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Pickalo caesar



Pickalo caesar

Recording artist and CEO of the record label Airport recordz pickalo caesar has become one of the most controversial underground artists in the world. Pickalo made his way through the underground music industry by saying what he mean and mean what he says. even if it hurt most of America he says it anyways, that’s what really caught our attention to this young fellow. even though he denied a interview with us, we hope to get him on our platform very soon. you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, just Google him. go to his website and check this guy out he’s one of the greatest in the game right now.

A lot of people pay attention more to mainstream music instead of the underground music. Which underground music is More authentic than “mainstream music” and underground music is more real and political then mainstream. Everyone is talking about “Kanye West” recent outburst of the industry, is what led us to this underground artist Pickalo. If you listen to Pickalo caesar album’s like one of his first solo EP’s called “The Mad Hatta” he has songs on there like “FREE BILL COSBY” “THE MAD HATTA” “TRUE STORY” and “CRYSTAL MEANINGS”. Now on that album in that track called “The Mad Hatta” if you listen he is telling you about the industry and what’s down the rabbit hole. Oh my God!! And then go and listen to the new EP he recently released, “The Muthafucking Mad Hatta, Revelations it is mind-blowing.

Just go see for yourself he also have YouTube videos that you can fine on his personal YouTube channel at: pickalo caesar and you can go follow him on his personal Instagram page at: @pickalocaesar you know what here is his direct me link just click the link and follow him on all platforms and you can see what I’m talking about and you can find his music on all music streaming platforms and here is his website go check it out