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Path of Exile Boss Rushing for Easy Currency Guides



Path of Exile Boss Rushing for Easy Currency Guides

In Path of Exile, there are numerous ways to accumulate wealth, and one strategy that has gained popularity is boss rushing. This approach allows you to Farming PoE currency efficiently without requiring extensive map juicing or complex mechanics. This guide will delve into the details of boss rushing, covering the essential strategies and tips to maximize your earnings.

Understanding the Income Sources

Before diving into boss-rushing strategies, let’s discuss where your money comes from in this approach. Boss rushing focuses on influence mechanics rather than destructive map juicing. In this context, influence refers to the impact of specific map modifiers that can significantly boost your earnings.

To illustrate this concept, consider the example of running Beach maps with added influence. The first pack of monsters you encounter in a map with influence can drop valuable items, such as invitations and valuable map drops. An invitation, for instance, can be worth 1.2 divines, and when you factor in the doubled map return and other valuable drops, the earnings start to add up rapidly.

For instance, if we look at the incandescent invitation, you can earn around 54 to 55 divines from these maps in just 10 hours of gameplay. This income is further supplemented by items like lab trials, Shaper, Elder, Conqueror Maps, and more. Lab trials, in particular, offer opportunities for additional earnings, especially if you encounter upgraded trials like “Gift to the Goddess,” which can be quite valuable.

Sustaining Maps

Sustaining maps is a crucial aspect of boss rushing. Since you’re not engaging in extensive clearing or looting, it’s important to ensure that you consistently have maps to run. Your Atlas passive tree should be optimized for map returns, focusing on nodes that increase your chances of duplicating maps. Favorable map combinations, such as Beach and Strand, can help you maintain a steady map pool.

Additionally, having four Vaal Side Areas, also known as “voidstones,” and favoriting specific maps like Beach and Strand can further enhance your map sustain. These maps should be adjacent to each other on your Atlas. While there are various map combinations you can choose from, it’s essential to strike a balance between map efficiency and personal preference.

The Need for Speed

Perhaps the most critical factor in boss rushing is the speed of your build. Faster builds translate to more maps run per hour, which directly correlates with higher earnings. It’s crucial to use a build that is both lightning-fast and capable of clearing mobs efficiently. Builds like Lightning Warp or Tornado Shot Lightning Arrow can excel in this strategy.

It’s worth noting that the faster your build, the more profitable boss rushing becomes. Speed is paramount because it allows you to capitalize on the high returns of influence mechanics and boss drops. While some other strategies may accommodate slower builds, boss rushing demands top-tier speed.

Map Preparation and Optimization

When preparing maps for boss rushing, you don’t need to invest heavily in map modifiers like chisels or sextants. However, rerolling magic maps can be worthwhile to increase item quantity. In terms of influence, choose either “Searing Exarch” or “Eldered Orbs” depending on which invitation is more valuable at the time. Be flexible and adapt to the changing market.

Mistakes to Avoid

To maximize your boss rushing efficiency, there are several common mistakes you should avoid:

Poor Loot Filter: Ensure that your loot filter is set up correctly to hide low-value items, such as chaos orbs or lower-tier currencies. This will prevent distractions and keep you focused on valuable drops.

Clicking Altars: Resist the urge to click on alters or engage in other time-consuming mechanics like Alva’s Temples, Blight encounters, or Incursions. These can slow you down significantly and are not worth the time investment.

Ignoring Trials: Trials are essential for upgrading your offerings and increasing your earnings. Don’t skip them just because you dislike running them. The rewards are worth the occasional detour.


Boss rushing in Path of Exile is an effective and relatively easy way to accumulate currency quickly. It is especially suitable for players who prefer low-effort farming methods or those who are just starting out in the league. The key to success in boss rushing lies in having a fast and efficient build, optimizing your map setup, and avoiding common mistakes that can hinder your progress. With the right approach, you can enjoy a steady stream of divines and other valuable items while skipping the complexities of more intensive strategies.


