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NZXT announces collaboration with ASRock to launch the “H510i Phantom Gaming” Cabinet – Images and Specifications



NZXT announces collaboration with ASRock to launch the "H510i Phantom Gaming"

NZXT is currently partnering with ASRock to provide a special game alliance for the famous H510i board.

“Our participation with ASRock Alliance Ghost is very interesting,” said Johnny Hui, founder and president of NZXT. “ASRock is a market leader in computer games and we look forward to working with them to provide the right products to meet the needs of players around the world.”

Chris Lee, Regional Director and Strategy, said New Zealand has been active in the sports market for more than a decade and we are excited to be an important partner in sports products. Our partnership with NZXT Adopts ASRock’s can strengthen our position in the videogame community. ”

The Phantom H510i game incorporates updated HXX features to provide an ideal gaming experience for both professional players and PC enthusiasts. These features include improvements in USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB C and Smart V2 that support the NZXT HUE 2 RGB product system.

Phantom H510i feature

Unique design: Phantom Gaming H510i is available in red, gray and brown and is compatible with the beauty of the Phantom ASRock alliance. The forehead is a proud symbol.

With the latest versions of Front and USB 3.1 C, you can easily connect your computer to the latest smartphone through an external memory or high-end standard devices.

Luxurious design: the elegant and modern railing and metal walls make this series of products extremely beautiful.

CAM NZXT: Smart CAMXX allows you to monitor and manage your devices from presets or RGB screens on your favorite PC.

The new and intelligent V2 includes two faster processors, two terminals, RGB HUE 2 and three units that support CAMXX fans and electronic controllers.

Powerful air conditioning: the F120 mm fan provides better air, tin and electricity. It has hidden pylons and can be thermally adjusted up to 240 mm, which allows the installation of closed circuits.

Ergonomic design worldwide: cable systems last longer than assembly systems. Pre-control cables and cables make the cable simple, simple and easy to use.

Vertical GPU: check the graphics card and the integrated GPU connector.


Asia: available

Europe: available

Mexico and Brazil are currently for sale.

Contact your sales representative for product information. * PCIe risk identification.