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Music inspiration OKQ Rocking his new singles-2020:



Waiting for some dope music options to listen to? Say no more !! Orange King Quicc has got it all. OKQ, just like his name his music creativity and taste are unique. He has already excelled the music artists. OKQ has always been a class apart that makes him stand out. He is known for being different and standing out, he continues to separate himself from what’s popular and keeps making his unique lane.

Latest single :

OKQ has already succeeded to set the streets of Atlanta on fire just with his new single “Trap Friends”. It is amazing to know that within the first week the song did 50k streams worldwide which is a huge number to be. Not only that but he has also  3 more mixtape releases. These tapes are  titled as follows:

  • #NeverChange (2016)
  • #WaitOnMe (2017)
  • #RealVsFake (2018) Ft “Sleepy Headd”.

Other than these mixtapes, OKQ has also dropped two singles during 2018 & 2019. These are ” PubG ” & ” Trap Or Scam“(Trap Friends) Ft His Artist @SleepyHeadd26″.


New upcoming singles:

OKQ has also declared that one of his new singles  “Exhausted” Will be dropping  real soon into the market…. so his fans should hold their hearts for a while as for now he has single out called “ Trap or scam

OKQ also has a new mixtape expected to be released in 2020. Its title is  ” I Am OKQ ” or ” EastSide RunAway “.

How did OKQ come up with such a unique name?

Let’s see how OrangeKing Quicc came up with such a unique and artistic name. OKQ was raised in Stone Mountain. As a child, he was given the name Quick” which was due to his ability to run fast. Laos he was able to adapt to his surroundings quickly. So as he kept growing older, he eventually became fond of the color orange. That was how he was then given the name “OrangeKing”. Later he realized that it was only right to put those two together. According to him, they both perfectly & quickly defined who he is. So later in 2016, he began to simply call himself “OKQ” and this went viral as his stage name.


Some moral values OKQ never gave up on:

The legacy then began OKQ is a real giving person. He also seems to show a lot on his Instagram. OKQ has always been uncompromising about his moral and ethical values. This is why he is known to be one of the few people in hip-hop who has never smoked, drink, or did any type of drugs in his entire life. How satisfying is that!!  Currently, OKQ is subjected as an artist. Yet he has many talents outside of music that is truly admirable.


Who is OKQ’s music Inspiration?

OKQ while Coming from the Eastside of the Atlanta metro area, has been surrounded by many musical influences. Yet when it comes to having a music inspiration, OKQ declares that:  “He has no favorite artist”. He is, however, a huge fan of J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake’s work.

Versatile way of creating music:

OKQ prides himself in trying not to stay in one lane. He keeps trying his best to always bring a new kind of track, basing his music on how he is feeling at the time of creation. This allows him to create versatile music every time. Also just like his sense of fashion, his music style is described as very different and outgoing. It always includes a little bit of everything.


Past projects and working experience:

OKQ has always been dedicated to his work. While throwing some electrifying tracks into the music market, he has worked with some amazing artists in the past, including KapG, Migos, Narley Boiz, Coca-Vango, And CallTheShoota. OKQ is always looking forward to working with exceptionally hard work and is already willing to work with anyone willing to work with him. This allows him to work with mental freedom and independence that keeps him learning something from new experiences with different people. OKQ believes that  Limiting himself is not an option at all.


OKQ As  a big Anime fan:

Also, OKQ is a huge  Anime fan and keeps doing experiments with fusing anime graphics with his music tracks. So you can expect a lot of different anime themes in his music & Lifestyle. An amazing thing about OKQ is that most people see him as a leader of the people who never get recognition. He is never going to look down at someone at any cost.

How fans can contact OKQ?

How can OKQ’s fans approach him online on social media? Turns out to be the most asked question by his fans. OKQ states his fans need no worry, just search him out on Instagram or Twitter. Also, contact him through Email or Find him via his Youtube channel where he posts most of his stuff to keep his fans up with his recent and previous tracks. He manages an artist he grew up with currently working and creating a youtube channel ( OKQ Garage ).

So go check out his piece of art right now and see what matches your taste. He will keep bringing the most amazing stuff in the future as well.