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Naser Hasan, at 29 years he is still one of the best Emirati models



Naser Hasan

There is a growing trend among UAE residents to lead a healthier lifestyle, with demand for personal fitness training sessions that is on the rise.

A combination of many different factors including better awareness about the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, a desire to look fit and healthy and the increase in fitness-related content on social media is contributing to this rising interest. Amongst fitness, there has been a rising trend in the Emirati Modeling industry. One such example of an Emirati model is Naser Hasan, also known as Model Naser.

Who is Naser Hasan?

Naser Hasan who is also known as Model Naser, as his name might suggest, is a five-foot-ten, 29-year-old Emirati model, who is shaping his future in the modeling industry since 2008. Naser has graced numerous magazines and news portals too.

Naser’s plans soon changed after he won numerous bodybuilding competitions and originally he is now on the pursuit to make modeling as a career. Making his debut earlier this year with brands like RZIST and working with Wawan Protein since 2018, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing since then. Working alongside Wawan Protein this year, Naser has since been featured on numerous editorials and campaigns as well.

Besides basking in his success, Naser still enjoys going to the gym and is intrigued by his physique.

What are the tips that you would recommend to someone who is new in the modeling industry?

Don’t copy anyone, create your own style to succeed. Invest in yourself, nothing comes easy! Know this – Dedication is the key and consistency is the way.

What is your secret for staying fit?

Showing respect and love to myself has been the most important aspect of staying fit and healthy. Hard work pays off.

How are you planning to grow in the modeling industry?

I have already planned for my future. I’m starting my own fashion brand soon and it will blow the market as soon as it arrives.

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