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Outboard Motor Corporation (OMC)




Outboard Motor Corporation (OMC)

About Outboard Motor Corporation (OMC) Outboard Marine Corporation was a maker of Evinrude and Johnson boat motors, Evinrude parts and many different brands of boats. The names Johnson and Evinrude were won by bid in February 2001 by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) and therefore the boat division by Genmar Corporation. At the 2001 Miami Boat Show, they both said they might do their best to support dealers and warranties. successively also does it is best to urge you OMC parts (fulfilled by BRP) at rock bottom price.

Looking for GLM aftermarket OMC boat parts? may be a leading retailer of OMC parts and is that the #1 OMC Cobra Sterndrive parts retailer within us. We bring two important elements together with the right parts, and the deep discounts that help you save money when you shop with us. We have thousands of OMC outdrive parts/inboard engine parts ready to ship to your door so that you can keep your OMC engine running its best.

US Boatworks stocks over 2 million new and used boat parts to satisfy all of your needs. When you place your order online, save to twenty off OMC Sterndrive boat parts retail prices.

Outboard Motor Corporation including the Evinrude / Johnson outboard line officially went out of business in 1998 when Volvo purchased their rights and their manufacturing facility in Lexington. OEM parts are still being manufactured through BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). Many OEM parts are still interchangeable with Johnson and Evinrude outboard models, and some outboards still use the identical lower housing as the Cobra sterndrive model. Rumors have it that the 2 stroke 150 hp Johnson / Evinrude outboard repairs cost do to engine carbon build-up at low speeds was all-so a factor.

Use our parts finder to look at engine drawings to seek out the OMC engine parts you would like. Select that part and place it directly in your handcart. Online boat inventory with microfiche search for Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Mariner, Force, OMC, Mercruiser, and Volvo-Penta. Selection includes:

  • lower unit parts
  • manifolds
  • upper driveshaft assemblies
  • stern drive parts
  • power packs
  • outdrives
  • upper units
  • lower driveshaft assemblies
  • propellers

How to Find OMC Parts

Select the year and therefore the model number to urge started. After you find the component, you’ll take a glance at the OMC parts and OMC outdrives parts diagrams counting on the year. Once you find those parts, you’re benefiting from some of the very best prices on the internet, with discounts between 15% to 80% off MSRP. Our team can help if you’re unsure about what’s right for your engine, and our chat function here on the location gives you an immediate line to our customer service professionals who can assist you identify the proper OMC Cobra sterndrive parts for your engine. You can also call us and speak directly with our team.

About OMC Sterndrive Parts

OMC (Outboard Marine Corporation) was one of the world’s largest outboard manufacturers. The company owned several lines of boats, including Chris Craft, Princecraft, Javelin, SeaSwirl, and 4 Winns. The OEM parts that made up the engines in those boats, and lots of others, were designed to satisfy the exacting expectations of boaters around the world. They were the manufacturer behind great outboard motors from Evinrude, Johnson, and Gale, and at just one occasion commanded about one-third of the whole outboard market.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in CRM




The Role of Artificial Intelligence in CRM

Machine learning and AI is a growing trend in the CRM industry. By combining these technologies, CRM has now become more flexible, productive, and efficient and can offer exceptional business insight throughout every department of an organization. To make it short, the combination of state of the art tech like AI makes the CRM more intelligent.


And this is the reason CRM Software Development Company is constantly getting requests of AI integration into CRM. But, this trend is not new. In fact, the adoption of AI-enabled CRM has been growing since 2017. According to studies made by Pactera Technologies and Nimdzi Insights, more than 50% of entrepreneurs leveraged some of the AI DNA to boost CRM capabilities. And, most of them enjoyed an exceptional return on the investment.


H1: CRM Software Development Company integrating AI into CRM that delivers results across many different business departments. And here’s how:


The impact of AI-powered CRM on sales:


  • Recognize and answer to the most positive leads first by making use of the lead scoring algorithms.


  • Analyze and predict the most reliable business forecasts and makes faster quotes- real-time pricing and discount history.


  • Sales representatives get alerts if the leads are not being processed at a regular pace.


  • Qualify leads by analyzing prospects’ communication patterns.


  • Automate business sales cycles and keep sharp eye on every ongoing process from leads’ first contact to the time the deals get closed.


  • Reduce manual jobs such as data entry by using pre-populated areas and exceptional tasks and notifications.


H2: Professional Custom Software Development Company can integrate AI into CRM in a way that they can boost your marketing effort as well. And here’s how:


  • When a prospect reacts to your marketing content, AI can send an automatic response to keep up the engagement high. This is being done 24/7.


  • Follow prospects throughout various social media channels to understand how the prospect sees your brand


  • Study every marketing effort and fetch data in easy to use dashboard which helps to refine overall digital marketing efforts.


  • A prospect gets a real-time response when they visit from social media or websites.


  • By using a machine learning algorithm, CRM triggers a successful email campaign by analyzing previous customers’ responses.


CRM was originally developed to serve a business’s customers better. It was doing that job great. But, after the advent of AI, it is now on steroids! Here’s how an AI integrated CRM is taking the customer service to the next level and making business more profitable:


  • Define the intention of the customer’s phone calls and the regularity with which they occur to enhance customer satisfaction


  • Automatically send requests to the right department to administer swift and correct answers to any queries.


