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Philadelphia Native Inspires Millions With His Fitness-based Online Content



Philadelphia Native Inspires Millions With His Fitness-based Online Content

Social media content creator, Joshdifferent, continues to spread the message of positivity through his inspirational fitness-themed content

Joshdifferent has been able to stay different in the world of online content creation, carving a niche in the industry for inspiring people who come from dysfunctional families trying to get an outlet and live a better life. In a related development, the Philadelphia native recently posted new content on his social media handles as he continues to use his creativity to motivate as many people as possible across the globe to reach for greatness, regardless of the obstacles they face.

I channel my pain with creativity thru music, comedy, Public speaking, and fitness training. Then I put everything together and display it on my social medial Platforms so I can inspire other people to be different,” said Joshdifferent.

Online content creation has grown to become a major industry, thanks to the emergence of several acts across the globe delivering different types of videos, images, and texts to their varying audience. While the industry has witnessed tremendous growth in a relatively short while to become a multi-billion-dollar, much of the content is particularly genetic and often fails to address any topical issues. However, Joshua Blackwell, otherwise known as Joshdifferent, has stood out from the park, by creating content that educates and motivates his fans worldwide.

The approach by Joshdifferent is particularly unique, offering a mix of comedy, mental health, motivation, fitness, and music, using his personal life experience to create relatable content. The versatile fitness-based content creator has honed his skills over the years. Joshdifferent suffered from depression for 7 years. However, he was able to over the situation, learning how to produce his own music and others, edit and make comedy videos, as well as study human behavior and psychology.

For further information about the Joshdifferent brand and the plethora of content from the talented creator, visit – Joshdifferent also has a growing fan base across social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

About Joshdifferent

Joshdifferent, also known as Joshua Blackwell, is a Philadelphia native who grew up in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. From 2nd grade until his freshman year of high school, Joshua delved into several ways of understanding life and creating different ways of expressing himself and helping others. He turned into fitness and content creation to inspire others via social media.

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