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Naser Hasan, at 29 years he is still one of the best Emirati models




Naser Hasan

There is a growing trend among UAE residents to lead a healthier lifestyle, with demand for personal fitness training sessions that is on the rise.

A combination of many different factors including better awareness about the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, a desire to look fit and healthy and the increase in fitness-related content on social media is contributing to this rising interest. Amongst fitness, there has been a rising trend in the Emirati Modeling industry. One such example of an Emirati model is Naser Hasan, also known as Model Naser.

Who is Naser Hasan?

Naser Hasan who is also known as Model Naser, as his name might suggest, is a five-foot-ten, 29-year-old Emirati model, who is shaping his future in the modeling industry since 2008. Naser has graced numerous magazines and news portals too.

Naser’s plans soon changed after he won numerous bodybuilding competitions and originally he is now on the pursuit to make modeling as a career. Making his debut earlier this year with brands like RZIST and working with Wawan Protein since 2018, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing since then. Working alongside Wawan Protein this year, Naser has since been featured on numerous editorials and campaigns as well.

Besides basking in his success, Naser still enjoys going to the gym and is intrigued by his physique.

What are the tips that you would recommend to someone who is new in the modeling industry?

Don’t copy anyone, create your own style to succeed. Invest in yourself, nothing comes easy! Know this – Dedication is the key and consistency is the way.

What is your secret for staying fit?

Showing respect and love to myself has been the most important aspect of staying fit and healthy. Hard work pays off.

How are you planning to grow in the modeling industry?

I have already planned for my future. I’m starting my own fashion brand soon and it will blow the market as soon as it arrives.

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Wizdakidd (born Joseph T. Gordon Jr. in 1998) started producing his freshman year in college at Jackson State University




Wizdakidd (born Joseph T. Gordon Jr. in 1998)

Raised by his grandparents in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Wizdakidd (born Joseph T. Gordon Jr. in 1998) started producing his freshman year in college at Jackson State University, producing tracks for his early mixtapes in his dorm room. After a flurry of increasingly strong beat mixtapes (most notably 2019’s Thee Loaner), Wiz made his major-label leap with 2019’s Operation Wizod. After starting his own label from the ground up (WDK Records) He kicked off early 2020 with a string of similar beat tapes (Tau Upsilon Phi, Thee First Take, Thee Loner, Stringz) that continued to chart his sound, featuring collaborations with nemraps and many more. Sometimes Aggressive yet sometimes soulful, Wiz’s Beats feels like a natural step in the evolution of southern hip-hop beats, echoing both Tay Keith and Zaytoven as well as Turbo and other Southern producers, here’s some questions& answers from his recent interview.

1.What’s your background?

“ I grew up in Clarksdale, ms, a really small town. The top of the town was everybody knows each other, I wasn’t popular or anything like that I really was a bipolar loner who had a few friends, none of my friends knew I had mental issues because I’ve all ways kelp it is hidden from them because I thought they wouldn’t be cool with me if they found out, It wasn’t until recently I finally accept the fact that’s just who I am

2.Who are your biggest influences?

Young Thug, that’s my guy, Drake is my favorite artist but young thug is my guy because he just doesn’t care, most ppl say he weird but I think he’s the goat. and a lot of these new rappers need to be honest about their influences because they really are clones with their minor edits. no cap.

3.How do you price your work?

All of my beats are free because I feel like its a lot of artists out there who can’t afford quality beats so I try my best to help as many artists as I can, most ppl wouldn’t do that, some say I’m crazy and it makes my beats have less value my response is my beats are still free because no one has exclusive rights but me unless I send over the paperwork until then anybody can use them

4.How do you navigate the art world?

I just do me, bro, sometimes I don’t want to talk, sometimes I do, sometimes I want to help, sometimes I don’t, I sleep a lot because I feel like I wake up different people every single time. So if something bad happens I sleep it off and wake up with an “ ok cool what’s the next move” type of mindset.

