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Mountain View Bar and Grill Restaurant



Mountain View Bar and Grill Restaurant:

Some people love traveling and are fond of eating at different places. These people are always seen exploring a new place to eat and travel. Restaurants near mountains are always worth visiting. A lot of people enjoy food, even more, when they eat at such places. The beauty increases the charm of tourism as well. The most important factor for starting a hotel or restaurant is always its location. We have a lot of examples where hotels were closed as the expectations of their owners were not met. All because those were not situated at the places which could attract a handsome amount of people. This shows that restaurants at attractive locations attract more people towards them. Mountain View Bar and Grill Restaurant is also such a restaurant which is situated at a mountainside. It has an all-natural ecstatic view.

More about it :

One must think where it can be found though? Well, it is in 2901 Hummingbird Rd, Wausau, United States. Mountain View Bar and Grill Restaurant is a renovated restaurant, bar and banquet. It is for sure all in one.

Interior :

Unlike filthy and slovenly restaurants, Mountain View Bar and Grill Restaurant is a well-furnished and lavish banquet. The exotic and comprehensive interior of the restaurant can be seen very clearly. It provides customers with a breath-taking view of holy nature among several mountains around it.


Well, you starving and looking for something delicious to eat? No problem. Mountain View Bar and Grill Restaurant are here for you to hang out. It offers its menu 24/7. You can try anything in breakfast, lunch or dinner here. The quality and taste will never disappoint you.


The restaurant crafts amazing cocktails along with comfort food. You are all accompanied by fire pits and a perfect view of the granite park. There must be nothing else that you could wish for. Just come on over !!!

New breakfast opening:

You can also find some of their signature breakfast items from their new breakfast opening. These could be better been seen. No doubt they even look delicious from simple pictures. Here are some of them:

Opening closing schedule:

The opening and closing schedule of the restaurant can be better understood by the following table:

Sunday Closed

Monday 4 PM–2 AM

Tuesday 4 PM–2 AM

Wednesday 4 PM–2 AM

Thursday 4 PM–2 AM

Friday 4 PM–2 AM

Saturday 4 PM–2 AM