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Nidalodean, The Attorney Who’s Revolutionizing The Content Creator World.



Nidalodean, The Attorney Who’s Revolutionizing The Content Creator World.


Everyone dreams of becoming a successful person, achieving something meaningful in life. But, very few of us succeed in becoming successful personality because, it depends on the person’s struggle to pursue that dream. To be successful in life, it requires dedication, years of struggle, being consistent and not giving up. Nida Maqsood is among such people who not only dreamed of becoming successful, but she also worked hard to make that dream come true with her uniqueness and charming personality.

Nida Maqsood or popularly known as Nidaloadean is Pakistani-American model, influencer and lawyer based in Los Angeles, United States Of America. She was born in United Arab Emirates to a Pakistani family, her family later moved to America. She had her middle and high school education between Kansas City and Torrance. To pursue her childhood dream of becoming lawyer she went to Florida to study law. After years of failing and struggling, she passed California Attorney’s License exam and became a real estate and entertainment lawyer.

While studying and pursuing legal career, Nidaloadean found a hobby to post online on daily basis on social media about her life, her make-up choices and her wardrobe choices etc. She started to gaining fans and follower. Living in USA as a Muslim immigrant, and being made fun of henna on the hands on Eid or different food choices or clothes, all of these differences in the culture that she thought as drawbacks turned out to be unique and trending for her viewers and follower. She became a trend setter celebrity influencer in very short time.

Nidaloaden loves working with Sugar Bear Hair, which was one of the very first brands she collaborated with as an influencer, and years later still have a strong working relationship with them. She also loves to work with small indie brands because she really like to assist with small-business awareness. Working with Instagram was also beneficial and amazing for her. She also believes in giving back to the society, and has worked with many women shelters in Los Angeles, where she helps women with their job applications, help them understand legal court documents and help with child custody issues etc.

Nodoubt, Nidaloadean is an inspiration for many women and new comers who love her and everything about her. She also wants to open a non-profit organization for women, and plant water wells in countries of need. Nida Maqsood believed in her struggle and her becoming a lawyer being an immigrant is source of hope for many women who are fighting for their dreams. She is the bright energy full of positivity which can be seen in her content. We can safely say that ‘Nidaloadean is the attorney who’s revolutionizing the content creator world’.