the opportunity to share ideas and increase productivity,” says Dima Yavorskyy. Although most of his singles have been solo thus far, the artist is talking about the team behind his projects that makes it all possible.

One of the most prominent features of Dima’s music is his songwriting ability. Tapping into topics that his audience can resonate with, Dima Yavorskyy has a performance structure in which he is able to tell stories through addictive singing hooks. His multicultural upbringing is evident through unique vocal enunciation in singles such as Intentions. Despite the difference in music styles, the artist still impresses American listeners by incorporating rap into his verses. “Being influenced by different cultures and genres allows me to express myself as an artist,” says Dima Yavorskyy. “My mission is to give listeners all over the world a taste of something they’ve never heard before and bring something new to music.”

Dima’s releases are available on all streaming platforms including Spotify. For updates, follow him on Instagram @dimayavorskyy

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