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Plan Your Ideal Wedding on a Luxury Yacht



Plan Your Ideal Wedding on a Luxury Yacht

Yacht wedding is not a dream anymore. Yes, you read that right. Performing a ceremony on a yacht has become a popular trend, especially in the UAE. One of the most prominent reasons why this is so popular in the region is due to the easy access to yacht charter services. If you are planning the most extravagant and memorable wedding on a yacht, here’s an article that can help guide you through the process. 

Things to know about conducting a wedding on a yacht

What better way to elevate your wedding than on a luxurious yacht. The UAE has become a hot destination for people from other parts of the world to travel to and get married to their loved one. 

Of all the major destination wedding trends, yacht weddings have become extremely popular. If you are planning to opt for a yacht rental in Dubai to host your wedding, following are the important things you need to know.

  • Choose the best yacht rental in the region
  • Browse through their yacht options 
  • Select the most suitable yacht wedding package
  • Specify your requirements 

Choose the best yacht rental in the region

You are all set to host the biggest ceremony of your life, so you better reach out to the best yacht rental company in the region. The most well-established not only offer the best yachts but are also experienced in helping clients host lavish parties and events on their yachts. 

Additionally, the most popular yacht charter service companies collaborate with other leading event organizers to ensure a spotless party or event. One of the best ways to identify the perfect company is by visiting their official sites and also going through Google customer reviews. This will enable you to understand the experience of others, to help you in your decision.

Browse through their yacht options 

The biggest yacht rental companies in Dubai have a fleet of over 100 luxury yachts. Therefore, allowing you an extensive range of yachts to choose from. Choosing a yacht might get tricky, especially when there is a large number of yachts available. 

While choosing the perfect yacht for your wedding ceremony, consider the amenities available, the number of passengers that it can accommodate, and its rental rates. If all these factors are suitable as per your requirements, you can proceed to choose the yacht for your choice. 

Select the most suitable yacht wedding package

Of all the yacht rental company’s available in the region, only a selected few offer a range of yacht wedding packages. Every package will differ from the other, offering a variety of options for you to celebrate. Therefore, browse through these package options, to find the one that suits you the best. 

Specify your requirements 

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Hence, you are likely to have an elaborate set of requirements that you would like to have. For instance, the decor for your wedding, catering menu, and other entertainment amenities onboard. 

All of these aspects can be customized as per your requirement on a yacht. Therefore, specify your requirements in advance to ensure that the yacht rental company delivers it accordingly.

Yachts to choose for your wedding

There are a large number of yachts that you can choose from in Dubai. However, we have listed down the three most popular yachts based on their pricing and amenities available. Find out the features and rental prices of the yachts mentioned below. 

Wedding Yacht Rental Options
Yacht Model Rental PriceAmenities Available 

Benetti 164 yacht Code 8

AED 160,000 per dayAED 16,000 per hour
5 guest cabins10 guests for an overnight stayPassenger capacity of 50
Majesty 101 yacht Black Diamond AED 28,000 per dayAED 2,500 per hour4 luxury cabins 8 overnight guestsPassenger capacity of 50
Aicon 85 yacht Tayget AED 40,000 per dayAED 3,500 per hour3 premium suites6 guests overnight20 capacity of passengers

The charter prices mentioned above are standard rates. These prices are subject to vary based on all the additional services you have requested for. 

While booking a yacht charter for your wedding, you will receive a proper quote for all the custom requirements you have specified. Based on this you can proceed to book your yacht for your dream wedding. 

Why is Dubai famous for yacht weddings?

The world’s best yachts paired with exotic locations, makes Dubai the perfect destination for yacht weddings. Some of the top yacht rental companies are present in the region who offer a large selection of luxury yachts for rent.

Not only that but these companies also specialize in hosting various yacht-based events. Therefore, enabling you to conduct an event or ceremony of your choice. Also, the ability to cruise out at the sea to some of the most extraordinary sites, makes Dubai such a desirable place for yacht weddings. 

Top places to visit in Dubai for a special yacht wedding

While there are plenty of places you can visit on your yacht in Dubai, we have listed down the most well-known spots. These locations will enable you to capture beautiful wedding photographs.

  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina 
  • Ain Dubai 
  • The World Islands 
  • Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Burj Al Arab 

Yacht wedding: A lavish and extravagant wedding ceremony

If you are planning the most exciting and memorable wedding ceremony you now know exactly what to do. Simply book a yacht in Dubai, get it decked up as your requirements and share the vows with the person you love the most. Make sure to follow all the tips and tricks we have mentioned to ensure a seamless charter experience.



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