  • Track and examine client satisfaction on social media platforms to resolve any potential issue before it escalates.


  • Use Chatbots/ Virtual assistants to answer FAQs very quickly. These bots are now can even detect natural languages!


  • Listen and analyze agent calls to improve the techniques to boost up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

The role of an AI-enabled CRM is vast and spread across different business boards. The benefits it offers are proven fact and thus more and more entrepreneurs are leaning towards AI integration. If you wish to reap the most benefit out of your CRM, and AI integration by professional Custom Software Development company is worth a try. Let us help you make the most out of your CRM and business.

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How to choose web hosting service




How to choose web hosting service

Web hosting service is kind of the most important thing to think about first for any kind of business. 

After website creation, quality content or website speed time to think about quality hosting service. This is one of the most important things for the business. 

In this article, I will talk about web hosting trials. Is this necessary? No, but this is a very good opportunity to try service first then decide what to choose. There are some reasons why every business owner has to think about this offer. Here is one company that offers web hosting free trial no credit card.

You can actually get to know the service provider

Firstly, the most obvious advantage of free trial web hosting is the ability to try out complete hosting services. Usually, providers offer a certain trial period, which ranges from 14 to 60 days.

Providers don’t even need a credit card to start their trial, so you can start right here with just a few clicks.

A few weeks are enough to get to know what a company has to offer for you. Most of the time you can get access to the company’s complete hosting features. Storage space, opportunities to host a couple of websites on the same account and so on. 

A small research can be done and several companies compared

It is not a secret that most hosting providers generally offer the same things in one form or another. There are usually three main hosting types that are offered to clients: VPS shared hosting and reseller hosting.  

What makes the difference between these hosting types are such factors as the number of resources given, dependence on servers and so on. They pretty much encompass what most web owners need, which is the reason why differentiation regarding these factors has become an industry standard.

Of course, since WordPress is such a popular CMS, some providers separate WordPress hosting as a separate service. This is aimed at those who have a WordPress-based website and are determined to maximize what their CMS gives them.

My main point here is – because most providers follow a standard it’s easy to compare them and choose the one that meets your needs the best. Whether it’s the hosting types, or extremely detailed plans with info on server power, storage, and bandwidth, etc., most companies offer an insight into what they offer in a similar manner.

To sum up

Even though hosting companies present their hosting plans in a standardized manner, careful planning and consideration will eventually help you decide which provider is the best for you.

Don’t forget to check web hosting offers at

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Best Tools for Calligraphy on Your Phone

Bobby Jansson



Best Tools for Calligraphy

The world of calligraphy has always fascinated me. As a former graphic design student, I found the effects of different fonts on a piece of art or copy were very interesting. However, I always wanted a way to create new fonts from my phone with the help of technology because I was never very artistic myself.

Awesome Apps for Learning Calligraphy

Fortunately, I found this helpful link that sent me to a page full of awesome calligraphy apps that allowed me to do all this and more. The benefits of these apps are surprisingly numerous, especially for aspiring artists and graphic designers.

Customize your font, size, and colors

Many apps like the Calligraphy Penmanship app will allow you to type or write text before manipulating it in a variety of ways. This is an easy way to create the fun word art, send exciting and different messages to friends and family, and take your artwork to the next level. If there’s a piece of art or a picture you’ve taken that you’d enjoy laying text over, having the option to change the font size and color can help you find the perfect fit.

There are also a lot of therapeutic values to being able to change the fonts. As people deal with different emotions during the day, journaling, writing, or making art can be a fun way to meditate and clear their minds. By being able to change the font size and add aesthetically pleasing effects like shadows and backgrounds, you can take your journaling in different directions that can stimulate your creativity.

Create your own font styles

Along with being able to aid your journaling, calligraphy apps allow you to get even more creative by designing your own font styles. You can draw them from scratch or edit existing fonts to suit your vision so that you can type in all new fonts that look exactly how you want them to. There are over 100 base fonts to choose from for editing or the option to draw your own upper and lowercase letters.

Many of these apps feature a calligraphy keyboard that can help take your font and apply it to any project you’re creating. And it’s not just reserved for the English language. There are Old English fonts along with Chinese and Arabic symbols, and more. Now you can create the perfect font for the picture or journal piece that needs a quote or message.

Life-like pen strokes

As you continue to explore these apps, you’ll notice that some can help you create life-like pen strokes right on your phone with either a finger or stylus. These apps allow you to replicate the thickness of the pen stroke based on the angle on the stroke, along with changing colors and adding various effects. Now you can let your inner artist flourish as you draw incredible word art right on your phone.

In the same way, these apps can also teach you how to create word art on paper. With calligraphic stroke lessons, tutorials, and videos, these apps can teach you the proper tools and techniques to create calligraphy on the phone and on paper. You can even print out your designs for mass-production or trace them to create real-life art that originated with artistic effects on your phone.


If being creative with fonts or artistic journaling helps you meditate or enjoy your projects more, then calligraphy apps will be an entertaining and productive tool.

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