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Monetize Your Passion: The Principle of Derek’s Business Success



Monetize Your Passion: The Principle of Derek's Business Success

Derek took a dive into the business world after eight years of extreme self-improvement with the creation of “More Plates More Dates”. More Plates More dates is a one-stop-shop for helping men get themselves on the right path, just like Derek did.

Derek started by writing blog articles on his website in 2016, followed by the release of Youtube videos. By 2019 Derek was posting videos on a full-time basis on a variety of different Men’s topics, including bodybuilding, health, hormones, hair loss prevention, diet, nutrition, supplementation, dating and lifestyle.

He currently has over 340 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and has accrued over 75 million views. 

Passion is Non-Negotiable When Starting A Business

One thing that is clear is that More Plates More Dates is born out of Derek’s passion for helping men improve their lives. For example, Derek will often spend hours per day immersed in research papers, interpreting clinical studies, and digging into updates on novel drug candidates in the middle of human trials. Derek has found several ways to monetize his passion, and one of the main ways is via the formulation of dietary supplements. Derek owns a dietary supplements company called Gorilla Mind, which has slowly but surely started to make a name for itself in the supplement industry. It is his intense passion for constantly learning that Derek attributes his considerable success within multiple arenas. 

Gain Experience And Always Be Learning

One of Derek’s main areas of interest is hormone replacement therapy and optimization. Derek has been posting content for years about the subject and also worked with companies who provide blood test panels and other medical services. This led him to eventually launching his own hormone replacement therapy clinic Marek Health. Marek Health is a telemedicine-based HRT clinic that provides concierge level care for their clients. Derek is focusing entirely on growing Gorilla Mind, Marek Health, and his brand More Plates More Dates in 2021. His passion, coupled with his ever-growing experience and knowledge base in the area of men’s health and self-improvement appears to be a winning combination. 

Offer Products And Services You Believe In

When discussing business principles Derek had this to say: “Any business I launch either provides a product or service I have already paid for myself, or is something I deem to be valuable enough that I would pay for it myself.” Derek believes that to develop a successful business that you also find fulfilling, you must personally identify in a strong way with what you are offering. It is easy to see through a salesman who doesn’t believe in what they are selling. In 2021 Derek is focused on continuing to pursue his passions through plans to grow his personal brand and his company alike.

Those who are truly enthralled in their work are often the ones who not only end up successful, but also fulfilled and happy. Their undying passion is their greatest superpower!