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Popular British-Canadian Rapper J.C Set To Drop Another Album Titled Variant



Popular British-Canadian Rapper J.C Set To Drop Another Album Titled Variant

J.C Peter’s song “Cruella” is an impressive song with excellent music videos, over 785,744 Spotify followers, and over one million YouTube views. There have been more than 219,000 streams of “Cruella” accessed. It may surprise some to learn that rapper J.C Peters does nearly all of the production for his tracks himself despite releasing an impressive new album, Gemini, and having an Instagram following of over 74,000.

J.C Peter a popular British-Canadian rapper set to drop another album titled Variant. Although the release date of his new album Variant is not yet set, it will certainly be released by next year. He writes, raps, records, edits, mixes, and adjusts his beats all from his own studio. Some may say he’s a bit of a perfectionist.

In spite of that, he has certainly been rewarded for his dedication to his craft. In addition to working and filming regularly in Toronto, J.C is one of Ottawa’s most prominent rappers. Ottawa’s Hip Hop Artist of the Year, as well as several other awards, was nominated for him in 2021.

Considering Cruella’s popularity, he believes the video should have many more views. Although he is pleased with the exposure, he feels more people will hear and enjoy the song in the right light.  There is a latin vibe to Cruella. In this video, Cruella Devil from 101 Dalmatians is reimagined in a Latina style. The views received so far have been greatly appreciated. J.C Peter also believes that his fans and followers will also enjoy his new album Variant on his different music profiles like Music Apple, Audiomack, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok: @j.ciii Spotify: J.C.

What separates J.C from other artists in Ottawa?

Ottawa based rapper J.C creates all of his music on his own. Having his own studio allows him to record, edit, mix, adjust beats, etc. It’s just J.C. himself that makes him stand out from other artists in Ottawa. There is no real team behind him. The only person who wears and plays multiple roles is J.C. As well as being versatile, he is also very talented. Every song he writes and sings sounds completely different. Besides rapping and singing, he was not afraid to try any genre if it felt right to him.

Lastly, some thoughts

According to him, being a part of the rap music industry is a tremendous honor and responsibility. As a rapper, musician and producer, he aims to make a positive impact on the world. His favorite thing about him is that he does not dislike anything about him. As he gains followers, he becomes more concerned about being genuine. His passion for music is what drives him to continue working hard and making original music. As a member of the rap music industry, he considers it an honor and a responsibility. As a musician and influencer, he wants to make a positive impact. His happiness is contagious. His responsibility to be genuine increases as he gains more followers. He is working on Variant album project and has countless other music videos to come.