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Post DLC release and new trailer for Nioh 2 Strike Disaster appeared in 1555.



Post DLC release and new trailer for Nioh 2 Strike Disaster appeared in 1555

The Ninja Team follows the promise and released a new preview of NiOh 2. The video focuses on the plot preparation, which shows some characters that will be part of the plot without game trailers. 

Creative director Tom Lee, via the PlayStation Blog, gives more details about the story of NiOh 2. The game will take place in 1555, which is during the war of Japan. The appearance of the demon Yokai made the situation of the eastern countries worse. 

In this context, supporters who are mercenaries hired by demon hunters appear. As players know, the characters are half-human and half-yokai. In a difficult fight, the hunter loses demonic energy and decides to try to communicate with the devil. 

Afterward, the mercenaries meet the traveler of a merchant named Toukichiro who sells “Spirit Stones“, a magic object that helped him communicate with Yokai. From there, half of the royal family blended with Satan, both of whom were searched for a journey to gather spirit stones. 

However, it is not only But is the protagonist who searches for artifacts In the middle of the journey, some people interrupt – or something – half-blooded mission, which leads to many narrative elements and, of course, fighting with the fight. 

NiOh 2 DLC 

In the first game, NiOh 2 will have many DLC after launch. The game will have a pass that allows you to access three additional content highlighting different stories before the main event. 

The Ninja Team promises to add new weapons, fighting skills, and characters in each expansion. Those wishing to purchase the Deluxe Edition in the PlayStation Store will buy a pass and receive the Demon Horde and Kodama Netsuke Charm shield.