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Popular Technologies We Can Use For Location Tracking



Popular Technologies We Can Use For Location Tracking

Are you looking for location-tracking technologies? Nowadays, we can easily track someone’s location in different ways. In this post, we will discuss the basics of location tracking and some popular ways to do it. Read the complete post to learn more about them. 

You must have heard about the RFID warehouse system used by business organizations. Once you attach RFID tags to your items, you can easily track them and count inventory. We will talk about them later in this blog. Let’s discuss location-tracking technologies one by one. 

  1. GPS Technology 

Global Positioning System is the most popular technology in the world right now for location tracking. Here, we get signals straight from a satellite for precise location mapping. GPS is highly accurate and can get you a real-time location anytime. You can consult with an expert to learn more about them. 

  1. Global Navigation Satellite System 

Global Navigation Satellite System is also reliable for location tracking. Almost every developed country has their satellite for location tracking. You can use that facility for exact locations. It will significantly improve the accuracy and availability. 

  1. Cell Tower Tracking 

Cell tower triangulation is a popular method to locate a person using a mobile network. Depending on the strength of cell towers, it can take less or more time. This is your best option if you want to locate someone using their mobile. 

  1. WPS 

Have you heard about the Wi-Fi positioning system? WPS is a hugely popular technology that can access your database and find your location. Those who want to track location indoors or in an urban area should look for a WPS system.  

  1. Bluetooth Low Energy 

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are small devices used for Bluetooth transmission and signalling. Once you detect the signal, you can find out devices nearby of the signal. Different retail shops are using this technology in their shops. 

  1. NFC 

We all have used NFC or Near Field Communication technology in the past. Mostly we use this technology for communications. Experts say we can also track someone’s location in real-time. We can use this technology to access any person in a commercial setup. 

  1. RFID 

When discussing popular tracking technologies, how can we ignore RFID technology? Radio Frequency Identification can be used for RFID retail inventory. Here, you need to attach your items with RFID tags. You can track and manage your products easily with the software. Look for professional help installing basic RFID technology components in your place. 

  1. Inertial Measurement System 

Do you know about IMUs?  The inertial measurement system uses sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to track location and orientation. We can track signals and find their location with other technologies like GPS. 

  1. Ultra Wideband Technology 

Finally, we can use ultra-wideband technology for precise positioning and tracking. People use them for asset tracking, indoor navigation and other works. 

We can use many more technologies to track an item or a person. We have discussed a few of them here in this post. You can consult with an expert to learn more about them in detail. 



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