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Product Launch Coming Up? Get Ahead of the Curve With Online Reputation Management



Product Launch Coming Up? Get Ahead of the Curve With Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) isn’t just for people experiencing a reputation crisis — it’s a necessary tool for a positive product or brand launch, too. Here, we’ll look at three crucial reasons why working with an online reputation management company can boost the success of your latest venture. 

1. Online Reputation Management Pinpoints and Mitigates Potential Problems While Building Positive Buzz

When you’re going through a new product launch, you’ve already worked to make your product marketable and useful. It can be impossible to see potential reputation pitfalls when you’re deeply enmeshed in the success of your product. 

Online reputation management serves multiple purposes during a new product launch. ORM isn’t just for solving online reputation problems; it can also set up your brand or product for success before the launch begins. 

When you work with an online reputation management company, you’ll get to work with a team that has its fingers on the pulse of what helps people react positively to new ideas. Through social media and other web marketing, your ORM team will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that the public understands and appreciates your vision.

2. Quick, Necessary Strategy Changes Are Managed Easily

It’s impossible to predict how the public will react to a new product or idea and it’s important that you have a marketing team on board that knows how to change up branding and marketing strategy quickly. An online reputation management team knows how to keep positive buzz going while mitigating any negatives. 

When you hire an ORM company to work with you on your launch, you can rest assured that the hard behind-the-scenes work is being done to promote your product in a positive light. 

3. Comments Are Managed, Allowing You to Focus on What Matters Most

Monitoring social media comments is endless and exhausting — and likely something you don’t have time for. Social media monitoring and responding can be outsourced to an ORM company, making it easier for you to focus on continuing to support the success of your product and team. 

It’s normal that you, as a creator, have a close personal attachment to your product. It can be hard to step back and write a positive response to criticism. When you work with an ORM team, you don’t have to worry about remaining impartial. You can let the experts handle the tough responses with positivity and grace.

Ready for a Launch? Status Labs Can Help

When you’re launching a new product, you need a company that can manage how you present your message, and how that message is perceived by the public. 

At Status Labs, we offer: 

— Strategic advisory services

— Reputation management

— Digital marketing

— Search engine optimization (SEO) services

Reach out to us today to discuss which services are the best fit for your product or brand launch. When you’re working on a new venture, you have enough on your plate. We’ll handle creating the positive image you deserve while you focus on managing your team.

4 Companies That Triumphed Following Bad Publicity

Accidents, scandals, and plenty of other issues can turn the general public against a company, but it’s not all doom, gloom, and ashes when bad publicity strikes. Your company can rise again with responsive reputation management actions. Here are four companies that have previously recovered from bad publicity and are once again flying (or swimming) high.

1. Marvel

2017 was a tough year for Marvel. Outcries over publication practices, character arcs, artist pay, hidden political messages, sales practices, and a spoiler brought criticism from fans, retailers, and even artists.

Marvel couldn’t address all of these issues with any one action. The company issued many statements and made significant changes to its practices. The common thread through these actions was addressing fans directly in many cases, even going so far as to ask for fans’ patience as some storylines unfolded.

Of course, Marvel managed to successfully turn its reputation around. Those fans who were upset six years ago now flock to the latest superhero releases, which are some of the most successful new movies.

2. Starbucks

Starbucks has twice shut down almost all stores for companywide training. The company first did this in 2008 when customers were upset with declining quality, and the second time was in 2018 for companywide racial bias training.

In both instances, the coffee chain acknowledged a pervasive problem and made an effort to address the problem via training. Shutting down virtually all stores ensured that the training was noticed by customers, and thereby served as a pivot point for tuning the company’s reputation around.

3. Jack in the Box

Nearly 30 years ago, Jack in the Box was responsible for an E. coli outbreak that included 175 hospitalizations, several permanent injuries, and four deaths. The outbreak resulted in layoffs and delayed expansion plans, not to mention it was a real reputation nightmare.

Not only is Jack in the Box still in business, but its annual unit sales are in the hundreds of millions. The company managed a complete turnaround thanks to new safety policies and a clever marketing campaign.


The United States and Switzerland- charged FIFA, the international governing body of association football, with massive corruption in 2015. The charges alleged more than $150 million in corruption, yet the issue only briefly made headlines. Even then, it wasn’t necessarily front-page news.

FIFA didn’t have to do much to overcome this massive financial scandal. The organization addressed the charges as quickly as possible and then relied on its established brand to further promote international football (soccer). Fans quickly forgot about the corruption when they focused on the next championship.

Status Labs Helps Companies Overcome Scandals

Whether the issue is a single cup of coffee, millions of dollars, or serious illness, the stories of these companies show that scandals can be overcome. That’s what Status Labs does: It works with businesses to transform their online reputation after bad publicity.