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Native Houstonian create NFT dedicated to the Houston culture. Has been offered 100,000’s of dollars before it’s officially released



Native Houstonian create NFT dedicated to the Houston culture

LeMarcus launch an NFT dedicated to the Houston DJ Screw Culture. His NFT receive a lot of positive feedback and has been offered 200,000 to 600,000. I have been sitting on this NFT for about four to five months because I didn’t know what platforms to launch it on and I wanted to learn more about NFTs.

Growing up, I struggled in school with my grades and my behavior. I was the true definition of no child left behind. I actually failed the fifth and sixth grades and my teacher recommended I enroll in the resource program for students who had learning and behavioral problems in class. My parents felt that the program wasn’t a good fit, so they sent me to a gentleman by the name of Alvin Boom Boom Jackson. He was famous in the Houston area for helping inner-city kids. Although I struggled, I made great strides and made the dean’s list all throughout college and graduated from Texas A&M in Kingsville. In addition, I completed grad school at Texas Southern University and graduated with a 3.4 GPA. I had a host of successful people in my corner at every phase of my life people whom you can call upon like Former NFL Hall of Former Darrell Green who is my Mentor, Coach Elliott, Leonard Wheeler, Former NFL Executive the late Gene Upshaw, the late Rick Forzano who was also Bill Belichick Mentor, Lackawanna Head Coach Mark Duda, Bill Snyder, Phil Bennett, Phil Hughes who is now Director of the Academic Success Program at the University of Michigan, Retired 1st Sargent Ms. Pearl Brown, Darryl Matthews, Baltimore News Anchor Vic Carter, Retired Command General Spider Marks and Retired Army General Rick Gibbs. I think one of my struggles in life has been dealing with people who are not like-minded and do not engage in helping people or the youth and that takes a special person.

My life experience has helped shape me into who I am today. From having a child at a young age to making so many sacrifices either on the football field or traveling to places like Iraq, Afghanistan working alongside soldiers during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. This has helped me understand the population which I’m serving. Understanding how to deal with people from different ethnic backgrounds, different cultures, parents, communities, government policy and procedures, and our aspiring youth scholars who just need an opportunity to succeed.

I’m still trying to get into the NFT space and learn more this is my first time so I’m looking to learn more about the NFT