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There are many reasons why you can give private lessons at home. First of all, a private teacher generally has the real desire to transmit his knowledge and to participate in the academic, professional or personal success of his pupil. Tutoring is also a great way to make ends meet and use your pedagogy to supplement your income.

Some also choose to give lessons to discover the teaching profession and know if they have the methodology necessary to make their students’ progress in the long term. You are an educator, passionate about your specialty (philosophy, mathematics or even the guitar) and you want to give lessons at home. So you have to think about choosing under what status you will teach. You could very well consider giving black lessons: no charges, no taxes, and this can indeed make your dream.

According to the Cons globe site, 80% of home tutoring courses are dispensed in this way. However, the risks involved quickly disillusioned: up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros. And don’t forget that in the event of a dispute, accident or damage, you have no recourse! Since you want to work calmly, you are wondering how you will be declared.

You have thought of the status of a particular teacher in self-employment, but you do not know if it is possible, or how to become one. Be a freelance teacher Are you tempted to? From the advantages of this self-employed status to the steps to get started, Super prof tells you everything! Self-employed: the ideal status for private lessons? The self-employed status was created in 2008. And that made many people want to start entrepreneurship! To date, more than a million French people have opted for this tax system according to the Legal start website.

Affiliated to the micro-enterprise, a natural person who decides to become a self-entrepreneur creates a sole proprietorship. He then benefits from a simplified social, tax and accounting system. The advantages of choosing a good tuition agency are numerous. Choosing to become a home teacher has many personal benefits. It is indeed very gratifying to participate in the upgrading of a student, to be for him a real educational adviser and to observe his improvement thanks to your lessons. Being a freelance teacher (or self-employed) has many other benefits: You are your own boss and can choose your students and the frequency of your lessons yourself. You set the price for your lesson hours yourself.

Your status can represent a significant advantage for parents because some works councils subsidize home lessons if they are given by an approved structure. You can complete your home teacher activity by giving lessons to students in small groups in an educational center and bill your services. You pay your contributions according to your turnover, if you don’t touch anything, you don’t pay anything.

You benefit from your pension rights and social protection via the SSI you can opt for the withholding tax from income tax. Also, be aware that it is quite possible for you to combine this status with a salaried activity if your schedule allows. However, if you are a professor of National Education, you must first apply to your academy before you can become an individual entrepreneur. You are then automatically affiliated with Bursar, SSI, and CIPAV (the pension fund for a liberal activity). To find students even more easily, we advise you to apply for accreditation. This will allow them to benefit from a tax reduction of up to 50%.

The students then have to place the amount paid to the teacher in the box “employee at home” of the tax return. Students must also keep the invoices in order to justify the recruitment of a home teacher. This is a significant argument for your students and their parents. Declare your income as a private tutor

When declaring your start of business, you must choose to declare your income every month or every quarter. There is no difference in choosing one formula over the other; it only depends on your organization and your preferences. Every month, or every quarter, you will, therefore, have to declare what you have earned through your private lessons at home.

The process is simplified and you can make your monthly or quarterly payment on the site of the auto-entrepreneur. After you have entered your turnover in the “declare and pay” section, the amount of your contributions is automatically calculated. You just have to pay with your credit card: that’s it! The social security contribution rate for the liberal professions in 2016 is 22.9% unless you have obtained ACCRE. The line to take into account is the following (Liberal Profession under the social regime of the self-employed).

Indeed, many people starting the activity of home teachers hesitate with the commercial profile. But, although you sell a service, a professor does not sell goods but a service. It is for this reason that the activity of the professor is registered in the liberal professions.



How to Create Personalized Graduation Cards Online

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How to Create Personalized Graduation Cards Online

You could surprise your guests on your graduation with a personalized greeting card. Your guests would appreciate the specific graduation greetings card details. You could indicate your educational accomplishment and pick texts which communicate directly to the guest. 

You can create custom graduation cards online and enjoy their services, including templates, designs, and colors. Using Mixbook will help you to create the beautiful, personalized card that you desire.

Mixbook for Your Graduation Cards

Mixbook could help you achieve a unique presentation and create an attractive style that would delight your guests. The Mixbook site offers all the graduation card-making requirements that you need. There are customizable fonts, decorative accents, and themes to help you fine-tune the card. Additionally, you are able to print the cards on high-quality greeting card-paper at an affordable price on Mixbook.

Whether you choose to use a portrait or landscape format for your graduation greetings card, you will never go wrong with the Mixbook graduation templates on the website. You can craft a long-lasting memory with your family when you opt for Mixbook.

Tips for Personalizing a Graduation Greetings Card

·       The greeting card should have key information

When designing the card, make sure to include the name of the graduate, the year of graduation, and the name of the school. If the card is meant as an invitation to the graduation ceremony, be sure to include the date, time, and venue of the graduation.  You can also include information about the graduate’s accomplishments or future plans.

·       Include photos

You could add photos to the graduation card. It could be fun to create a photo card with a chronicle of the education milestones of the graduate.

You could include photos in kindergarten, high school, and all the little details in your educational journey. You could choose to have the graduation photos taken by an expert photographer who understands the importance of lighting and color combination.

Your face should be a focus point on the graduation photo. Showcasing the graduate’s interests and accomplishments is always a good idea.  For example, an athlete can wear their uniform or hold a ball in a photo; a musician could hold their instrument; trophies or medals from different competitions could be included.  Make the graduation card as personalized as you want.

