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Poland or Germany: where is it better to buy a car?



Poland or Germany: where is it better to buy a car?

The secondary automobile market in Europe is rich in offers. To buy a second-hand car in one or another European country, you need to know the peculiarities of this process. We will tell you about them in the example of Poland and Germany.

Features of buying a used car in Poland

Poland is one of the European Union countries, so here we can count on the same advantages as in other European countries. The good condition of used cars is a consequence of quality maintenance, roads, and fuel. Most of the cars on the secondary market are sold in perfect condition, but there are also cars with minor damage, which are also loved by buyers from other countries because of their attractive value.

Buying cars in Poland is also advantageous because the car is not deregistered when it is sold, so it can be returned and documents can be restored. Another advantage is the possibility of a VAT refund when buying a vehicle. However, in most cases, this is possible only when buying a car from an official dealer. When buying a car from a private person, you need to clarify this possibility in advance. For such cars in the advertisements, there is a mark “VAT-Faktura”.

Peculiarities of buying a used car in Germany

As for Germany, it is mainly those who want to own a real “German”, which was operated only in Germany, who come here. The pedantry of Germans is well known all over the world, and it is manifested in everything, both at the stage of production of cars and in their further operation. In Germany, there are all conditions for a car to be in excellent condition even after several years of operation: roads, maintenance, quality fuel, the measured way of life of Germans, as well as their neatness.

Germany has about 20 factories producing cars. Among them are such giants as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche. To buy a used car, it is better to use specialized auctions.

If you bring a car from Germany on your own, the buyer has to comply with a number of formalities. When buying a car, you will have to visit a German car registration office to re-register the vehicle. The car will be registered to the new owner and the license plates will be removed, instead of which transit plates will be installed. The new owner will receive the documents needed to register the car in his country. It will also be necessary to buy insurance and check whether the car has passed technical inspection.

Poland or Germany: where to buy a car

The secondary car market in Poland offers more vehicles than the German market. This is why cars in poor technical condition are often found here. After being reconditioned, they end up on the market. Therefore, you need to be more careful when choosing a used car here. It is often easier to check a car in Poland and test drive it than in Germany.

So it all depends on your goals. If you want to become the owner of a real German car in a configuration that is available only in its homeland – then welcome to the auction of cars from Germany (go to the catalog). For the assortment, it is better to go to Poland.



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