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Interview with the talented music producer, Obrian Olando Young of Moon People Recordz




Obrian Orlando Young of Moon People

With over a decade’s worth of experience in making music, Obrian Olando Young is a talented music producer who makes unique music. Obrian has been making music since a young age, but he decided to become a producer in the recent past. Since then, Obrian has given some of the best music to the music industry. His hard work and dedication have earned him a staunch name and reputation, along with a massive fan following that supports him in his musical journey. His YouTube channels “Moon People music Vevo” and “Moon

People Recordz” are consistently updated with all the latest happenings and music produced by this artist. His latest collaboration with Rytikal in the latest single “90s” has received a reception from listeners across the globe. This track is a vibe. It gives you an adrenaline rush, but at the same time, makes you feel calm and relaxed. This song will make you want to bob your head and dance to its captivating music. A perfect amalgamation of upbeat music and free-flowing lyrics, “90s” is winning people’s hearts ever since its release.

Interviewer: At what age did you realize that you are passionate about making music?

Obrian: Music is life to me,but I was inspired by the love and passion for music at a tender age.

Interviewer: How would you describe your music style to our readers?

Obrian: my genre of music is dancehall and reggae because it fits the criteria of our culture.

Interviewer: For how long have you been making music?

Obrian: I have been making music since the age of 12 years, but I got serious about being a producer two years ago.

Interviewer: Tell us about your latest project, “90s”

Obrian: I recently completed a project titled “90s”. It is with Rytikal from the Eastsyde and produced by Moon people Recordz X EastSyderecordz.

Interviewer: Tell our readers about your upcoming projects

Obrian: New music is coming soon from Skillibeng. To get all the updates on the upcoming music, please subscribe to my channels on YouTube (moonpeoplemusicVevo) and (moon people recordz) and stay tuned for the greatest hits!

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Interview with the talented artist, The Velvet Bug




The Velvet Bug

Just as free and powerful as flight, The Velvet Bug is a talented mature artist who believes in freedom of thought and freedom to live life as per one’s own will. His music is liberating and inspiring, the kind that makes you want to break all the barriers and regain control. With his hard work, dedication, and passion for creating music that is out of the box, The Velvet Bug is rapidly paving his way through the music industry. His latest album “Seven Suns” is an epitome of his innate music-making passion that is a surprising twist on modern life. A modern rock album with 11 euphonious songs, “Seven Suns” is receiving massive reception from fans across the globe. 

Interviewer: You have an intriguing stage name. What is the story behind it?

The Velvet Bug: I am The Velvet Bug… a being (much like a bee) with special powers and protections, who travels anywhere and everywhere in search of an escape. Now when I say escape, I mean the True Escape… one from our world of limitation and deception. An escape from the simulacrum we are living in. The bubble.This Dream.

Interviewer: What inspired you to pursue music?

The Velvet Bug: When I was a little boy, I would listen to music and feel I was in another world… that the world was a great big friendly place full of good intentions. Every song I heard, every time the radio was playing a hit, it opened up a part of me that I did not know I had before. Then, as I matured, music became a language I loved and just had to sing. Love was always the biggest theme in music and how relationships would work or fail was nearly always part of the story.

Interviewer: How would you describe your music style to our readers?

The Velvet Bug: My musical style is varied and hopeful. I always have an escape route built into every song. My base is Rock… the kind of rock that lets you float on a cloud or dematerialize into space. Then there’s the Blues… the kind that puts your feet right back on the ground and reminds you of whom and where you “really” are.

Interviewer: Tell our readers about your latest album “Seven Suns”

The Velvet Bug: With my first song in the album, Hologram from Mars, I set the tone on how I left earth (and my dear mother) and discovered our progenitors on Mars. With the song, Seven Suns (She’s a Hunter), I discover a legendary angelic being with godly powers from Seven Suns, a planet surrounded by seven glorious stars in the seventh dimension and whose sole purpose in life is the protection of the young and innocent. Funny thing is, the angelic beings love to dance to Rock.

The song, Entropy, is an escape out of the simulacrum completely. Escape from the chaos and disintegration we all will achieve. Escape from the dream that has been dreamt for us and our loved ones.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in your musical journey in the next few years?

The Velvet Bug: I want to fly. .. fly without any restrictions and burdens. The weight of the world is a heavy one and one that we construct for ourselves. If we are so burdened, we can’t lift off and see our world from a different perspective. Breaking free is the beginning of any journey and music is the soundtrack.

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