The Bottom Line

Graduations are important, and sharing this milestone with your loved ones is a great way to include them. Make sure to create the cards early enough to mail them out before your graduation happens.

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Best Ways To Overcome Language Barriers While Learning




Best Ways To Overcome Language Barriers While Learning

Overcome Language Barriers

A language barrier is a barrier that occurs when we communicate in foreign language. Almost everyone who is learning a foreign language has experienced this unpleasant feeling. It can happen not only with the people who have recently started learning, but with those who think that speak foreign language ideally. You can perfectly perceive and understand speech by ear, write without mistakes, read foreign literature and watch movies in the original, but you can’t express your thoughts. But the most weird thing is that when you look into the dictionary, you immediately realize that you know the needed word or construction for a long time.

Probably everyone studied a foreign language at school or institute, sometimes not even one. Whether it was a successful experience or not, we have this lesson a certain amount of time and effort. We learned words, retelled texts, wrote tests, passed exams, and so on. After completing all this it was assumed that we would be able to use this knowledge in the future. But in fact only few of us are able to talk to foreigners even on simple everyday topics. So if you want to overcome the language barrier, you have to follow some rules:

  1. Relax and don’t be nervous. When you are nervous, your brain starts to shut down partially and words mix in a mess. It becomes much more difficult for you to express your thoughts than when you are calm. Take a deep breath and think that the person you are talking to is also afraid to be misunderstood. So just remember to breathe calmly and smile at the other person. Smiling is a universal tool for building a dialogue.
  2. Don’t be shy. Shyness is one of the main barriers of communication. You should accept that you will make mistakes, speak incorrectly, that’s inevitable during studying. You just need to admit that you won’t be able to totally avoid it. It seems to us that people will laugh at our accent, we are afraid to look funny.
  3. Keep a notebook with you. Who would think that this simple thing could be so effective. Write down any words and phrases that you find useful. Review these notes on occasion to refresh your memory. The more vocabulary you have, the better you will feel during speaking.
  4. Repeat constantly. When watching a movie in a foreign language or with subtitles, you must periodically pause it and try to repeat the dialogues after the characters. This way the spoken language is learned and the correct pronunciation is honed.
  5. Use mobile apps and software to help you in learning. According to ComboApp higher education marketing agency, distance learning will be the most popular trend in 2021 as most of us have to stay at home and learn from our laptops and smartphones. Find the most suitable app for yourself that will help you memorize new words fast as well as connect with native speakers to immerse yourself in their language.
  6. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the other person again if you misheard something. If the foreigner speaks too fast and you can’t catch the words, ask him to repeat it more slowly. Do not pretend that everything is in order. The interlocutor will understand your position and begin to speak slower, choosing simpler words. Soon the panic will disappear and it will be possible to build a constructive dialogue.

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What Specific Military Medals Represent

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What Specific Military Medals Represent

If you aren’t particularly familiar with many aspects of the military, you may not know much about specific medals and honors that come with serving in the military. Some medals are awarded to specific branches of the military, and some, like the Medal of Honor, span multiple branches with multiple people awarded. Medals can signify many different things, but all of them are awarded to those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

If you’d like to know a bit more about what some of these military medals mean, and what the qualifications are to be awarded them.

Medals of Honor

This is probably one of the most well-known medals, so many of us have heard of this one. But we may not necessarily know what it means. Being awarded a Medal of Honor by the US Government is the highest honor that one can achieve in the Armed Forces. 

These medals have three variations: one for the Army, one for the Air Force, and one for the Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Navy. 

They are only awarded to those in the Armed Forces that show consistently that they are willing to go above and beyond what is required, even at the cost of risking their own lives.

The medal itself features a gold star that has different versions for each branch that it is awarded to, and it is attached to a blue ribbon that is embellished with stars as well.

Distinguished Service Cross

The Distinguished Service Cross is the second-highest medal awarded to service members enlisted in the Army. This medal is awarded only to members of the Army who have shown outstanding valor, as it is second only to the Medal of Honor. 

This particular medal is a gold cross with an eagle on it, attached to a dark blue ribbon with red trim.

Aside from the army, there are also Distinguished Service Crosses for all other branches of the military.

Navy Cross 

The second-highest honor in the Navy, this cross is given to marines and sailors who show exceptional heroism in the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard when it is operating under the Navy. 

When the Coast Guard is not operating under Navy Command, its members can receive a Coast Guard Cross, which is the equivalent of both the Navy and Distinguished Service Cross.

Air Force Cross

Much like both the Distinguished Service Cross for the Army and the Navy and COast Guard Crosses, the Air Force Cross is awarded to those serving in the Air Force for exceptional valor.

Distinguished Service Medal

As the fourth-highest honor for those in the Army, this medal is awarded to members who serve in both combat and non-combat positions. This medal denotes commendable performance in a significant position in the army.

Much like the Crosses awarded, there are equivalent Distinguished Service Medals also awarded to each other branch of the military, with medals for those serving in the Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Soldier’s Medal

Unlike the previously-mentioned medals, the Soldier’s Medal is reserved solely for non-combat service members who have risked their lives on behalf of citizens or fellow military members.

Purple Heart

One of the more well-known medals, a Purple Heart comes with significant weight. It is only awarded to those who have been injured in the line of duty, or posthumously to the brave men and women who have given their lives in battle, either on a peacekeeping force or in the instance of a terrorist attack.

This medal is the oldest medal, created first in 1782 by George Washington.

Though there are many other medals not mentioned, these are some of the most prestigious medals awarded in the military to those who have exemplified extraordinary courage and bravery while serving.

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