Occurrences of Fraud in the iGaming World and How to Prevent Them



Occurrences of Fraud in the iGaming

Fraud continues to be a major concern for online gaming companies. Whenever there’s a big sports event, the amount of money being dealt with goes through the roof, and the rules are always shifting. Trying to expand into new areas becomes even harder because of these ongoing challenges. These companies are really in need of reliable tools to catch fraud. It’s crucial for them to feel confident about expanding their business. Picture it like a high-stakes game where having the right tools can make or break their success. They’re on the lookout for a tailored system that fits their needs perfectly.

It’s not just about stopping fraud; it’s about using different reliable methods to prevent them to ensure your online gaming can keep growing in a safe and secure manner. Loads of igaming portals these days are seeking a comprehensive solution that safeguards their growth, maintains trust with their customers and secures their position in an ever-evolving market.

Prevalence of Frauds in the iGaming Sphere

The presence of fraud poses an escalating threat to enterprises navigating the iGaming domain. On a global scale, digital fraud rates in iGaming ballooned during the past decade and could increase even further if not addressed in the right manner. Seasonal spikes in transactional activities during major events, coupled with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and the complexities associated with venturing into untapped markets, have underscored the pressing necessity for igaming operators to rely on trustworthy fraud detection mechanisms and igaming payment processing services.

This reliance is integral to fostering a sense of assurance in business growth within this high-stakes world. Businesses operating within this realm recognize the importance of having a robust, tailor-made fraud prevention strategy catering precisely to their unique needs.

Why does the iGaming World Attract fraud more than Other Sectors

The iGaming Sector encapsulates various forms of online betting where participants wager on game outcomes or events. This expansive industry encompasses online gaming, including virtual igaming platforms and sports betting sites. Online gambling and iGaming, while related, represent distinct entities within the larger industry. iGaming functions as an overarching term encompassing a multitude of online gaming and gambling activities, such as app-based betting games, skill-based gaming, online lotteries,  and fantasy sports.

The digital transformation of gaming and gambling has propelled substantial global growth, elevating the iGaming sector into a colossal and continuously expanding market valued at billions of Dollars. This expansive growth not only offers immense prospects for legitimate businesses but also attracts the attention of bad actors seeking fraudulent opportunities.

Common Fraud Types Present in the iGaming World

Fraud in iGaming spans across many regions, with North America and Europe witnessing significant growth in this field. Fraudsters globally have devised tactics to exploit security weaknesses, targeting online gaming operators throughout a player’s journey, from login to deposit to withdrawal. Some of the prevalent fraudulent schemes jeopardizing iGaming companies include:

Multiple Account Fraud                                     

Fraudsters fabricate dozens or even hundreds of accounts using false details to gain an unfair advantage online. These accounts are utilized for various cheating and collusion tactics, including:


Cybercriminals create domains similar to a company’s brand or product names, aiming to attract illegitimate referral traffic through fraudulent redirects or web pages. This deceptive tactic diverts traffic to their own sites, misleading users in the process.

Bonus Abuse

Bogus accounts receive new signup bonuses and other promotional offers. While these promotions are a great incentive to get new players on board, they can quickly become a massive burden if not properly regulated. Since bonuses are usually restricted to one use per account, fraudsters create multiple accounts to repeatedly avail of these bonuses.

Affiliate Fraud

This type of fraud involves deceitful actions by a third party to benefit personally from marketing strategies like pay-per-click campaigns. For instance, some fraudsters make use of stolen data or payment information from an iGaming provider to drive leads or generate sales for their own business.


Imagine a player handling many accounts that seem like they belong to different people, such as friends or family members. But here’s the trick—this player is actually running all those accounts alone. These ‘ghost profiles’ can be quite sneaky. They’re used for all sorts of tricky moves like sharing rewards points or using stolen payment details for their own gain.

Steer Clear of Fraud with Reliable igaming payment processing Services

Wrapping things up, it would be fair to say that an iGaming payment gateway serves as a pivotal tool for igaming operators by offering a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention, integrating security features, implementing robust monitoring and detection systems, and ensuring compliance with the right policies safeguard against fraudulent activities. High-risk payment processing services like Pay. cc know that fraud is a prevalent concern in the world of igaming and provides their clients with the right tools and features to help them conduct transactions without worrying about fraudulent activities impacting their finances.

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